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Dec. 10: Our very rich - who own our major news media - have a dirty secret. They have been plundering us for well over 140 years.

Here's a story about Canada - much of which you are not likely to read or hear in Canadian news media.


True, though.

Again, remember that Russia Times is essentially to point out faults of the western world - but not of Russia or China. I would not pay much attention to it's news of Russia or China. But I have found it's reporting on the west to be honest. Our western news is the one that lies to us.

It would be interesting to see a western news medium that would tell us that Russia is no longer communist. (In fact, from Stalin on it was never communist. He was just an old-fashioned dictator.) Even remembering that, it is a truth we never acknowledge that the leadership of czars, aristocrats and the very wealthy in Russia in World War 1 was a disaster of greed, power and incompetence - which accounts for Russia's dismal performance in that war. And getting rid of those people was what made Russia such a decisive factor in the war against Hitler - despite having the worst casualties - some twenty-four million dead  - in the war.



The oil industry is deserting Alberta. The prices of Alberta oil are no longer competitive. But the industry intends to hang on and to plunder as much from Alberta as it can.

And Albertans - as led by the Conservatives and their corrupt newspapers are playing the game of the oil industry - and I  have read enough newspapers and corresponded with enough Albertans to know they are suckers for the line they're being fed.

I have noticed CBC reporting and commentary have been thinning. Is word coming from the top to cool it? I suspect it is. CBC is still  the best in Canada. But I have noticed the interference of the head office going back to when I was on CBC in the 1970s.

And the story about Afghanistan that most North American news media won't tell us....


Remember Afghanistan? This is the war we sent Canadians to die in - though it was an illegal war and had nothing to do with Canada. We kissed up to the U.S., and so Canadians died.

Why didn't the Canadian Legion take a stand against this? Isn't it supposed to protect our military? And why didn't Canadians in general  take a stand on this?
Canadians make a big deal about Nov. 11 and poppy day.  So why do they allow our armed forces to be abused in this way? And why do we have them helping out with another American illegal war in Syria?

Freedom for Assange is most unlikely. Britain and the U.S. want him in prison to be tortured until he dies. (And it's not likely that either the U.S. or Britain wants to put him on trial. He hasn't committed any crime.)

No. they just want him dead. We live in a western world that is essentially Nazi.
No. I'm not exaggerating. This is reality. And it's going to get worse, much worse.)

It's nice to see a Christian church that has - you know - Christian values.



Nah. There ain't no climate change.



And next - the story that will not appear in most North American news media.


And who will pay for this expensive disaster? Well, this will almost certainly be, like those who are pledged to pay for the pipeline to BC , the usual suckers. No, not the oil companies. It will be Canadian taxpayers who seem always willing to throw their money at oil billionaires (and others) who don't pay taxes.


And, now, a break in the depressing news....





The Conservative party of Britain has always been the servant of Britain's wealthy. It has a long history of serving the super-rich and to hell with the rest - rather like Canada's Conservative party.




Think of that all you kiss-ups for Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and many, many Democrats. You are on the road back to the 18th century.


Gee! I must have missed this story in Canadian news media


Warning. There are two sites labelled as Countercurrents. The other one is run by a neo-nazi, racist, white supremacist in the U.S. who seems to have a lot of financial backing.   To get around him, just type countercurrents agitate to get the real thing.


We have wasted thirty years doing very little while the situation has been getting worse. And we don't have much room for action left.


But is there a newspaper in Alberta that tells the truth? I haven't found one.

Charles Dickens had it all wrong.






Canada is a major part of the chaos that is the middle east. And there and in the Pacific, the Canadian navy is a bumboy for the greed of American capitalists.

(But don't tell the Canadian Legion that.)


And what does aiming nukes at Iran have to do with the principles of Judaism? And this is also the country which treats non-Jews in it's land as 'inferior' people, so it happily kills them and Palestinians as sub-humans.

Isn't that exactly what Hitler did to Jews?

Oh, I know. Israel has to protect itself.  Which is exactly what Hitler said about Jews in Europe.


And a story that fits most western news media.


My sympathies are with the people of Hong Kong. But they are not with  the lying interference of the U.S. and Britain. Both of them are nations which have abused, plundered, murdered countless Hong Kongers and Mainland Chinese for many, many generations.



Gee! So Prince Edward may well have been a dupe for Mossad.


Well, okay. It's not hard to get ahead of Canada in indigenous rights. But in Bolivia,  that right had gone all the way to the presidency - until it was destroyed by the U.S. and neo-fascist Whites in Bolivia.

O-o-o-h -  I wonder if that's why Trudeau was so eager to kiss up to Trump and Bolivian fascists.




The U.S. is trying to defeat Venezuela (it's the old American/British game of capturing oil nations to steal their oil.) The American method of doing this - in Iran, Venezuela - is what Trump calls 'sanctions'. Put more simply, it is starving those nations to death.

The reality is that sanctions are a variety of war, and almost always an illegal one. It's illegal because no such right exists - but even more because of the horror it inflicts on civilians, right down to babies as in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.....

Too bad that our news media are too delicate to show us pictures of babies with skin shrinking over their bones as they gradually die.

We, in the western world, are the continuation of what Hitler was. The Canadian Legion should think about this, and at least ask if this is why Canadians died in World War Two and Afghanistan and Korea and the middle east.


When I was teaching grade school, my students gave me a Christmas gift of a book by Winston Churchill, History of the English-speaking People. I was wowed by it. Oh,  that man was a captivating writer, a master of the English language.

It took me a long time to learn what else he was.

He was at the height of the English aristocracy - a devotee of the very, very rich and highest ranked.

When he insisted on liberating Hong Kong from the Japanese, it was not to help Hong Kongers.  It was to restore a British plundering (and murder) Chinese for over a century.

The non-English of this world were beneath his definition  of humanity. That's why he was a pioneer of the murder of civilians when he ordered the RAF to bomb only undefended villages of the Kurds in 1920. That's also why he deliberately starved millions to death in India.

But his love of the English did not extend to the very large lower classes of England. The British people were smart enough to know that he would never do anything to benefit them. That's why they voted him out even as the war was ending.

Was he a war leader who saved Britain?

I know of no evidence of that. Quite the contrary, within a year he had lost the war. All that saved him was Hitler's unwise decision to attack Russia. And then, of course, he was saved by a U.S. that entered the war to take over as much of the British Empire as possible.

And no. The attack on Dieppe was a dreadfully blundered one that, particularly, hurt Canada. And it was blundered because Churchill acted his normal self, choosing an utterly incompetent member of the aristocracy to plan it.

The Canadian government has it's usual idiot statement that valuable lessons were learned.

valuable lesson 1 - You should not continue such an attack when you're landing force is still well out of sight -and you have been spotted by an enemy patrol boat which signalled what was coming.

valuable lesson 2 - You don't use tanks already inferior to the enemy ones when they have been proven unable to climb up a sandy beach.

valuable lesson three, if you must land troops, don't land them at the foot of a cliff almost impossible to climb - and heavily armed with enemy machine guns, grenades and artillery.

The raid was even worse planned  than this. There was a terrible lack of ship's guns to silence the guns in the cliffs.

And the top planner was?---Lord Mountbatten who was chosen by Churchill. Why?  Because he was a Lord. Churchill was a man who believed in the superiority of the upper classes.  Mountbatten had been the commander of a destroyer - mostly because he was a Lord. And for no reason anyone has ever shown, Churchill made him a vice-admiral in charge of a massive attack on a heavily guarded coast - though he had no qualifications whatever for the job.

916 Canadians died in hours. Back in Montreal, an elderly woman came to ask us to come back to her flat. A messenger boy had come, but wouldn't leave the telegram until she had someone with her. And so we went and waited under a darkening sky.

Mountbatten was the one who first said, "We have learned important lessons."
I had to go to Russia Times for this story because I couldn't find in the usual western sites.




Why is the U.S. spending so much money on defence that it is already outspending Russia and China and many other countries?  Is it because the rest of the world are all ganging together to invade the U.S.? Have the Iranians landed in Florida?

Well, no. It's because all that money goes straight into the pockets of American weapons billionaires.


Of course. And watch American capitalists to try to destroy National Health Care in Britain (with Conservative support) and Medicare in Canada (with Conservative support.)

In fact, the Conservative party in Alberta and the one in Ontario, have already committed themselves to kill medicare by making commercial health care legal again. And, of course, cutting the budget they should be giving to medicare.

Stuff the poor. Right!

A final note.

I spend some time reading very old newspapers. And the papers of each country at war always tab those on the other side as evil. As a result, we get no reliable sense of exactly who is really evil.

When World War One broke out, Canadian newspapers blamed the Germans. In fact, that war was not really a war of nations at all. It was essentially a war of European capitalists to beat their commercial competitors against each other.

And so all the European capitalists were evil.

That was recognized in peace negotiations. But it wasn't good enough for British and French capitalists. So they altered the peace treaty to destroy the capitalist competition in Germany. They forced in clauses to destroy the German economy so British and French capitalists could rule Europe.

And that is what created the opportunity for a Hitler to arise.

For a considerable time, British and French capitalists accepted that, feeling that a re-armed Germany would be a useful block to communism. It was only late in the game that they realized they, British and French capitalists, were also targets for Germany.

As for Hitler's mass murder of Jews, gypsies, and others - the western world couldn't care less. We made a big noise about those massacres late in the war. But we had known about them long before the war started - and we didn't give a damn then. In fact, for several years AFTER the war, Canada and the U.S. (and Britain and France) were quite hostile to Jewish refugees.

One can say that those of all countries who served in World Wars 1 and 2, were loyal servants of their own countries. And so they were. But it's one hell of a stretch to say that the capitalist world gave a damn about anything but making themselves even richer.

In 1950, it was the turn of North Korea to be evil in the eyes of our news media. So it was that Canadians were convinced that we had to defend the democratic people of South Korea.

In fact, the 'democratic people' of South Korea were under a dictatorship of those who had served the Japanese invaders of World War2. Then we sent Canadians to die in an Afghanistan which, in our news media, was evil. In fact, the only evil in Afghanistan was the pro-American government.

The 'rebels' who had defeated the Russians were then attacked by the U.S. - and, suddenly, they became 'terrorists' in our news media.  In fact, there is no evidence whatever that Afghans had anything to do with 9-11 attacks in the U.S.

Even Idi Amin, the evil one  blamed for it all, though living in Afghanistan, was a member of the ruling class of Saudi Arabia. And the attackers of 9-11 were

And American capitalists  have been murdering people, especially civilians. almost constantly since 1950. This has been especially true in Latin America, the middle east, Africa. Nobody has any figures on how many millions have been starved to death, murdered since....21 million is a very conservative estimate.

In 1945, the world had to make this a happier and safer world. But we didn't do it. The result has been endless wars to plunder the world for it's billionaires. This was all made easy  by the modern, mass news media, most of which are so costly they can only be owned by billionaires who have used it since the late 1800s to hypnotize and lie to the rest of us.

So, yes. That is why, if we want to know who is evil, we should just look around at---us and at the people who own almost all of our major news media.

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