Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jan. 12: The tipping point?

Physician, heal thyself. (This is the country that supports dictatorships - like Guatemala, Saudi Arabia - all over the world.)

If the following is true, it is very bad news for the American economy and for its world status. For some years, the U.S. has been using trade sanctions against disobedient nations. If they no longer work, the U.S. has lost a major weapon in spanking the rest of the world. Worse, it increases the odds of the U.S. turning to more violent responses.

And more of the same.

It's suprising that most of our news media hasn't noticed the following study. After all, The Smithsonian is pretty respectable in just about all circles.

Premier Doug Ford of Ontario is Canada's Donald Trump.

Saving the buttterflies could be more important for North America than building a wall on the Mexican border.

The French government sounds tough - but it's quite likely too late. We should have a better idea in a week or so.

I think we can expect thought control very soon.

Today was rather a slow day for news - so I'll take time to talk about a point I was making in the last blog - it's about the U.S. threats to Venezuela.

The line in most of the commercial news media is that Venezuela is in trouble because the Venezuelan governments handling of it's economic crisis has  only made matters worse. Besides, the government is undemocratic - and, we are told, the U.S. is opposed to undemocratic governments.

There's some truth to some of that. There's also lots of hypocrisy in that since U.S. politicians and capitalists just love undemocratic governments. Think of Guatemala where the U.S. murdered a couple of hundred thousand civilians and set up a dictatorship. Think of its destruction of an elected government in Haiti (with Canadian help). And that's something that has been repeated across much of Central America - and Chile. The closest buddy of the U.S. overseas is the very, very undemocratic Saudi Arabia. The reality is that American governments and capitalists in general have a long record of being hostile to democratic governments.

Then there's the issue of President Maduro's handling of  Venezuela's economic crisis. The western press has made a major point out of that. I even saw a report  ranting about how the Venezuela government is socialist and, therefore, evil and possibly even insane.

Maybe so. But I note that Venzuela's economic problems began when the U.S.(illegally) interfered with the Venezuela economy. It imposed trade restrictions on Venezuela that were designed to destroy its economy.

(Those trade restrictions did destroy the economy for Venezuelans. However, we should remember where those restrictions came from. We might also question why the U.S. has the right to impose such restrictions on anybody. By any definition, this is surely an act of war - and an illegal one. Venezuela did not in any way threaten anyone, and certainly did not threaten the U.S.)

So now, the U.S., surrounded by a halo of virtue has, in effect, declared war on Venezuela - a war for which it has no legal justifiction. (But what the hell...the U.S. has done that to some 90 countries - that's the latest figure - since 1945. And those illegal wars - none of them ever approved by Congress - are what have murdered some 30 million men, women and children around the world.)

Canada, bursting with virtue, has leaped to the American side. But it probably won't join the American,  illegal war - except, perhaps, as virtuous peacekeepers when the shooting is over.

The U.S. has attacked at least  90 countries this way since 1945. And it is a system designed to benefit not the American people - no - it's to benefit American capitalists - who make damn sure that the fortunes they make from this never reach the pockets of the American people.

Among the many countries suffering from the U.S.embargos  are Russia, Iran and, possibly, China. But U.S. luck may be running out. The American dollar is running out of steam. Russia and Iran, in particular, have economies that are thriving despite U.S. embargos because they no longer rely on the dollar as  the U.S. does.

The American target in Venezuela is to destroy Venezuelan control of its own country and its economy. But that's not how are news media will report it. No. The report will be that the U.S. is bringing democracy and hope to the people of  Venezuela.

But that is not what all this is about. And that is not what capitalism is about.

And, count on it, the Canadian government and Canadian capitalists will be there for a piece of the plunder.


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