Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Nov. 6: It really doesn't matter.

There is, it seems, something worse than climate change. And we may have only two years to deal with it. (But it can't be all that important. Our local Moncton Times and Transcript hasn't mentioned it.)

Prince Charles has a long record of making inappropriate speeches. But this time he's bang on. We need to take a good luck at ourselves and our ancestors before we criticize other nations.


As an example of the above, the western powers have been making life in Congo a hell for 150 years with no sign of slowing down.


Today's diet of U.S. election news.




Mind you, I'm not at all  convinced that most of the Democrats are any better.And that puts Canada in a terrible position with it's long, long border on the U.S. As climate change continues to severely damage parts of the US while making parts of Canada more reliable, watch for Trump or his successors to demand Canadian unification with the U.S. And watch for American billionaires to pull down their pants so Canadian billionaires can kiss their bums.


Most Canadians probably have never heard of the United Conservative Party. They're the lucky ones.


Think Canada needs a Donald Trump party? It has one. It even has 7,000 or so followers in New Brunswick.


Well, why not? Eastern Germany had gone Nazi. So we can, too.

Yes, despite Mr. Trump's boasting there is tremendous poverty in the U.S. (and in Canada), and it's growing.


Julian Assange told the world the truth about American murder, torture, starvation. (Luckily for us delicate souls in New Brunswick, our newspapers have never told us about this.) So now he has spent years holed up in a room of an embassy in London. But the God Bless America forces are after  him.


Expect nothing, no matter who wins the U.S. election.


Our local press has had nothing to say about Brazil's election of a very far right fascist president. Nor has it ever had much to say about the far right in Israel. So here's an item that might be a catchup.



And some very good news (but our local press didn't carry this, either.)


God bless America. Real good!


(Lady la-di-dah, who recently honoured Moncton with a visit, is closing down the site above because it doesn't deliver honest knews - like the Moncton Times and Transcript do. She's the one responsible for closing down these sites on Facebook, and for deciding for us what we're allowed to read.)


It must be nice to  have a career and a hobby at the same time.


Our local press didn't mention this story, either. So we won't even think about it.


Hey. If this were a real problem, our oil bosses would tell us.




And the newspapers in New Brunswick? What's to say? For breakfast I  had four pieces of bacon. I finished the paper before I finished the bacon.

Who do I hope will win the election? I don't think it makes any difference. The U.S. has been an aggressor state since it was founded. It's whole history has been one of aggression, mass murder and theft. It's hard to find a single year in its whole history when the the U.S. has not been killing somebody. And, in modern history, that's been true of both  parties.

The day after the election, the whole world will still be threatened by the U.S. no matter who wins. Both parties have been killers and thieves bought by big money. That's not going to change. Both parties obey what big business tells them. And that's not going to change.

In the near future, I think it likely that the U.S. will be applying pressure on Canada to help fight its many wars. And I think big money in Canada will support that.

But don't worry. Just read the papers of Brunswick News,  and you won't even know it's happening. Then Canadians will die fighting wars to make American billionaires richer just as in the Boer War when Canadians died fighting for billionaire brits in South Africa.

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