Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 5: Bad News. Wimpy public

The new president of Mexico is a brave man. I can't remember any American president of  the past century who has ventured in public without a mass of agents as guards.

Of course there's poverty and violence in Venezuela. The U.S. sanctions on Venezuela have created those conditions. And this decision may make it far as he now has a much more vicious cabinet. The U.S. has had a serious of murderous
governments since that Afghanistan and Iraq war. And it now has one more
murderous than them.
And here's an idea you'll never see in the irving press.

It makes a lot of sense. For almost fifty years, we have watched the salaries of the wealthy rise like a rocket. And the only place that can come from is the low salaries of everybody else.

I can't help noticing that all the leaders who deny that climate change is happening are people of little scientific education. An example of the type is Kelly McParland, a columnist in today's irving press. He attacks the clergy for it's preaching about the dangers of climate change. And the reality?

 1.No such significant movement has occurred in our churches.

2. Even if it did, why on earth should clergy not have the right to take a position?
3. Mr. McParland, apart from calling people names, offers no evidence whatever that climate change is not happening.

I amazed that even the irving press which is surely one of the world's most contemptible could stoop to a column of such ignorance.

Poverty is on the rise. Super wealth is on the rise. So much for the irving press line that capitalists make us all rich.

The situation in Canada is much the same as in the U.S. In both countries, governments help the very rich to plunder the nation.

In Canada as in the U.S., the wealthy don't pay taxes. And they don't pay a penny for the wars we fight for them. Americans and Canadians often get all sentimental about our war heroes who risk their lives ---to make billionaires richer. Doesn't The Canadian Legion ever think about this? Do they think Canadians died in World War Two so that Canadians could die fighting a war for American capitalists in Korea? And Afghanistan? And so that heroic Canadian pilots could bomb a virtually defenceless Libya? Oh, and so Canadian soldiers could make the U.S. overthrow of an elected government in Haiti look like the creation of democracy?

Here's a story that didn't make the irving press. (It needed the space for a really big story that the town of Shediac has just created the world's largest lobster roll.)

It  looks as though the war in Syria is over. al-Assad, with the support of Russia, has won. Assad also clearly has majority support in Syria. Both the U.S. and Israel have had to back off. The U.S. has become a loser and Russia a major winner in the region.

And 400,000 Syrians have been murdered by Moslem terrorists with American help.

This next column is not really a satisfactory read. I include it because it makes a little-known point. One important reason the American revolution was fought was to maintain slavery. The British Empire of the 1770s was drifting rapidly toward freeing the slaves. So it's not a coincidence that George Washington was the biggest slaveholder in America.
Somehow, this is not a surprise.

Nor is this.

I know the Doug Fords and Donald Trumps and oil barons of this world say it isn't happening. But our climate is changing And that will affect food supply for all of us.

The irving press which had lots of space for a half-wit commentary on Christian clergy who speak about climate change had no space for the article above.
This next opinion will certainly meet criticism. But it does explain the failure of the most expensive military in world history to defeat even third rate countries - like Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria.....
Here's a story that goes way back. The irvings face serious charges of misbehaviour in their conduct of railway traffic.  Funny thing, though. The two-fisted reporters of irving press haven't said a word about it. Clark Kents they ain't.

I'm not sure I fully agree with this one. But Americans do seem obsessed with the idea that they should rule the world 
and, in many circles, that it is God's wish that they should do so.

We've never seen this world so insanely dominated by greed. The major American defence -perhaps the only real 
American defence - And one is its nuclear arsenal. And that is the arsenal whose use would trigger many thousands\
 of nuclear attacks all over the world. And anyone who could think that killing several billion people  is the answer to 
anything is insane.

But there are people who believe that.

And there are people who are quite happy to risk the destruction of  our planet for the sake of oil profits. Whatever 
else capitalism might do it has destroyed rational thought in our major powers.

But none of this matters in New Brunswick. The population is effectively wiped out as a thinking body. Most of the
news media have taken care of that. Nobody who reads the irving press can have the faintest idea of what is
going on in  the world - or even in New Brunswick. That's why both the Liberals and the Conservatives are simply 
tools for the irvings and friends.

Nor is this the only wimpy province in Canada. Ontario has just elected a premier who is its Donald Trump. New
Brunswick has a Liberal leader who just lets the world flow by. And it has a Conservative leader who would and
will kiss any rear end for a buck. He would certainly introduce the fracking he is not talking about. (The irving
press has clearly been supporting him. And it doesn't support anybody unless the boss says so.)

Along with all of this, recent American behaviour is shattering its old alliances with the rest of the western world.
The U.S. is also losing its hold on Asia and Africa. And an America in such decline is going to be a very, very 
dangerous neighbour. And  yes, the effect of all this will be felt even in Little Upsyduck, New Brunswick.

For Christ's sake, New Brunswick, and for the sake of you and your children, wake up.

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