Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nov. 29: This is the way the world ends....

IN case Atlantic Canada  readers of this blog haven't noticed....

People who are even smarter than Donald Trump, Doug Ford, and all our oil barons have noticed that the world is changing - quickly.....

The most important priority for the whole world is to stop climate change. Without that, all human life comes to an end. Think about that. ALL HUMAN LIFE COMES TO AN END.

And so far our oil industries and their political servants don't care. And so far, because we are doing nothing, we don't care, either.

But think positive. Think of how nice it will be to meet all those oil barons in hell.

Let's close our eyes and think hard about this one.

The Ukraine government has threatened Russia with war because it blocked several small Ukrainian ships from passing though waters claimed by Russia.

Ukraine is going to go to war against Russia?  Get real! It would be hopeleslly destroyed in such a war/ So why is the Ukraine making a war issue out of a minor encounter? Well, that could have something to do with a Ukraine government which is not a popular one. So it has chosen to boost support by looking tough.

But it can't possibly fight a war against Russia. So it needs other countries on the scene. And there are such troops nearby that would be drawn into a war. Some of them are Canadian troops. But Ukraine needs more. So it's calling on a general US and NATO involvement.

Meanwhile, Trump has been caught with his pants down as his lawyer has confessed to lying about Trump's business dealings with Russia. He needs something to divert the public - something like a major threat to Russia.

This is essentially a petty issue which is being used in a very dangerous way by politicians who are creating the possibility of a world, nuclear war.

Think hard. How many people - including you - are willing to kill billions of people so that Ukraine can have free use of waters claimed by Russia?

On the cheerful side, if this did trigger a world, nuclear war, we wouldn't have to worry about climate change, would we?

Meanwhile, Canadians might think about why the hell we have placed Canadian troops so close to the Russia border. Isn't that just a little provocative. (and isn't it just throwing away Canadian lives?)

Of course, on the good side, it would help to get Trump out of a financial scandal.

Perhaps the greatest - and least reported - scandal of our time is the plundering of our money by the very wealthy. Most of them, all over the world, don't pay income tax. Commonly, too, they pay little or no property tax for the corporations they own. And that's only a small part of the ripping off because, while refusing to pay the taxes we do, they demand handouts of our tax money to them from governments.

We fight - and pay for - their wars with our money.

That's why university education is such a killer for us. That's why, in countries like the U.S., there is no adequate medical care. That's why public schools can't get enough money to operate on. That's why there is little housing for the poor - and none for the homeless. That's why the U.S. has the biggest military spending in the world - so Americans can hand over even more billions (and trillions) to corrupt war industries.

Oh, if this weren't enough, we also have the happy capitalists of GM in Canada who, over the years, have happily accepted Canadian loans and grants in the billions. But they have now  decided to fire 2500 Canadian employees (many more to follow).

This, incidentally, is not what capitalism means. This is pure, criminal theft.The greatest thieves and murderers in our society are not to be found in our prisons. They sit in the executive offices of our corporations.

The U.S., while never admitting it to itself is at the head of a huge empire - much of it stolen from the British as their empire collapsed. But the American empire is in decline in the face of growing Russian and Chinese power.

I hope Dyer is right. But I worry about the players. It was extremely foolish of Canada to send troops into that region - at the urging of the U.S. And Trump is now using the flare-up to cover his own problems.

Stories like the one below are what worry me.

I have not been an admirer of Quebec premier Legault - until now.

This has not been a good day for humanity.

We may well be on edge of a pointless war with Russia, a war being created for reasons that have nothing to do with defence. Indeed, if it does turn into a war, the primary cause of it may be the mental illnesses of our political leaders.

And speaking of mental illness, we  have the terminal threat to all human life being put to us by oil billionaires, like Irving in Canada and those in Britain and the U.S. who, sitting of vast heaps of wealth - much of it due to their non-payment of taxes - who are so deranged that they persist in threatening all human survival with their greed for oil profits. And this when they are sitting an heaps of money so great that it could not be spent in a thousand lifetimes.

And, in sll this madness, we are shifting most - and soon almost all - wealth into the pockets of a very few. We are watching not only the collapse of all moral values - but of all of us.

As a sample of this new world, I think of New Brunswick where I lived until recently. In effect, it is ruled by just one man - a man who makes millions as sideline as he steals money from our taxes though he already has more than he could ever spend. He is a man who gives nothing to his province except for the occasional, relatively small grant to the poor which is really an exercise in self-praise as his newspapers and our fawning, slobbering chambers of commerce praise it to the hilt. ( He would do a  hell of a lot more good for the poor if he simply paid his taxes like the rest of us do. And we do it without getting festive dinners of slobbering chambers of commerce.)

And in New Brunswick, the people voted for this man's leading kiss-up. Worse, he is sustained by the support of a brainless People's Alliance Party which is happily taking part in the destruction.

In the near future, we are facing the real possibility of a world, nuclear war and financial collapse (a result of massive greed) and destruction of all human life.

We are witnessing all but gutlessness that T.S. Eliot saw in us.

"This is the way the world ends.....Not with a bang, but a whimper."

And even the wealthy will go down with us.


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  1. Graeme, here's a story out of Chicago that has stayed below everyone's radar. Shortly after Trump left for Argentina (G20), federal agents raided his former property tax lawyer's offices. They sent the staff home, put brown paper over the floor to ceiling windows and emerged later with computers and boxes of files. Trump's former tax lawyer says all his files are in order and Mueller won't find anything but I don't think it's impropriety that Mueller went after. It's information, names, perhaps the identity of those behind numbered companies that were used to launder money through pricey US real estate purchases.