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Sept. 13:The fall of New Brunswick
American governments had decided there would be a World War Three even as World War Two ended in 1945. That's what the Korean war was supposed to be - the launching point of a war on China. But that and other wars to that end did not go well. Vietnam, for example, was a disaster.

Then came 9/11. That seemed a golden door to opening the way to the U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.....  But this time, China and Russia are ready to block the way, and even to replace American influence in the region.

The British claim that Russian agents attempted to murder a Russian agent who lived in Britain, using a chemical poison, has been the opening act of creating an 'evil enemy' as justification for western wars.

Now follows the main theme - the evil of people who would use chemicals - and using that theme as the excuse for a war that has nothing to do with virtue and everything to do with greed. (In reality, it is the U.S., not all those 'evil' people, which has been quite lavish in its use of chemical weapons for 70 years and more.)

And all of this will promote the destruction of American freedoms that were lost on 9/11.

We are watching what could well be the start of World War Three. It's quite possible that Canada will be asked to 'do it's share' - though why we should share in a war that is only to benefit American capitalists is not clear to me.

Everything above has been known for at least twenty years. But most of it has never made our news media. And, for sure, it has not been in the irving press of this province.

It might also be telling us something about Trump. Perhaps the only successes of his rule have been the improvement of relations with Russia and North Korea. Now he's done a u-turn that could lead to a war unwinnable for anybody. Why has he done that?

Is it possible that the recent scandals in the government have made it possible for his enemies - many big business leaders and much of the Republican party - to force him under their control?

The leader of the Labour Party in Britain is being hounded by a campaign to paint him as an anti-semite. He isn't an anti-semite at all. But he has criticized the Israeli government - and that's a no-no. I have a lot of sympathy for Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party.

Many years ago, the government of Israel created an Israeli Lobby in the U.S., Canada, and other western countries. It's job was to destroy anyone in those countries who ever criticized anything Israel did. It did so by infiltrating Jewish groups like B'Nai Brith to ensure than none of them every criticized anything done by the Israeli government. That's why North American newspapers have never reported on the incident when Israeli aircraft carried out hours of bombing an American navy ship, killing large numbers of the crew. It lasted for hours. It was deliberate. But our news media were silent.

For many years in Montreal, I gave dozens of talks every year, largely to Jewish groups. Indeed, I spoke at almost every synagogue in the city as well as the Jewish library. For that matter, my social circle as largely Jewish.

But I was sometimes critical of Israel for its abuse of arabs, even those many arabs who were Israeli citizens, it's humiliations of them, and it's frequent thefts of Palestinian land. That didn't bother my Jewish audiences. But, oh, it annoyed the Montreal chapter of the Jewish lobby.

In one week, it got me fired from a radio station I had been broadcasting from for 30 years or so. It also got me fired from a Jewish library where I had been a monthly speaker for some fifteen years. In both cases, I was replaced by the leader of the Israeli lobby in Montreal - though he lasted only a few months in those jobs.

Trump's obvious lies have him crashing in the polls. Does this mean a crash in the midterm elections that will put the Democrats into effective power? Probably.

Does that mean an improvement? That depends on which Democrats get elected. Both parties are mired in profound corruption. Both parties are controlled  by very wealthy people who want wars for their own profit. There is, however, a movement within the Democrat party to change that. Fingers crossed.

The Chinese government practices bigotry against its own people.

That makes China a lot like us.

I vividly remember the Palestinian who had just completed his BA, and now had to return home. As he sat in my office, he was close to tears as he talked of the horror and hopelessness he was returning to.

I remember, in my high school teaching days, a teacher from France who enjoyed showing students photos of himself torturing Algerians. Most countries torture.

The mighty U.S. is going to rule the world?

As well, the hurricane threatens an oil pipeline. But I wouldn't worry. The leader of our peovincial Conservative party tells us that oil pipelines are the safest way to move oil. Right.

So, to a considerable degree, is Canada. Both are dictatorships by the very wealthy who also control almost all the news we are allowed to get.

The situation in Canada is not so bad as that in the U.S. But it's bad enough to keep a huge social class out of any chance for advanced education.  I grew up in a district in which going to university (or even finishing high school) scarcely existed. The people I grew up with weren't stupid. They were simply raised to believe that higher education was not for them. Indeed, the bare necessities of life for their families commonly depended on them leaving school to look for jobs in grade 9.

Add to that another serious problem in just about any university I have ever heard of. The professors, almost all of them, have no training whatever in how to teach. The very idea they should have such training doesn't exist. The result is many, many courses in which students merely memorize for the exam day - and then forget all of it.  Professors don't know how to design courses, how to deal with student difficulties..... Indeed, I knew many who saw teaching as an interference with their time to think great thoughts about  - whatever.

If you want to teach kindergarten, you need at least a year of training - probably more. In my experience, kindergarten teachers were the best teachers I ever saw. Professors were the worst.

We have a  university system that serves, largely, the already privileged, depriving huge numbers of our  young people of education. In  the more civilized world of The Netherlands, where I taught for a time,  university education was free - and with spending money added. Poor Cuba can offer free university education. Germany does. But the U.S. and Canada are back in the middle ages. We have billions of dollars in handouts for billionaires. But nothing for the young people who are our future.

Our young people have to learn how to think, how to analyze, how to make judgements. But most of what they get is how to memorize - and forget once the exam is over.

There's no need to believe this article. It's only by a scientist. If it were true, Mr. Irving would  have told us. (And he knows things because he had two years at Acadia University. Wow!)

The things we prefer to forget.

We, all of us, created the disaster that is Israel. Hitler did the killing. But we helped him every step of the way. We did nothing to help Europe's Jews. We sent them back to the death camps. Then we created Israel so the survivors wouldn't come here.

Israel is the product of the horror of the death camps - and of our willingness to let it all happen.

In my experience, Jews are the most charitable and social conscious people I have ever known. But those who survived the unspeakable horror of the Nazi period - and of our indifference to it - were refugees of a Judaism and a Christianity that allowed it to happen.

Israel has behaved with gross cruelty towards Palestinians. But I don't blame Israeli Jews for that. Their behaviour is not a product of Judaism. It is a product of Nazi Christianity - and ours.

Well, in fairness, a great many people on this earth think they are God's chosen people. Americans have, by and large, believed this for well over a century. And almost every religious denomination believes that it has the only true faith. I have known many a Christian who thought so.

The proportion of Jews who think so is not high - if you consider that this is supposedly the central belief of Judaism.  This world is full of true believers of every faith who chant - "I'm going to Heaven and you aren't."

The New Brunswick provincial election drones on; but the local newpapers don't have much to say about it. What can one say when Blaine Higgs,  the Conservative leader says he would do what the voters tell him to do?

For a start, there is no mechanism in place to enable the voters to tell him anything. And it wouldn't matter if there were because New Brunswickers voters are hopelessly uninformed to tell anybody anything.

As well, this all suggests that Mr. Higgs has no clue about what the role of the politician is. It is not to obey people. It is to put forward a view of what is necessary to bring maximum benefit to all the people. He is not an errand boy.
We could hire a real one for cheaper than Mr. Higgs and his Conservative flunkies. Of all the figures in this election, Mr. Higgs has established himself as the most clueless.

Not that the rest are much better. This is the shallowest election campaign I have ever seen. And the big issues of our day are not even being mentioned.

1. Our forest, and animals and us are being poisoned by glysophate spray. Our former medical officer warned us about this before getting kicked out. Now, it's just a billionaire who decides whether we're allowed to live.

2.  The wealthiest people in this province have been robbing us blind for fifty years and more. They don't pay income tax.  They pay little property tax. And they expect our government to 'help them out' with millions of dollars in handouts. We are daily getting poorer even as they get richer on our money.

3. We have a minimum wage (so we can keep our very rich happy with a source of really cheap labour), a wage so minimum that any normal life is impossible.

4. We face the biggest natural crisis in millions of years - the destruction of all life on the planet. We have, maybe, ten years to cope with it. Maybe not.

Most of the candidates have nothing to say on any of this.

We need the rich in this province to pay their taxes just as the rest of us do. There's no reason why people with only a tiny,  tiny percentage of the income should have should pay the bills for the very rich. We get no benefit whatever from that. And sooner rather than later, that is going to drive us into a financial crisis. The rich won't care any more than they cared when this happened in the 1930s. In fact, the 1930's enabled the rich to cut salaries, destroy unions....

Most of the parties want to improve literacy in our schools. Of course. That's easy and cheap to talk about. The reality is that this is a heavily illiterate province due to years of rule by the wealthy who don't like people to think. It's not just a school problem.

We have a crippling problem with most of our news media, especially our newspapers. As the organs of our wealthy, they combine to keep people in ignorance - and that makes it impossible to call New Brunswick a democracy. With few exceptions, New Brunswick governments have been patsies for the very rich. Democracy is a farce.

The treatment of the poor in this province is disgusting. They are treated as if they chose to be poor. They didn't. Poverty, as I learned in my childhood, is something you are born into - just as most of the very rich are not wealthy by ambition but, like Donald Trump, by birth.

Ever heard of a member of the irving family who had to work at minimum wage?

Frankly, given the wimpiness of what I have seen so far, I see no hope of this election benefiting anybody but the rich who are already living in clover.

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