Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nov. 20: Our Last Chance?

I don''t know quite what to make of this piece of sensationalism/


Of course we could lose the next world war. In fact, It is almost certain everybody would lose it. The question is not whether we would lose it. The question is why would we fight it in the first place?

The U.S. military record since 1945 has not been brilliant. That alone should give us warning. And this is when the U.S. has spent more on weapons than all the rest of the world has spent put together. In fact, U.S. military spending has always been nothing more than a freeforall looting of the American people to turn out huge profits for military arms makers.

Nor would it be of any use to us if the US did win. We have surely figured out by now that any such victory would simply lead to a multi-billionaire plundering of the whole world, including the U.S.

But there won't be any winner. That's been obvious for 70 years.

We have to prepare because the other side is evil? Hell. No side beats ours in evil, plundering and inflicting horror over the last seventy years. And before that, the champ in evil was the British Empire and the other European empires.

With Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the writing was on the wall. Nobody can win a world war. The world has to devote all its efforts to preventing war, and to put a lid on our plague of war profiteers.


Gee! I wonder if it's possible that the CIA organized this 'spontaneous' demonstration.


Trump sees and hears only what he wants to see and hear.

Capitalism, in particular, has created hell-holes of nations all over South America, Africa, the Middle East....Well over a hundred million people have been displaced. Children are living destroyed childhoods, losing out on any chance for education - for family life, and even survival. And we are gong to pay one hell of a price for all that.


Funny how Brunswick News seems to have missed this part of the story.

And here's a story that reminds me of Brian Higgs, the new premier of New Brunswick, and his partners in greed and idiocy, The People's Alliance of New Brunswick.




The irving press of New Brunswick has been surprisingly indifferent to this story.


Migrants from Central America are typically described, by the U.S. government, as criminals, terrorists, etc. In fact, they are often from nations driven into poverty and desperation by American and Canadian mining companies. The capitalism which Mr. Higgs so much admires has been the mother of starvation, murder and homelessness of over a hundred million people all over the world. And everywhere they flee they are treated as human trash.

Is this the world we fought for in  1939-40? In fact, western world capitalism has murdered more people than Hitler did.



We created Hitler starting in 1918. We punished Germany for starting World War 1 when,  in fact, all of us started it. But as punishment, we inflicted severe economic suffering on Germany. And's what turned Germans to Hitler, and World War 2.

Then Hitler created Netanyahu. Jews realized from the start that the west was sending them to Israel to get rid of them. They realized from the start that the West was quite as anti-semitic as Germany had been. And that's what produced a Netanyahu.





Gee. That's even worse than when patriotic Canadians volunteered to fight for the king to bring modern civilization - and so that British capitalists could rip off their gold. A part of Canada's heroic role in that war was to operate prison camps of Boer children, mothers and the elderly. And I'm sure it wasn't their fault that some 16,000 or so died of malnutrition.

You didn't learn about that in school?

Israelis are humans just like the rest of us. Alas!

The biggest welfare recipients in the western world are corporations owned by billionaires. Here is the story of just one of them.



Very  true. And  this is one more reason why it could be a fatal mistake to submit Canada to more trade deals with the U.S.

And what is happening here in the real world of Canada's most exciting province?

Well, in the Canada and World News section, the lead story that 2 local women have been reunited as sisters thanks to DNA testing. Well, that certainly changes the way I look at the world.

And there's a big story about a woman angry at the condition of a McDonald's washroom in Saskatchewan.  Meanwhile, in the greater world, North Carolina is having an outbreak of chickenpox. The news YOU need to know.

The first section has a big story on what the province's new premier is going to do. (The commentator's  obviously don't know what he's going to do - but what the hell - it fills space.)

But there is one safe bet. He's going to open up shale gas - and not just in one place. Yep, with the whole world likely to be permanently trapped in it's death throes as a result of gas development, we're going to see a whole string of shale gas operations.

And he will get away with it because he will be supported by the People's Alliance Party leader. And think hard. What does this tell you about the People's Alliance and its leader?

(Don't look to the previous, Nov. 19 edition. It's lead story in world affairs is about two, local high school teams which will stay in their league. Wow! Stop the presses.)

That last copy also has a heated column about how we need to drop corporate taxes in this province.  He obviously has never seen the evidence that corporations and their owners don't usually pay taxes, anyway. The writer of this  commentary is a big business type who sits on the boards of two universities. And that explains why universities are badly run, and why so many profs write kiss-up stories for big business.

Let's get real. Our fuels are going to kill us. And, in the process, they are going to generate more climate disasters like the one in California. There is no doubt about it. We face a disastrous future. Soon.

Why don't the oil barons and their political hacks like Brian Higgs notice this?
Can they be so stunningly stupid as not to see what is happening?

I really don't know. I have often wondered why they cannot recognize something that is so obvious, something that will kill them, too. I can only think this is a sample of the very human stupidity of refusing to see what we don't want to see. And that seems to be a characteristic that includes Brian Higgs.

Nor is there any hope in fleeing the province when so many other premiers,(Doug Ford springs to mind), are equally stupid.

No - for a start, the opposition has to get united. In practical terms, that means the NDP and the Greens have to unite.  (Let the People's Alliance hang on with its Conservative buddies. Any party that would support the Conservatives is bad news.)

In the process, the Greens and the NDP have to become a good deal more radical. Mr. Higgs is very, very radical indeed. It's going to take a considerable effort to block the extreme measures he is talking about, and to propose something sensible. (I always thought that when the CCF abandoned its principles to become the NDP it was a huge mistake. And I have seen nothing to change my mind about that.)

The new party would need frequent meetings with local groups. Churches, for example. - and space.

It also needs a newspaper. which could be in print or on the web - dealing only with New Brunswick. It shouldn't be hard to do that once a week. I've been doing it alone three times a week.

The Higgs government is insanity. That's no exaggeration. And we have very little time. In fact, saying we have twelve years does not mean we have twelve years until we act. We have to complete 12 years of progress along the path - starting now.

And now, I'm off to Ottawa; so the next blog should appear in a week.

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