Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jan. 08: A bad, bad day.

Naughty, naughty. When the war ended in 1945, the American decision was that the U.S. would rule the world. It had no need for a European Union.

I include the following as a sample of fake news.


Note the paragraph - "A once-wealthy oil nation, Venezuela is in the throes of a historic crisis after two decades of socialist rule. Millions have fled, while runaway inflation leaves those remaining behind struggling to afford scarce food and medicine."

This paragraph is one of opinion, not of fact. For example, it blames Venezuela for its own collapse when, in fact, it was created and organized by the U.S. It gives the impression that millions have fled because of the government when, in fact, they have been forced to flee by the interference of the U.S.

Oh, and the cause of all the trouble is 'socialist rule''. Yeah - gotta watch them there socialists. Maybe. But in this case, socialism had nothing to do with it. It was greed - and contempt for human life.

The CBC is usually very professional. But this one reads more like The Washington Post.


But it won't. Canada is a colony of the American empire. Our big business likes it that way - just as it once liked us to serve the British empire. Here's the reality.

The British, who saw nothing wrong in inflicting themselves on much of the world, are, like Americans, all   yuckie poo about helping the people they have placed in danger.



Climate change is hitting the U.S., too. And, as it hits, guess where Americans will want to move. We need a wall. That's what we need.


Remember all the wonderful things Canada was going to do for its native peoples?

Long ago when the world was young I was fascinated by think tanks - organizations of great minds getting down and studying what was right and what was wrong with our world. They had prestige from the start, and news media routinely reported on their findings with suitable awe of the great minds.

But I soon learned these were lying propagandists, financed by big money to lie, Very, very few have either integrity or brains. That includes Fraser Institute, Atlantic Institute of Market Studies - almost all of them. And their commentaries routinely appear in most of our news media just as if they were honest.


I can't help noticing that in both Canada and the U.S. it's our native peoples who are standing up to the oil companies. The rest of our population is amazingly passive considering what is being done to it.


As we stand around with our faces hanging out....





Take a deep breath.



Very true...


Who are the terrorists? We are.


The oil industry has no intention of reducing oil production. Not ever.


You trust the judgement of the oil industry? Then you're a damn fool.


And what does this have to do with the principles of Judaism?


Will Canada support the American attack on a  tiny nation it has impoverished? You can be sure that all the gutless wonders in the Liberal and Conservative parties will be on the side of the U.S. It's even possible  that Canada is being slated for a role in restoring 'democracy' to Venezuela - perhaps as a 'peacekeeping force' as it did in Haiti.

Remember all those stories about those evil Cubans and Russians for causing brain injuries to U.S. diplomats? I wonder if this will get the same coverage in our commercial news media.

Hey! If  you can't believe the U.S. Department of Defense who can you believe? Right?  And this is on the issue of the torture of prisoners - and the U.S. Department of Defense is probably the world's biggest torturer.


It is quite possible, even likely, that U.S. hostility to Venezuela is part of a much greater plan to humble all of Central America as part of the American empire. It is possible, very possible, that the U.S. will pressure Canada to play a role. It is certain that, if asked, the Liberals and Conservatives would agree.


Don't make any plans.


Not a  happy day in the news.

As always, religions are completely irrelevant in the behaviour of almost any country. There is nothing even remotely Christian about Canada and the U.S.
Muhammad was, of course, a warrior. But if there is any difference between the brutalities of Christians and Muslims, I have not seen it. The major effect of religion in war seems to be to generate hatred between the sides.

Democracy? Get real. Until the late nineteenth century, we didn't have the education to be democracies. And the development of the mass news media? That just provided a means for spreading lies and propaganda. To this day, most westerners believe that we went to war in 1939 because Hitler was evil. In fact, that's not why we went to war. Indeed. Hitler had considerable support, especially among the upper classes of the west until 1939 - and even after.

In Canada, our native peoples are challenging the pipeline builders. The rest of us are just sitting there letting it all  happen.

We rush into legislation to throw billions at billionaires. The population of the province of New Brunswick is now rushing to encourage the oil industry in that province. I don't know whether that comes from ignorance or gutlessness. But it is there.  Our governments, for the most part, are owned by the wealthy - and they feed the wealthy. But there is little attention to needs for public services. The U.S., the richest country in the world, has piles of money to throw at weapons makers -  But can't pay almost half its population a living wage or an essential like medical care.

Since 1935,  the U.S. has invaded over 70 countries, and killed some 30 million people. So much for the promises of 1945.

The rulers of our society are people like John Bolton, a man whose greed has no room for reality - or morality.

Will we destroy our planet? Of course we will. Our people are horribly ill-informed and squashily submissive. Our religious leaders have tucked up their skirts so as not to be tainted with reality.

Our leadership, our real leadership, is made up of people for whom greed is the only emotion.

This is not a situation that we can survive.

Nobody has forced us into these wars. Nobody has forced us to serve the greedy (and not very intelligent). Nobody has forced us to be sheep.

Yes. It is depressing. That's what happens when  you write a blog about the greed and stupidity of this world.

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