Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21: The robots of New Brunswick

For a break from today's news, note the following photos of the wild, wild, west.
Notice what's largely missing? It's guns. Only a few people in these pictures are wearing them. Of course not.  Most towns and saloons very sensibly banned the wearing of guns.

The wild, wild west was actually a safer place to be than most of the eastern cities. And the quick draw shootout? Anyone who has done any shooting knows that such a shootout would be crazy. It never happened.
Have I ever mentioned that the irving-owned newspapers of New Brunswick are cheapest, sleaziest, most lying newspapers I have ever seen?  Today's newspaper  has 2 (count them, 2) stories about the rest of the world. One is that Trump has promised to put an end to the separation of children from parents attempting to cross into the US from Mexico.  And the UN has accused the Syrian army and the rebels of war crimes.  Wow!

The story is true enough. but the U.S. is deliberately starving millions to death in Yemen. That's a war crime. Since 1945, it has killed millions in illegal wars. Those are all war crimes. They are war crimes because ALL of  those wars were illegal. (And, therefore, Canada was guilty of assisting in war crimes in Afghanistan - but the irving press never mentioned that.) It assisted the mass murder of Guatemalans. It has illegally been practicing mass torture (with Canadian and British participation) since 1945.

How many of the stories above have been reported in the stinking irving press?

Today, there was, at least, one. And it was reported - as usual - only because it didn't mention American war crimes. Nor did it mention that the U.S. is pulling out of the war crimes section of the UN because the UN has (correctly) accused Israel of very serious war crimes. The Israel newspaper Haaretz has had no problem with reporting this fully and honestly. But not the western press.

In fact, the U.S. has, for 70 years been by far the most active force in destroying the UN. And, just a reminder that the UN is, we are told, a major institution that Canadians fought and died for in World War 2.

So where the hell is The Canadian Legion on this one? How will it deal with this on Nov. 11?  (answer  - it won't.) What a pack of hypocrites we all are. The reality is we were lied to. World War Two was not fought to stop German and Japanese aggression. It was fought to clear the path for aggression and murder and plunder by American capitalists - with British and Canadian capitalists tagging along.

In fact, here's a list of just one site's news for the day. Compare this to the feeble two stories in today's irving press.

This one, alone, has ten times as many world news stories as our Mickey Mouse irving press. And they are all  better reported than the two in the irving press.
Sara Netanyahu is the wife of the Israeli P.M. who ordered the murders of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians and murdering over a thousand unarmed ones on their own territory. (Something which Trump feels is quite correct.)

The irving press didn't even have this Canadian story though it is surely good news, indeed.

Canada doesn't need immigrants? Well, Canada needs them in the near future - and desperately. As climate changes our habitable areas will spread north. It's already happening. We need to fill that area. Why?

Within ten to twenty years, the U.S.  will be looking to annex Canada - and it's north. It needs the land. It needs the water. We had better have people there before that happens.

Why not just have American immigrants? Because they come hooked onto America's big capitalists who want Canadian water and agricultural land - and Canadian bodies for its armed forces. Thanks. But Canada already has its own super greedy big capitalists

Check the news. Think. The progress on the Korean issue has not been handled by Trump. The person behind this was the PM of China. China is becoming the dominant power in Asia. That means a steady retreat for the U.S. in Asia. American capitalists will want Canada as a part of the U.S. to sustain some American regional power.

Anyway, what's wrong with immigrants? We're all immigrants, and at some point our ancestors were hated as immigrants. - French, English, Scots, Italians, Ukrainians, Irish, Catholics, Protestants, Jews.... we've all disliked each other at some point. And we've all  needed each other.

This opinion is about Britain. But it's important to Canada. Health care for all and education for all are essential services for all Canadians. But the very wealthy don't see it that way. For them, all this exists only to increase their profits. That's why the U.S. has largely destroyed health care and  public education. That's why Canadian billionaires would love to destroy them in Canada. That's why billionaires, for years, have been muscling their way into our universities. That's why university presidents (and some professors) have been kiss-ups at the service of the wealthy.

You don't believe in climate change?That's nice. The good angels of irving inc. will love you. And don't worry. The irving press won't tell you about it even as people die.

Trump is a liar, a bully, a servant of the very wealthy, is murderous...big deal...
he's not the first U.S. president of that sort.

This next one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in New Brunswick. Manipulation of the Liberals and Conservatives by the wealthy is an old story here.

Gee. I wonder how the two-fisted,  tough-as-nails irving editors missed this story. And I'm   sure their gifted cartoonist could have done a great cartoon on it.

The collapse of American democracy happened a long time ago. The vote for Trump was a result of that collapse. People didn't like what they had. But they had no idea of where else to turn in their rejection of what was offered to them.

That's what happened with Ontario and the election of Doug Ford. That's what has happened with just about every election in New Brunswick. And that's what's is likely to happen in the current election. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have come up with any general philosophy of the role of government and the social values of their parties. The Greens and the NDP have - though not nearly enough.

(A group of Conservative candidates, including their leader, came to the building I live in. They were a dreary lot who had nothing to say.)

Boy! Are we in New Brunswick ever lucky to have the tough-minded journalism of irving press.
New Brunswickers live in a province in which glyphosate is widely used - and where the chief medical officer who warned about it was disposed of.

I don't know. Either New Brunswickers have a deep (if foolish) trust in Mr. Irving, or they're gutless.

The U.S. is planning to dominate China, and so to dominate the whole of the Pacific region. This is be monstrously expensive - and it will benefit only billionaires in search of captive markets. But the billionaires won't have to pay the expense of the his war because most billionaires don't pay for any war - even though the wars are fought to benefit them. No. Billionaires don't pay taxes. We do. That's why it's necessary for the U.S. to destroy education, social services, medical care, all that trivia us common people depend on. That's why why they and  their children and their children's children and more face the biggest and most unpayable national debt in history.

Will the U.S. be able to dominate China? Not in any conventional war. Remember. The U.S. is the country that couldn't dominate Vietnam or Afghanistan. What it can do, very well might do,  is to launch a nuclear war on China. But that would turn loose a world of nuclear wars that would make the whole planet uninhabitable.

This is all quite insane. But the very greedy of the American world - which is includes Canada - have proven they are quite insane with greed.

Here's a story that has been around for a very long time. But it has never, ever made the irving press of New Brunswick. I guess the editors are too shy. They feed us endless crap about the philanthropy of the irvings, but never mention that they're being philanthropic with our money - and they also hide away billions of our money just for themselves in secret bank accounts. We are the ones who pay for the charities that the irvings take credit for. And we are the ones who give billions to them as a sort of charity.

Meanwhile, the editorial for June 20 is another lame-brained one about the government running up a deficit. Of course it runs up a deficit. How can we avoid a deficit when the wealthy don't pay any taxes? Not federal, not municipal.

Then there's another kissup to big business from Herb Emery of UNB. It doesn't mention the tax havens, of course. No. It tells us how we have to give more money, more breaks to business to come to this province. It's the old, very old line that if we give money to the rich, they will shower money on us.

If that were true, we'd all be driving Rolls-Royces today.

Then there's a sort of decent column by the NDP leader on the importance of  providing after-school care for children. I don't doubt it. I don't doubt the worthiness of it. But we should be reading political statements about the realities of life in this province. We have to make the very wealthy pay their taxes, their income taxes, their property taxes, to stop expecting handouts from us.... We have to establish a real government by the people to get past the years, the decades, the centuries that this province has been bled dry by local barons. We can't just piddle around the edge of this problem. The NDP and the Greens have to focus on social principles and values in a province that has rarely seen much of either.
And that problem is going to hit us in the face very soon as we learn the hard way that high school graduation isn't worth a poop. No. I'm  not kidding.

Big corporations are switching the low pay jobs over to robots. We've already seen big job losses across North America. They are going to get much bigger, in the millions - and soon. Robots are cheaper than people. High school will no longer be the door to even low paid jobs.

What are we going to do for those people who lose out? Certainly, big business isn't going to lift a finger for them. It never  has. We need to get very serious about post high school education. And it has to be free so that everybody has access. We have to become a well-educated society because that is who most of the jobs will be for.

You don't care? Then get ready for the chaos.

We are already watching the rise of politicians reminiscent of the Naziis of the 1930s, politicians who feed on the anger of people, but have no solutions. Trump is a prime example. So is Doug Ford of Ontario. We're going to see a lot more of this. It's going to turn into national violence and greater hatreds as the Trumps and Fords prove to be ineffective and they are replaced by people even worse. And it may well be happening in just a decade.

I expect the U.S. to blow before Canada does. In the U.S., the super wealthy are enjoying their plunder of the nation, the impoverishment of its people, and of people all over the world. That is what will turn into a violent outbreak from people who, alas, have not the faintest idea of what is needed.

We need to control the very wealthy. We need some politicians, at least, who have an idea of how to do that, and a willingness to do it. We need a society that  itself understands what social values and principles are and how they should be applied. We don't do it because our society has been kept in ignorance, by our news media especially, of what those values and principles are. And because we have kept ourselves in ignorance by our own fears.

In short, we are ruled by a greedy lot who lack the intelligence to see they are creating one hell of a crash. (Can the leading capitalists of New Brunswick meet  the intellectual demands of government? I don't see  how. These people seem to want the Conservative opposition to revive fracking in this province. The world's leading scientists say this is a very bad idea. But our major, economic leaders, who, incidentally, have little more that high school leaving, are all for charging ahead - which, I presume, is why the irving press and cartoonist de Adder are kissing up to the Conservatives.)

And this is all made worse by an even greater crisis. About half of New Brunswick's population is functionally illiterate. (In the U.S., it's over 50%).

Public education began, for the most part, in the early 19th century, commonly ending about grade 7, though it might reach high school in some areas. That produced the intellectually trained people we needed for the growth of industry. But that was over a hundred years ago. Now we need a far higher level of training, partly for the technical and intellectual times we live in, partly for the demands of maintaining democracy. High school doesn't cut it any more.

Now, we need much more advanced training from business colleges to universities and all the way through graduate school. And that can't be done without free (public school) tuition  to the highest levels. The reality is we cannot afford politically or socially, to throw away the input of half of our population. (No, the billionaires can't do it. They have proven morally and intellectually to be not up to the job.)

And, yes, that will have to mean that university professors will have to learn how to teach. And politicians and billionaires will have to learn to keep their interference out of all levels from Kindergarten to Ph.D.

The public school was a wonderful development. But that was over 200 years ago. The world has changed. (We also need a marked effort in adult education, again with no interference. After all, the crunch for education coupled with the rapid rise of robotization within a generation means we don't have much time.)

In these very challenging times, half of our populations really don't know much about anything. But they have the right to vote. Thus the victories of Trump and Ford. Thus the many years of leadership by Conservatives and Liberals. Thus the wimpy platforms of the opposition parties. In New Brunswick, this is made worse by a provincial population that is determined to be D and D, (deaf and dumb) to avoid any real discussion of political values - a condition made easier by a provincial newspaper chain that actually is D and D.

All this is heading us, and soon, into severe violence and, quite possibly, world nuclear war.

For a start, New Brunswickers have to be helped out of their collective coma. And they certainly aren't going to get that help from the irvings or their newspapers.

And I wonder.... In Montreal, I gave talks, some seventy to ninety a  year, to audiences in churches, synagogues, libraries, teachers' associations .... Audiences were usually three or four hundred up to a thousand. I notice that doesn't happen in New Brunswick. Indeed, the few times I've seen political speakers in New Brunswick, they've been as drab and pointless as their audiences.

Do serious, public talks ever happen in this province? Or is everybody just scared?

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