Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 28:The Daily Greed

Note the death rate in BC from heat. Gee! It's lucky climate change isn't happening.

New Brunsick - star player in the latest crisis.
Climate change ain't happenin'?

Then you won't be disturbed by these items.

I'm sorry, of course, to interfere with oil profits for our hard-working billionaires. But at some point we have to get real. And building a pipeline from Alberta to BC, and other from Alberta to the Atlantic is no way to get real.

Our oil barons  have to get used to it. We cannot survive more use of fossil fuels. We cannot risk more oil spills.

So why is Trudeau using our tax money for this greed and idiocy?

The "brave, new world" Canadians fought and died for.

They aren't the only foolish ones. Check out the irving press. It has consistently refused to recognize climate change. Throughout this record  hot summer, it has consistently ignored the topic - except for a commentary or two about how getting rid of carbon tax would be good for us.

The corruption of  the political systems of Canada and the U.S. is not new. It long ago destroyed democracy.

But don't expect a story on this in New Brunswick's irving press.  On this day, the leading party in New Brunswick's election is the Conservative party with its long history of kissing up to the billionaires, with its leader a man who is an irving executive, and with neither Conservatives nor Liberals having anything that looks like a policy.  Lord love a duck! Talk about a passive voting public!

According to the irving press and its 'authorities' like Dr. DeSavoie, billionaire capitalists make us all rich. The reality is that our low salaries and our kiss up Liberals and Conservatives are what make us poor and billionaires richer.

New Brunswick is now "preserving" its forests by a massive cutting down of them, and by spraying them (and us) with chemical poisons.

Let's get real. Our forests have been preserving themselves quite well for more years than we can count. Any destruction they've had has been caused by us.

And the story that attracted the attention of editors over most of the world - but not those of our irving press.

Here's some background to that story.

The irving press often supports privatization of medecine because, you know, capitalists are much more efficient that governments are. Well---except.....
Imagine what would happen if 10,000 nuclear bombs were exploded.

There would not be any winner in a nuclear war. And U.S. capitalists have given every sign that such a war is just what they want.

The Bible says "thou shalt not kill". But who cares? Certainly the Christian churches don't.

In his tweets, Trump routinely brags about growth in the U.S. economy. What he doesn't mention is that most of that growth goes into the pockets of the super wealthy.

It really doesn't matter whose weapons are superior. Any major war now would destroy all of us.
The U.S. has just accepted a boost of military spending to almost 750 billion dollars for the year. It is also working on western Europe and Canada to do "their share" by increasing military spending. All of this will add up to a world record in military spending. And this in a world in which no major war is winnable for anybody.

So why the push for military spending and for Canada to 'do it's share?' It's because the world's biggest weapons billionaires are in the U.S. Their profits are enormous, particularly since they have a habit of losing track of the billions given to them. This is all a gimmick to feed already bloated American weapons manufacturers.

The only country that has attacked Canada since the 1750's is the U.S. And Canada's only potential attacker is the U.S. Will Trudeau buy into this? You bet he will.

As Eisenhower warned, the U.S. military-industrial complex has stuffed its own pockets while impoverishing at least 40% of Americans. And all for a war that only a maniac would fight.

Russians are evil.  Yes, they are. Americans are good. Yes, they are. That's been the message of our news media since 1945. (Before that, Russian were good for a few years; then they became evil again.)

Putin is the great satan to democracies all over the world. The U.S. is bringing Jesus to the world. It creates democracies all over the world. Yes, it does. Thus says a letter to editor of the Moncton Times and Transcript of July 27, - "Sickened by Trump and Putin." And, oh, it says it reminds the writer of George Orwell's prophecies of doom.

Alas! That 'letter to the editor' writer doesn't seem to understand what Orwell was talking about.

Trump and the U.S. have supported dictatorship all over the world. Ever hear of Saudi Arabia? Of Guatemala? Of the overthrow of the elected government of Haiti? Of some 75 American wars in less than 75 years?  of it's killing of millions? Of it's starving of civilians, especially infant, in Yemen? Indeed, is it really possible to call the U.S. itself a democracy when it's elected representatives are the servants of billionaires?

Where did this writer get these warped ideas?

From our news media, of course.

In World War 2, our news media heaped praise on the Russian people. But as soon as the war ended, they became evil.  And, yes, I don't doubt that Stalin was evil and a threat to western Europe. But as a threat to the world, he came nowhere close to the U.S. with it's constant wars. And we'll just pass lightly over the American murder of 2 million German prisoners of war in 1945. And we won't even mention the millions killed by the U.S. after 1945 including the infants being starved to death in Yemen, or the cholera turned loose in that country. Nor will we mention the concentration on killing civilians in North Korea, in Iraq, in Syria, in Vietnam....  And the drone bombers that kill innocent people all over the world? Hey. These are people with Christian values!

Almost every president since 1945 has been a ruthless killer of quite innocent people in Latin America, Asia, Africa. George Bush Sr. was the mastermind for the mass murder of civilians in Guatemala. George Jr. killed millions in Afghanistan and Iraq in wars that were quite unnecessary - and illegal for the U.S. to enter in the first place. And then there have been the uncounted killings by drone bombers....a high proportion of them civilians and even wedding parties.

The U.S. has been using torture on a mass scale ever since (and before) 1945.

But, in our news media,  that's not evil. No. And so the killers proudly March in American cities wearing their medals amid cheering 'Christians'.

The U.S. starves people in Africa. It imposes crippling sanctions on countries that want to run their own affairs - Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, any country that is so evil that it doesn't want to be run by those nice, American billionaires.

And not just Americans. The British Empire was as brutal as they come with mass murder and plunder all over the world. Our hero, Churchill, is the man who introduced the bombing of helpless civilians in Kurdistan back in 1920. Later, in India, he would deliberately allow 150 million to starve to death. Churchill had
 a long history of brutality; but it never made the news.

After the war was over, he thanked the British people for their efforts. But he did nothing to help them after their years of suffering. All his affection went to his very wealthy friends.

The reality is that Canada's nearest allies are as brutal, murderous, plundering as they come. Germans and Japanese (who used to be terribly evil) are now our good friends.  And that's odd-----

-----because our news media defined them as evil in World War 2.  And now they define Russians (and Chinese and North Koreans) as evil by definition. That sort of thinking is what is called racism - the idea that people are evil because they are born that way.  And that sort of evil is what Hitler stood for.

The reality is that we all have a capacity for evil in us. It has nothing to do with race. There are evil Chinese, Russians, Americans, Canadians....but that's not the way our news media play it. They ignore the massive evil of prominent Americans, Canadians, British ...... And they create evil out of people who are simply trying to protect themselves against us.

You think Muslim terrorists are evil? Think hard. We've been murdering and plundering and cheating muslims for a century. So, since 1950 or so, they've been shooting back.  And now they're evil and we aren't?  How many Moslem armies have invaded the U.S.? How many American and British armies have invaded Africa and the middle east?

Almost all of our news media are racist, just as Hitler was racist. So we get a steady news diet of how evil they are. In reality, there is no reason to believe that Russians and Chinese are any more racist and evil than we are. (which is bad enough, it's true.)

We are infested with a greedy and merciless capitalism which is destroying our planet, which freely sends its young people out to kill and be killed to make billionaires richer, which avoids paying taxes for services that we need, but now cannot  have.

But that's not the way our news media tell it.  Instead, our news media teach us to hate.  And that's why we get hysterical letters to the editor like the one in the July 27 edition of the Moncton Times and Transcript.

Get real. Trump's meeting with Putin was the most intelligent thing he's done. The world cannot possibly survive a world war. But people like our letter to the editor writer are guaranteeing just such a war.

Oh - why do our billionaires want a popular fear and hatred of Russia?

1. Popular fear of Russia is what justifies the biggest budget deficits in world history - and with all the profits going to the war industries. And...

2. Since 1945, the American wealthy have been obsessed with conquering the world which then, like the U.S. itself, will then be owned by them. The major opposition to them is Russia and China. So we in the Christian world gotta kill-em.

A footnote for New Brunswick readers -

The big, front-page story - the news YOU need to know - is about a dog that barks when it's master practices karate.

Also front page is the story of a woman whose daughter disappeared 2 years ago. And, a year ago, the woman died without knowing what happened to her daughter.

This is news? No. There's nothing we can do about it. Yes, it's sad. And that's the kind of not-news story that journalists call a sob story. Good newspapers don't carry sob stories.

The owner of New Brunswick's forest is a big story on page 3 because he has just planted the billionth tree on the forest he now owns. And it's for his own profit since his company will some day get to cut down that tree.

And for that we get a big story, full of praise for this man (who also owns the newspaper.) Of course,   this is also the brave preserver of our trees  who sprays then and us with poison chemicals.

Then there's an editorial about Moncton City thinking of taking over a water plant. The writer says we must leave ideology out of the discussion. Then he raves about the excellence of his own ideology of handing the whole thing over to private business.

Below that, Norbert Cunningham has a commentary "Show Respect for voters and democracy". Then he shows no respect for either voters or democracy. He follows the current passion of his paper for the Conservative Party with yet another attack on the Liberals. That has been consistent. It spends, he says, too much.  As usual, he doesn't bother to mention that the biggest capitalist in New Brunswick, and the one who owns all the newspapers, doesn't pay any income tax at all. Gee! I wonder if that's why we're always in deficit.

But I'm sure things will be much better if the Conservatives win. (though I haven't seen anything resembling a policy from either Conservatives or Liberals. but the Conservatives will be better because their leader has been a career flunky for the Irvings. So there.

Then it has another commentary by a propaganda house for the rich - ForestNB.
All development must be by the private sector. Yes. And guess who owns ForestNB.

The paper has no Canadian or world news worth reading. And not even any local news worth reading. No wonder most New Brunswickers are going to keep voting for the two parties that have been betraying them for over a hundred and fifty years.

And a footnote. Climate change is happening. It will destroy us. It is destroying us. We don't know how much time we have to correct it. That's why we have to act now. This is not the time to let greedy morons control our governments.


  1. The Moncton paper has quaint stories of local interest because they are unique from what is freely available online. You don't find much world news in there because New Brunswickers get their Canadian and World news from the internet so a day late paper can't comepete in that space.

  2. They could well get some intelligent analysis - which is a important as the news itself.

    And whatever the reason, the failure of our press to cover very serious local matters - of which New Brunswickers know nothing at all - not from any source.

    No the irving press papers are designed to keep people in ignorance.