Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Jan. 1: Happy? New Year

A kind word for Donald Trump as both Republicans and Democrats gather to destroy him. Yes, he has been a boastful, bullying ass. Yes, he has done nothing for the average American.

 But, so far, he has probably killed fewer innocent people than most of the Democrat and Republican presidents of a lifetime  before him.
Then there's the Donald Trump of South America, a man hugely admired by American Republicans and, no coincidence, evangelical clergy.


Bolsonaro is a genuine Hitler who is going to destroy the rainforest and the people of the Amazon. The climatic results of that are unpredictable, but almost certainly destructive for all of us.

Bolsonaro is much admired by many American politicians. And hugely admired by American capitalists.

Sieg Heil!


The west has created horror all over Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. It's a horror created by our capitalists who murder or starve or otherwise abuse tens of millions of people. And when they flee in their terror, we lock the door.


Incidentally, the world that lets them drown or starve is largely Christian.

Kim Jong-un actually sounds reasonable. It sounds as though he wants peace. Trump sounds only as though he wants submission.


Germans were encouraged to attack Jews under Hitler. Germans were encouraged to steal Jewish property. Germans were encouraged to destroy any rights that Jews might have.

How is Israel different?


Hitler made the Jews into villains. We have made them into saints. Both of those are overdone. Most of the friends of my adult life have been Jews, and I feel most comfortable in Jewish circles. But oh, never kid yourself. There are real bastards produced by any religion.

One of the cruelest examples of greed and indifference to human need in the U.S. is it's health care system.



Nah. It ain't happenin'. If it were, our business leaders would tell us. They're real smart.


The article below could equally apply to Canada. In my many years of university teaching, I never saw a good reason for universities to open up  business degrees. This isn't a source of learning critical thinking, of independent thought. This is training - like teaching someone on a cooking team to make doughnuts.

Alas, since the development of commerce programmes they have wielded tremendous influence in  the universities.


Sorry. New Year's Day is commonly a slow one for news. And this one was no exception.

What is the greatest problem we face?

The surge of capitalism.

Capitalism imposes only one condition on its followers - to make lots of money for  them. There is  no requirement for any responsibility for the well being of others. Indeed, it encourages mass murder, slavery. It ignores the disaster that hangs over all of us (including the capitalists) of climate change. It recognizes greed as the only quality of value.

That latter point explains a world deeply at war, in massive poverty, and within sight of the final destruction.

Funny how most of the world's religions have never noticed this. Jesus, as they say, wept.

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