Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nov. 13: The Canadian Empire

Oh yes, there is a Canadian empire. Us Canadian just don't like to brag. (I guess that's why the Moncton Times and Transcript never mentions it.)

Like all empires, it exists to protect the very, very wealthy among us who like to make easy money out of controlling and ripping off other countries. And it's fun because, like most empires, it does little to nothing for the folks back home - and, of course, nothing whatever for those miserable souls who live in the empire.

In this case, the Canadian Empire is in Latin America - as a sort of branch of the American empire there.. There's even a book on the subject. It's by Todd Gordon and Geoffrey Webber, and it's called "The Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America". Fernwood Publishing, Nov. 2016). Funny how the Moncton Times has never mentioned it.

It's Canadian mining companies, mostly - Hudbay Minerals, Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, Nevsun Tahoe resources. Times have been good. These have gone from 2.5 billion in stock  in 1990 to 59.4 billion in 2013. (Actually, it's a lot more. Much of that money disappears into tax havens so that our billionaires won't be pestered.) All of this is marked by devastating pollution, corruption,  militarised violence, detentions, assaults, death threats. Oh, and low, low salaries and extreme poverty.. Lack of basic services - like education. In all of this, the Canadian mining companies have the full cooperation of the local government - and of the Canadian government. (Your tax dollars at work. No - not the tax dollars of the mining companies.)  Oh, and anybody who complains runs a strong change of being murdered.

That's why so many thousands are fleeing their homes. And the number is far, far greater than the caravan of migrants we read about. Our greed and brutality along with that of the U.S. is destroying whole nations.

Trump is very close to sending troops to some countries - like Venezuela. We might not know about the Canadian role. But Trump does. And it is very likely he will demand the presence of Canadian troops to help kill these impoverished people. . But we'll call the troops 'peacekeepers'.

Watch for the big story in ths irving press. But don't hold your breath.



Here's an opinion from an 'evil' source. But it's pretty accurate.





Hey relax. Don't worry. Climate change isn't happening. Why, if it were, Mr. Higgs would know.

What the hell... We have twelve years before it's too late. So enjoy.

Yes, There are dangers in fracking, very great dangers. But New Brunswick's new premier thinks its good. The people of this province have elected a stooge. This is a man of no social values at all. This is the kind of person who has been the curse of New Brunswick almost from the start. How could so many people vote for someone who is so obviously a stooge?

This next story wasn't important enough to make our Moncton Times.


It's not just New Brunswick that has a government of half wits.



Bolsonaro is, with no exaggeration, an ultra-Nazi. But Trump's foreign affairs man, Jon Bolton, has publicly embraced him as a really democratic leader. Bolton says Bolsonara is his kind of guy. And so he is.


Much of that killing is being done by Canadian weapons. Makes ya proud to be a Canadian, don't it?

Sometimes I'm so proud to be a Canadian.


Sometimes I'm not.



Yes. There are things we have to do that are more important than killing children in Yemen.

Though most Canadians don't know it, Canada has been knee deep in interfering with Venezuela That is why there is every possibility that Canada will be expected to  join the U.S. if (when?) it begins murdering Venezuelans.


Our local paper  hasn't paid much (any ) attention to the fighting between Israel and Palestine. It looks very likely that Israel is planning a full-scale invasion of Palestine. A nation that Israel has plundered and impoverished for years may now be getting the final touch.

Hitler's mass murder of Jews has resulted in a Jewish nation that now follows the Nazi example. No. That is NOT an exaggeration. And it no way does this resemble Judaic thought.



This is the most depressing blog I have ever had to write. But there's nothing new about it. We are on a path what we set on back in 1945. We have betrayed everything we said we fought for in World War 2. (Just as we had earlier betrayed all we said we fought for in World War 1.)

We are all now, even here in New Brunswick, governed by a massive greed combined with stupidity. And it's not simply the premier's fault that he got elected. What's devastating is that so many people voted for him. We are living in the most dangerous time in history. But we elected a premier whose life has been built around kissing his boss' rear end. And the boss' other end sees as little of the tremendous dangers we face as his stooge does.

Well, what's in the local paper?

Well, Premier Higgs will meet with those other provincial premiers including Ontario's goobledegook Doug Ford. That should be a real meeting of minds. Both want no carbon tax. Hell, we have lotsa time, lotsa time to deal with climate change.

Then there's another half-wit article on how our governments are spending too much money. And, as usual, there's no mention of the reason we  overspend. It's because the wealthy of this province pay NO income tax, and close to NO property tax. They also expect massive gifts from us taxpayers.

My, it's hard to live in a province in which our main purpose in life is to maintain the irvings in the style they are accustomed to. Of course, that's only for the rich. When some of our homeless slept in a tent, they got kicked out. Then there's a big commentary of a sort that the irving press specializes in. It's a piece of propaganda on the commentary page written by a servant to the very rich.

 It's a pitch for our economic policies to be designed to make rich people happy. That fits with former premier Frank Mckenna's view that the purpose of government is to serve the very rich and, even better, we should dump elected governments in favour of governments made up of rich people. Actually, McKenna is behind the time. We already have such a premier in Brian Higgs.

And that's about it for the Moncton Times and Transcript. Yemen? Israel? war with Russia? China? Syria, Iran? Venezuela? Never heard of them there places.


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