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June 26: The irving press - triviality and insanity

....Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Immigration must be based on merit - we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!

I keep seeing news reports that refugees crossing a border are 'illegal' immigrants. That is NOT true. They are NOT illegal. Under international law, refugees fleeing from their homeland are doing something that is perfectly legal. It is a human right to flee terrible conditions and dangers. And we have a legal obligation to accept them if that is the case.

And Canada and the US do have a legal obligation - and a moral one. Those refugees are mostly people fleeing from countries that American governments and American corporations (and Canadian corporations) have made dangerous and unlivable. That's true of refugees from Latin America, Africa, the middle east.....

We aren't doing them favours by admitting them. We're really giving a very slight apology for making their countries into hellholes. Your friendly Canadian mining barons can (but won't) tell about the horror they have made of lives in Latin America, Congo, and other regions.

What's illegal about it is Canadian governments  (like the present one) that turn the refugees over to  the American government which  (separately) imprisons both the parents and the children.

Trump often says that "illegal" immigrants will kill Americans. But if he really wanted to protect Americans against killers he'd take action against American police who average close to a thousand murders every month.

We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents...

Oh, there's also the problem that many of the refugees are children who cross without their parents. Thousands have crossed in that way. Think about that.

Does this mean Latin Americans just want to get rid of their children? That's a logical conclusion....if you're a racist. The more likely one is that if the family can't get across, maybe the children will escape the hell that U.S. billionaires have made out of Latin America. Maybe they will break through to relatives in the U.S.  Now - think how desperate a parent must be to do that.
And here's a story not likely to make the irving press.


And gee, I wonder who was putting the pressure on. It would have to be somebody in the federal government, and probably somebody close to the maritimes.

And this one could have implications for New Brunswick. I guess that's why the irving press hasn't reported it.

Climate change is happening. It's going to keep happening despite the efforts of the irving press to ignore it and despite  ( in fact, because of...) the unspoken plan of New Brunswick's Conservatives to legalize fracking.


This is the law - the one that we have been ignoring when we send refugees back to the U.S. We and the U.S. are also the cause of the refugee crisis by the behaviour of our corporations in making their homelands unlivable.
Western nations, especially the U.S., Britain and France have been making the middle east hell for over a century as they plunder its resources and murder its people.

But we've scarcely seen a word about it in the irving press.


Too bad I can send on only a bit of this story. The bigger story is that the royal family of Britain - and its aristocracy - have been anti-semitic for centuries. Though they require huge staffs of thousands (Prince Charles alone has 150 household staff), they had never hired a Jew until the present Queen came to the throne.


Yet another story the irving press didn't have room for.


We are creating the refugees.

And as we look in the next extract about this moral rot, where the hell are the Christians? Where the hell are the Christian churches? Will our slaughter of the children of Yemen be the subject of a sermon at the Irving Chapel?

Not bloody likely. I guess that's why Christians give faith a bad name.


Most people of the western world have been lied to and/or kept in ignorance of what is happening by most of their news media ever since their origins in the second half of the nineteenth century. That is what produced a Trump. That is what might give New Brunswick a Conservative government and fracking in the next election.


My goodness! Democrats and Republicans take bribes? Oh. How very different from our Liberals and Conservatives.....sort of.


Of course, Russia  has a right to be in Syria. It was invited. The U.S. wasn't.

And this is very dangerous. The U.S. has been acting as though it can do whatever it likes. Russia - and perhaps China - are now drawing lines in the sand. We are very close to Trump deciding to go nuclear.

Bush and Obama were both mass murderers. They killed to protect and increase the profits of American capitalists - no other reason. Both are regular church attenders. Jesus preached to people like Bush and Obama. But to the best of my knowledge, He never agreed with their values.



The irving press line is that giving our money to the wealthy will make  us all rich. The Economist is a publication that is a great deal more truthful and more intelligent than the iving press.


Trump has been busy  wiping out any action to deal with climate change. Here's a man who, despite his appearance, knows more than all the world's leading scientists put together. Mind you, that puts him in the same league with New Brunswick's Conservatives.

U.S. policies have been essentially the same for the whole of American  history.
They have always been designed the benefit the wealthy and put into practice by the corrupt of the government.


American women are the MOST abused in all of the western world. How's that for American Christian values?


Well, it seems the oil industry in the U.S. has been less than honest in reporting the damage it does to the environment. (Of course, that would never happen in Canada.)

The following story is, I'm sure, a lie. If it were true, the irving press would have told us.



Canada put Japanese Canadians into prison camps. I got to know one of them in grade seven. We became good friends, and many years later, I would work with him in the campaign to get an apology from the Canadian government.

As I mingled with the Japanese community, I soon learned they all had one thing in common. It was impossible for them, all those years after, to talk about what it had been like for a child or an adult to be given a half hour to leave their homes with only what they could carry, and to be dumped in indoor cattle pens, then taken to primitive shelters in cold and remote regions. My friend, 6 at the time, choked up in his first sentence as he tried to answer my question about it. (He would later become one of Canada's most distinguished medical doctors.)

We are at a dangerous time.

Capitalism dominates not only our economic world. It also dominates our political lives - all of us. Anyone who can live in New Brunswick and not see that is a fool.

Capitalism is a system based on profit - nothing else. It has no human values, no
compassion, only an unlimited greed.

That's why it has to be controlled. But we have allowed it to run loose. We are allowing it to destroy us  And that will, sooner than later, destroy capitalism itself and all of us with it. (Of course it will. That will require great stupidity. But I have never said big capitalists are intelligent.) For decades now, the world's wealth has increasingly been flowing into the pockets of the very wealthy. American poverty has been estimated at 40% and rising. And the basic services for that 40%  - health care, education, old age security - are disappearing.  (American illiteracy stands at 50%). But instead of providing essential services, America capitalism wants almost all spending to be on weapons whose only role can be to destroy the whole planet.)

In effect, capitalism is destroying its own future. It is interested only in money that flows to itself. It is too greedy to understand that its own prosperity depends on a prosperous society. That's why capitalism, with the help of New Brunswick's irving press, wants to privatize health care and education so Canadians can be just as sick and uneducated as American are.

Will capitalism control itself? No. That's never going to happen. A philosophy
based on greed can only destroy itself. And we humans have destroyed ourselves, our empires, our civilizations in this way throughout history.  But there's a difference.

Today, we have the weaponry for the final destruction of all life. And we have capitalists eager to use that power. Trump, for example, is clearly eager for a war with China. But there is no way that an American military which can't beat Afghanistan will defeat China. It will take nuclear weapons to do the job - and at that point, we all join the dance of death.

In the face of this, New Brunswickers are a pretty placid lot. For most of its history, New Brunswick has been controlled by various economic barons - from the old days big landowners and timber lords to today's irvings and their friends.

And New Brunswick has always voted for the Liberals or the Conservatives, both of them servants of the wealthy. Neither Liberals nor Conservatives have anything that could be called social or political values. Neither of them has a platform of any substance.

The NDP and the Greens have some values. Some. But they have two faults. One is that they split the vote. This is insane. They should long ago have united.

The other fault is that their programmes are pretty wimpy. The NDP made itself wimpy when it took over from the old CCF party. That was the fault of the labour unions who used their power to turn the NDP into a 'three cheers for capitalism' party. Neither the NDP nor the Greens seem to have given any thought to stopping the capitalist stampede. But that cannot possibly accomplish anything until they do that.

And no party seems to have given any thought to the issue that could be the death of this province. The very wealthy of this province don't pay income tax. Some don't even pay local taxes. But they all have their hands out constantly for government favours. (with a little help from the irving press which daily tells us that we should pay businesses to come here, and then we'll all be rich. Hell, we've been giving handouts to those leeches for a couple of hundred years. And we're still poor.)

A closing note for New Brunswick readers.

The June 25 edition of The Moncton Times and Transcript has an intelligent commentary on the commentary page. It's by Ian Peach - and it's only the second intelligent column I have ever seen on that page.

Alas! The other commentary on that page is more the irving press style. It's from a propaganda outfit called Consumer Choice Center. (I guess they don't know the Canadian spelling of centre.) Anyway, it's pitch for more chocolate milk in our schools.

Miraculously, there's another intelligent commentary in the June 26 paper. (Wow! Two in a row.)  This one, by professors at UNB and St. Thomas, says, with evidence, that schools are quite right to control what drinks are  safe for students.

But, back to normal, cartoonist deAdder has yet another cartoon attacking the provincial government for overspending. That seems to be irving policy since it's a theme that might defeat the Liberals and let in the Conservatives who are likely to approve fracking for our poor, oil industry.

Norbert Cunningham picks up the theme in his column. Kiss. Kiss.

Nobody at the irving press has even mentioned why New Brunswick governments have to overspend. It's because the wealthy of this province don't pay any income tax. And some, at least, don't even pay property tax. They haven't for at least fifty years. That's many, many billions of dollars.

Oh, yes. We could cut spending on education, privatize much of it, ditto for health... We could say to hell with the people of New Brunswick; let's all work in praise of our economic gods.....

And, given the record of our Christian clergy on social issues, we could be getting sermons on that.

Meanwhile, the irving press remains unspeakably trivial, a newspaper deliberately designed to keep a province in ignorance.a

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