Thursday, November 1, 2018

Niv, 1 A bad, bad, bad, bad day.

One of those countries is Brazil. but its Amazon rain forest has been declared as a target for the new, very fascist, ruler of Brazil. As well, the U.S. oil industry is seriously looking at Alaska.


Nazism is back - in Germany, in Brazil, in the U.S...and quite possibly in Canada. (Watch Ontario and Quebec for this.)

Despite all the years of big talk, Canada has done virtually nothing to solve the problems it has created for its native peoples.

Remember the recent and much ballyhooed 'apology' to them? Very nice. But an apology followed by nothing is no help.

I don't agree with the following article. It wants to keep Steve Bannon, an American, far right fascist, out of Canada. (He has been invited here for a debate. Some debate. His opponent is a Canadian, David Frum, now resident in the U.S., who was raised to have utter contempt for anybody who was not born very, very rich like him.)

No, I don't at all agree with either of these people.But if I banned them, I would be acting just like them.

Lac Megantic - perhaps the greatest railway tragedy in Canadian history -happened against a background of greed and neglect involving the railway and Irving oil, owner of its cargo.

But the New Brunswick newspapers never reported that part of it. Not long after, the railway company and Irving were involved in another 'accident' of  greed and neglect. But the irving-owned press has largely ignored that one, too..

Will the irving newspapers carry a review of this book about the Lac Megantic disaster?  Not bloody likely.

I found  the next one unpleasant to read - but true.

For all its spending and for all its size and the size of its armed forces, the U.S. has been remarkably unsuccessful militarily  (and against much weaker opponents) for seventy years. And it is now facing the loss of its middle east empire to to Russia, China, and to the local population.

This is a situation most unlikely to get better.

This story just in. I had though today's news was slow. How wrong I was.

Yes. The new hero of  the American government is the closest thing to Hitler the  Americas have ever seen.

Now, Saudi Arabians are good guys to Mr. Bolton. And, anyway, the U.S. has the right to enter any country and tell it how to run itself.

And the Moncton Times and Transcript has its own John Bolton in the form of editorial commentator Norbert Cunningham. I don't believe I have ever seen a commentary as contemptible as this one. It is, quite seriously, a demand for the overthrow of democracy. And no, I am not exaggerating.

It was two or three days ago that a former New Brunswick premier, now a shill for the extreme right wing Bilderberg Group, proposed an end to democracy in New Brunswick. No. I am not exaggerating. That is exactly what he said. He stated that democracy does not work, that elected politicians are a failed idea.

Frank McKenna proposed (gushed) that democratic government should be done away with, and that the province should be run by the very wealthy New Brunswickers, whether they now live in New Brunswick or in other provinces. McKenna gushed and Norbert Cunningham slobbered.

I have never seen such a statement in any democracy in the world since the origins of the free press some 140 years ago. This is a statement Hitler could have made. And Norbert Cunningham has made it just days before November 11 when we remember the thousands of Canadians who served and died in defence of democracy.

Yeah. Democracy no damn good. Politicians stupid. People stupid. Now, get a man who runs an international string of fast food stores. That's the kind of person you want to run a province.

Norbert, you twit...for a start....politicians DON'T run this province. They rarely have. From the start this has been a province run by big business. That's why the wealthy of New Brunswick don't pay taxes. Those are left for us suckers.

The Liberals and the Conservatives have both been run  by big money from the start. Surely, Norbert, even you must have noticed that. (Well, maybe not.) And whenever the wealthy hold their hands our for more big money, it's our money they take. The idea that the wealthy create jobs and wealth is a crock.

Well, they do create wealth for themselves, but for the rest of us, the wealthy cost us money. We have to let them escape taxes. (and guess who has to make that up with bigger tax bills.)  We have to pay them to come here. We have to give them handouts. The biggest scroungers in this province are not the people who live on the streets. The biggest scroungers by far are the irvings and all their friends.

Norbert, medicare was not brought to us by the wealthy. Nor was public education. That's why in the U.S., where the super wealthy REALLY rule, the education system is a mess, and millions can't even get medical care of any kind.

As well, Norbert, as you should know but seem not to, there was a time of government by the very, very wealthy. It was called the middle ages - and the very wealthy were called lords and dukes and earls, title they got from being born to lords and dukes and earls - just as so many of our wealthy were born that way.. And they stuffed their own bellies while starving everybody else.

Norbert, intellectually and morally, your column of today is beneath contempt.
Try to detach yourself from whatever rear end you are kissing.

And speaking of kissing, the cartoonist has yet another cartoon attacking  N.B.'s premier. Nothing wrong with attacking a politician. But this has been the only one he has attacked for months. And the cartoons are always vague in meaning. The Conservative leader gets no attacks despite a platform that is both vague and threatening. Guess who mr. irving wants to win the election.

Local news in today's Moncton Times and Transcript is, as always, trivial. And the ONLY item in world news is another speech by Trump. The U.S. is following policies in Europe, the middle east, and Latin America that are almost certain to lead to nuclear war - soon. Among them are very dangerous war games near the Russian border which are, and which are intended to be, threatening. And the U.S. is moving up much of its nuclear arsenal to Europe. The US navy is constantly interfering in Chinese waters.

Can you imagine how the U.S. would react if that were done in Mexico or the Caribbean? We are very close to the final act for our civilization. But don't worry about it. Just read the Moncton Times and Transcript and you won't worry about anything.


  1. It looks like the Amazon is not pristine wilderness but is rather domesticated by various indigineous groups as much as 50 million...

    And it looks like what we deem "old growth" in NA may indeed b the result of domestication by various indiginous groups...

    Yes we need vegetation. We need more of it to help cleanse our air. Move us all into cities and let the rest of the world green. Becoming parks.

    I think however the belief of "untouched forest" isn't really conducive. We should think of things in terms of human flourishing--the natural world etc is part of human world as has to be cared for for human flourishing.

    Living la vida loca,

  2. The privately owned Irving empire is thought to be worth $7.8 billion.

    NB is carrying a $14 billion debt.

  3. Gaaaa that's a huge debt!
    Looks like AB will b paying for all of Canada's health care costs soon lol

    Between certain destruction and anhillation we will make the right choice,