Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dec. 4: These final days.


Brian Mulroney - an excellent choice to deliver the obituary for George W. Bush. Bush, like his son, was a mass murderer to please the rich. Mulroney took his love for the rich out in corruption. He is, to my knowledge, the only Canadian prime minister to get  caught being 'on the take'.

(Well, yes, John A MacDonald was on the take. So was Charles Tupper - VERY big time. And MacKenzie King could be careless. But John A and Tupper were never caught. Mulroney was.)

In the case we know of, a man had supper at the p.m.s residence, presenting him with two large suitcases stuffed with money. And this was certainly not a virgin stab at being on the take for Mulroney. Luckily for him, another Conservative was prime minister when Mulroney was caught. So he got off easy.

I often drove past his magnificent mansion in Montreal. Our tax dollars at work

Mulroney is a political sleaze. He has to be to satisfy a wife who lives for  high-priced shopping. Pretty scatter-brained - but not evil.  Bush was a mass murderer and torturer.




What is now the U.S. has been an empire since the day the pilgrim fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. They and their successors built the new land into their empire step by step, massacring the native peoples who already lived there. The American revolution was fought so that the Americans could expand into the west, slaughtering more of the native peoples as they went. It fought a war against Mexico to steal the land that became Texas, Nevada, Arizona, California. It invaded Canada three times for the same reason. It took over Hawaii without the consent of the people of Hawaii. and parts of Asia.Then it turned itself loose on Central and South America, then overseas in the middle east.

But, almost certainly, it's imperial days are dying as China and Russia move in. Especially China.

It has been disgusting to follow news coverage of the death of George H.W. Bush.
For seventy years, the U.S. has been torturing and murdering huge numbers of the people of Guatemala. It has used the CIA to destroy any elected government. It mass-murdered the native, Maya people. To this day, Guatemala is a wretchedly dangerous place with a homicide every 90 minutes - and a conviction rate of  2%.  The whole nation has effectively been destroyed by people like George H. W. Bush in order to please American and Canadian mining companies.

George H.W. Bush and his idiot son would have fit right into Hitler's Germany.

But none of this is in our news media. No. We're getting a sweet, old man who loved his family. Let's get real. Hitler, too, loved his mother - so much that he helped her Jewish doctor to escape the holocaust. What a sweetheart!

Our news media are, almost without exception, disgusting. And now that I've moved to our capital, Ottawa, I'm finding it's Ottawa Journal to be as big a stinker as the irving press of New Brunswick.

This is what has scared me from the start about Canada's involvement  in Ukraine. There is no reason, none whatever, why Canadian troops should be there. We are being sucked into a  crisis created by the U.S. and Ukraine. As  in Afghanistan and Korea we run the risk of fighting somebody else's wars.

That is something that began over a century ago when Canadian troops went to South Africa to kill Dutch farmers so that wealthy British could steal the South African gold mines. That, too, had nothing to do with Canada. Indeed, like most of the British empire, this had nothing to do with most of the British, either. They got nothing out of the empire but slums to live in and factories that bled them.





This story hasn't made much of a splash in Canadian news media.


The Ukraine-Russia confrontation may be the most dangerous development since 1945. And Canada is up to its ears in it with Canadian troops there to train a Ukrainian army which is openly Nazi.

This all began when the U.S. organized and financed an uprising against the elected Ukrainian government, and brought a pro-Nazi, pro-U.S. party to power. And you imagine that U.S. reaction if Russia had done that in Mexico to bring an anti-U.S. government into power?

This one is very, very dangerous. And Canada, which has no business being there, has troops in the middle of it.


Civilians, especially children, have been the main targets for killing ever since 1920, at least. That's when Winston Churchill, as Secretary of State for the Colonies, ordered the RAF  to bomb undefended Kurd villages. It became worse in World War 2 with all sides murdering civilians on a grand scale. The U.S., Britain, and Canada made that clear in World War Two with their bombing of Dresden.

(When this was revealed in a Canadian film by the National Film Board, The Canadian Legion pulled out all the stops to kill the story. To it, war was about heroism and glory. But the reality is quite different. And the legion should be the first organization to tell us that instead of being the first to lie about it. Nobody blames our veterans for it - and nobody should blame them. The orders come from higher up. I remember well testifying on all this to the Canadian Senate. A veteran bomber pilot was in tears because his grandchildren asked if he had killed children. Hell, it wasn't his fault. He was barely more than a kid himself at the time..)

With the Korean and Vietnam wars, the U.S. air force made civilians and children its major targets, a pattern that continued in Afghanistan and Iraq - and now Yemen.


This is just one, small sample of why our major, commercial news smedia are so dishonest.


New Brunswick - the province owned by an oil baron. The province whose new premier used to be a senior official in the oil baron's pocket. (and who still is). Watch for violence on this one, violence which the local news media (owned by the oil baron) will blame on the opponents of fracking.


Of course, I should add that the oil baron of New Brunswick is a highly educated man, so he doesn't pay any attention to what crackpot scientists say about climate change. He doesn't have to. He went to a university for all of two years before dropping out. So he knows - things.
Most (almost all) news media are liars and propagandists. That's been true since the origins of the modern newspaper in the late nineteenth century. It was a natural development. The modern news medium requires a large staff, expensive printing equipment - all to deal with mass circulation. Only the wealthy can afford to own that. Thus their use of the news media to serve their investment purposes.

The model was Randolph Hearst who used his press in the U.S. to promote wars with Spain in order to get control of the Spanish empire in Latin American and the Phillipines. And, in both cases, it promoted the use of dictators in lands it 'freed' from the Spanish.

Sometimes the reason for the lying was to boost morale and sell papers. That was why the British press made a hero of Baden-Powell in the Boer War. It was a war that needed a hero as the British were doing rather poorly. The bright spot was a 'courageous' Baden-Powell in defence of Mafeking.  The problem? He wasn't supposed to be defending Mafeking. The British command was furious with him. But because the press had made him a hero, it had to report him to general.

Baden-Powell used his fame to create the Boy Scouts. In World War 1, he offered his services to the army again. But it refused, saying his work with the Boy Scouts was too important.

The Canadian press pushed hard for Canada to join Britain in the Boer War. It wanted that because the capitalists who owned the Canadian press wanted a close connection with Britain on which they depended for investment.  (Canada then had no obligation to fight British wars. But British capitalists wanted to change that because they knew that a war was coming with Germany - and they wanted a precedent that Canada would fight all British wars. And so it was that Canadians were sent to kill and die in the Boer War - murdering Dutch farmers so that British capitalists could steal the gold mines of South Africa.  The Canadians, incidentally, were also in charge of concentration camps where some 15,000 Dutch civilians died, almost all of them the elderly, women and children, of malnutrition and and general neglect).

But some newspaper were honest. The Guardian (Britain) was probably the best of them. It still can be good - but its reputation has suffered in recent years.)


(In this context, I am reminded of Conrad Black with whom I shared a radio studio and more time than I wanted to in Montreal. He was a stunningly successful newspaper owner - he was also a stunning liar and egoist. He never listened to anyone. In conversation, he would close his eyes to glory in the sound of his own voice.





Check the language of  your newspaper. Any act of murder carried out by Muslims is commonly referred to in our papers as 'terrorism'.

The biggest killer in the world since 1945 is the United States. But it's murderers are never called terrorists. More likely would be heroes. (Actually, a very large part of today's U.S. army is made up of  hired killers. Unlike ordinary soldiers, they are very, very highly paid - and a great many are not Americans - rather like the French foreign legion. These are people who would fight for either side. And right now the American side pays better.)

That's a subtle form of propaganda that our news media specialize in. The other side in war is always evil. Russians became heroes when Hitler invaded. There were even movies about the heroic Russians who, surprisingly, were portrayed as being exactly like Americans. But then, in  1945, they all became evil again.


Let's try to put much of this into a context. I say earlier in this blog that our news media constantly lie. That lying often takes the form of speaking of "the enemy" as invariably being evil while we are invariably good. Let's just think about that.

The Western plunder of the rest of the world begins with Christopher Columbus.
He murder and plundered millions. He enslaved. He tortured. But it's only very recently that our history books are catching up to that. I can remember as a child being told what a wonderful man Christoper Columbus was.

Then there followed the Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch empires - then the biggest of them all, the English speaking empires of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the U.S.

They killed, enslaved, plundered, tortured all over the world with Britain the champion killer. The British carried that role to North America with the earliest English settlers. The American revolution changed nothing as the new US continued its massacre of native peoples, it's massive theft of their land, it's mass murder to plunder Latin America (which still goes on - and with the avid cooperation of British and Canadian corporations, especially in mining.

Indeed, the English-speaking people also plundered, murdered and abused their own people. At the peak of British power as the wealthy splashed about in their stolen treasure, working class children were sent out to work at the age of six for as much as fifteen hours a day in factories. And while the rich splashed about in the country estates, the working class lived in some of foulest slums known to history. Indeed, that still happens. Go to The Gorbals on your computer to see what a real slum can look like.

It was very similar in Canada and the U.S. In Toronto in the late nineteenth century, a teen age worker lost his arm to a piece of dangerous and exposed machinery. He was immediately fired and sent home minus his arm.  (That  story caught my attention because I once worked in a factory like that when I was a teenager.)

There was no medical care for the poor. (There still is very, very little of it in the U.S.)

The powerful force behind all this was the emerging economic system called capitalism.  It was and is an elevation of unlimited greed based on no moral principles whatever. That is particularly noticeable in the U.S., but also, increasingly, in Britain. And with threats rising in Canada.

Just recently, a former premier of New Brunswick hosted a conference in Ottawa to which only the wealthy were invited - and only those from New Brunswick. He advised them to return to New Brunswick and to take over the running of the government. Yes. He actually advised a corporate take over of the province.  (In fact, that corporate takeover has largely happened many years ago. The province is now effectively owned by an oil billionaire of no social conscience whatever - who also owns all its newspapers which never mentioned a word about this revolutionary meeting.)

In the U.S. this process is well under way in a nation that has long ago destroyed democracy. Where will this take us?

It's already taking us there. It's been taking us into deeper poverty for decades now. We are governed almost entirely by the pure greed of a small number. That almost certainly will lead to a dreadful crash. As well, rule by greed has made it impossible to make progress on climate change. And in a very short time, that will become a permanent condition.

Meanwhile, capitalism exploits our sense of patriotism to murder anybody who opposes us. Killing Afghans is patriotic. Starving the children of Yemen is heroic. And God, of course, is on our side. (Read all the smarm about that murdering bastard George F.W. Bush to get a sense of that.)

We are, all of us, headed into economic and social disaster, led by people of unspeakable greed who, with their narrow sense of capitalism, will destroy us - and them.

Meanwhile, their newspapers egg us on to help them kill and torture and plunder.
Ever notice that in our news media, our side is always good, and the other side is always evil. Notice it. The people of Yemen are evil. We are starving their children to death - but we are heroes, and they are evil.

World War 2 was fought on this myth.

Hitler was evil. Well - yes. But that's not why we went to war. The notion that we went to war for that reason is rubbish.

For a start, Hitler's murders in the 1930s came nowhere close to the British and American mass murders of several centuries. Estimates of killing by the British run to over 350 million people. The U.S. has been at war almost every year of its existence - and there's no guess at how many millions it has killed.

As to Hitler's killing of Jews, that was never the reason for going to war against Hitler. Indeed, anti-semitism was just as powerful a force in Britain and North America as it was in Germany - just as anti-central American is today a hate force in the U.S.

In fact, western capitalists just loved Hitler. He was their barrier against communism. Great guy Hitler.

No. What turned western leaders against Hitler had nothing to do with him being evil. It had to do - especially for Britain and France - with the way Germany was emerging as a business rival. That's what the war was really about.

In fact, it was World War 1 all over again. Despite the news stories about Germans being evil then, that was never the reason for either war.

Similarly, the U.S.joined the war for reasons that had nothing to do evil enemies. The U.S. joined the war  ( Yes, I know all about Pearl Harbout - but the US had decided on war long before Pearl Harbor) - the US joined because it wanted to rip off the British empires in China, India. There were fortunes to be made in that. They also hoped (and succeeded in) ripping off much of the British Empire in the Middle East.

The U.S. saw World War Two as its chance to conquer the world. That's why it invaded North Korea - as a staging area for an invasion of China.

Yes, I know we should be proud of the patriotism of Canadians who have fought in our wars. And, indeed, we should be. We should also apologise to them. It's not their fault that now, over seventy years later. we have failed to do anything we said we were fighting for in World War 2. Certainly, we never thought we would now be helping out in murdering children in Yemen, or protecting a Saudi Prince.

We have utterly failed in every thing we should have done after the two world wars. We have allowed the wealthiest in our world to lie to us through their news media, to rouse us to more killing of innocent people. 1945 was a wonderful chance to get us past wars, and to create a world of cooperation. But we didn't.

And so, led by the greediest people in history, and effectively made into their puppets, we are now poised for the final stage of the history of this world because, alas, our real leaders are not only our greediest people - they are also our least intelligent.

Sorry. It's getting late - and I'm just too tired to correct all this tonight.


  1. Nothing like having yourself a good old rant. It feels good. Doesn't mean it's spot-on or anything, It's just a rant. Some details dismissed by you as unimportant to your constant theme, with which I generally agree, matter to me.

    Germany started civilian bombing of the UK in WW1 with Zeppelins then Gothas. The Brits designed some bombers like the Vickers Vimy and bombed them back.

    Hitler and Goering had a full scale bombing blitz on London, then the rest of England in 1940/41. British bombing up till Spring 1940 had been mainly dropping leaflets advising Germans that Adolf was a nutcase and they should boot him out. Or had you forgotten the Blitz? Should the Brits have listened to Lord Halifax who was scared witless and sought peace? Or feel pissed off enough to bomb Germany back? By then, Brits knew how the Germans treated occupied Europe.

    I was brought up as a child in England till age 11 when we emigrated to Canada in 1959. No love lost for the Germans in the 1950s, I can tell you. The place was dirt poor, because the Yanks didn't forgive the arms bill for equipment it supplied Britain. The armed forces voted Churchill out in 1945 and put in Labour - they knew the aristocracy didn't have their best interests at heart. But that hadn't stopped them fighting the Germans and not mutiny against hereditary privilege. You have to order your priorities and await the right time.

    I worked for a Dresden survivor who had somehow got to Canada and become a damn good engineer by 1967. He wouldn't talk about it, and who can blame him? The Brits and Americans had obliterated Hamburg and Cologne before Dresden. It was all horrifying stuff. But all part of evil empire? Or just payback with interest? I pick the latter.

    War is hell, but with Hitler finally invading Poland which had a defence treaty with France and Britain, after he had already taken over Austria and the Sudetenland, what were they supposed to do? Hope the psychopath would stop? Gimme a break. There were lots of Poles in England where I grew up, and they were glad Britain had intervened, let me tell you. And the number of men who had no arms and legs wandering the streets and begging was high in the '50s - the legacy of war and no money for social programs beyond healthcare and council housing. I remember all that and the still bombed-out buildings in Portsmouth where we lived. Nothing like that destruction happened in Canada or the US, so moralizing afterwards from far away can sometimes get a bit thick from my point-of-view. It's a modern habit to judge the past from our current viewpoint and come to silly conclusions a lot of the time, because our context is so different.

    The Canadian Legion - I pay them scant attention. When I returned to London in the early '70s to study, the 30 year cabinet secrecy limit on papers was reached on certain war deliberations, and the plans to heavily bomb Germany from 1942 were revealed. Exactly no one ran around caterwauling about it - should they have? But the Canadian Legion pretending civilians weren't targeted by good Canadian boys is just a bunch of pseudo-regimental drips who cannot or will not understand reality, nor read the record that had already been revealed 20 years before they got their huff on about the TV documentary.

    I find your examples of Western oligarchic conspiracy highly selective and chosen to prove your point. No grey areas for you, it's all black and white and if some of the details are a bit off, well too bad because the major point must be pushed. So you were head of the history department at Concordia, whoopee. Doesn't seem to stop you using the usual propagandic scheme of ignoring realities that might ruin or degrade the theme of your rants. Intellectual dishonesty or bad memory? I cannot tell. Let's just say if I had the stamina to repeat over and over again the same rant a hundred times a year, maybe I'd gloss over the nuances myself. But I'd like to think not.


    1. Well, I certainly agree with most of what you say. But -

      1. Zeppelins did bomb London in WW1. Of course. But that was hardly a strategy of bombing. it was because bomb aiming was just about impossible - and made worse because zeps had to bomb from as high as possible. The deliberate bombing of civilians - especially in London didn't come until WW2. So the originator of bombing civilians was Churchill in 1920. (Or we could count the Italian mercenaries who bombed African colonies in the very early days of aircraft.

      As for war with Hitler, Britain did NOT go to war because Hitler was crazy and out of control. Get real. The British empire was the biggest and most murderous in history. British governments scarcely had an grudge against conquest. In fact, capitalists in Britain and America had been fervent supporters of Hitler because he was their guardian against communism. Henry Ford was the most obvious of these - but the feeling was quite general.

      What alarmed the Churchills was not his killing. (The Brits quite happily accepted his treatment of Jews. So did Americans and Canadians.) What was alarming - in both 1914 and 1939 - was the growth of the German economy as a competitor.

      Do I treat some topics too briefly? Of course. Often, the nuances would require a book.

  2. IDIOT!!!!!!!!

    You open with this:

    "Brian Mulroney - an excellent choice to deliver the obituary for George W. Bush. Bush, like his son, was a mass murderer to please the rich. Mulroney took his love for the rich out in corruption. He is, to my knowledge, the only Canadian prime minister to get caught being 'on the take'."

    Just for the record, George W. Bush is still very much alive.

    I hope Brian Mulroney reads this. You have libeled him, which is actionable. Hope he sues, like he did against the Chretien government.

  3. Hey Anonymous, you forgot to point out Mulroney delivered one of the eulogies, not the obituary. Also, If I recall correctly, Mulroney received the money in a hotel room (in New York??), and not in the PM's -- yes, PM's, not p.m.s -- residence. But why get bogged down in the facts? After all, the author didn't.

  4. Oh, I should add - did you notice your lack on attention to nuance? The tone of your letter suggested that Hitler was evil in picking on those poor British civilians, and in turning his armies loose in Europe.

    Quite true.

    But what do you think the British Empire was all about? it murdered, enslaved, impoverished, starved all over the world - far, far beyond Hitler's worst abuses.

  5. anon. - you're quite right. He took the money in a hotel room. And, oh, that changes everything. If I were you, I'd ignore the whole blog. I mean, obviously it's all untrue.

  6. You are right, it is untrue if the facts are not correct. Or, like Kellyanne Conway, do you believe in "alternate facts"? Your wrote clearly that Mulroney took the money while entertaining the person in the PM's residence. That CANNOT be true if he took the money while in a hotel room. I have been reading your blog, off and on, for some time, and I notice you tend to make things up to suit your narrative.

  7. From CBC.ca (October 31, 2007):

    "From 1993 to 1994, Schreiber said he met with Mulroney three times in hotel rooms in Montreal and New York and handed over envelopes stuffed with cash. The money, according to Schreiber, had come from a secret account he had created in Zurich, under the codename BRITAN."

    Note that Schreiber himself says he handed over envelopes with cash on three occasions in hotel rooms. No reference to the PM's residence, and no reference to two large suitcases filled with cash. If you are going to be critical, fine, but at least be truthful. Stop pulling "alternate facts" out of the air. God, you are Canada's Alex Jones.

  8. grow up. Whether the money was handed over in the pm's residence or in hotel rooms or in a ymca washroom makes not the slightest difference It suits my narrative? How does it suit it? How does it change anything?

    And the two large suitcases? you're right. It was Mulroney that put the money in the suitcases and, as well as I remember his story, in his home.

    How does that change the narrative in any significant way? Does it
    make Mulroney innocent?

    really - grow up.