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Oct. 23: Hallelujah!

The above item is the one President Trump's spiritual advisor was referring to when he said God is telling the president that he has the go-ahead to   kill Kim Jung - and to obliterate North Korea.

I thought of this story as I read the faith column in Saturday's paper.  It's the usual one that is guaranteed not to offend  (or inform) either man or beast - something about controlling your temper and being nice to everybody.   It is surely possible to think of other, more important, issues the churches should be directing us to.

For the last five hundred years at least - ever since Columbus began torturing, murdering, enslaving and plundering the peoples of Latin America - western Christians have been the most murderous people on this planet.

Of course, they never called it that.

When the British Empire was murdering, plundering and enslaving peoples around the world, they called it bringing civilization and being the 'world's policeman' to make the world's non-Christians behave. And when the Americans took over, they, too, called their murdering and plundering as 'policing' the world. Thus the tremendous slaughters in North Korea and Vietnam and Iraq.

All of these wars have been fought, of course, for reasons that have nothing to do with policing. They were fought for exactly the same reason that Hitler's Christians fought in World War Two - to cater to the greed of the already wealthy.

And the Christian churches have been there every step of the way. When we invaded and murdered and tortured and starved and enslaved (as in Congo, all over Africa, Latin America and Asia), our Christian churches sent missionaries not to the evil murderers but to their victims. When Africans were rounded up in their millions to be shipped as slaves  (with many dying in the horrible conditions of their passage), our churches tripped over themselves to Christianize them. (I should have thought the people who needed Christianizing were the slave owners.)

Nothing has changed. Christians are still killing all over the world. The killing is still to fuel the greed of the very, very rich, most of whom are 'Christians'. And we're still sending missionaries to their victims. What a waste!

Shouldn't we be sending missionaries to the chambers of commerce? To the propaganda 'think tanks' like Atlantic Institute of Market Studies and The Fraser Institute? To those who attend groups of the wealthy grabbing for power - like the Bilderberg Group - that a former premier of New Brunswick has given his support to?

We live in a society founded on unChristian principles. Our economic system, quite apart from its greed, is founded on the unChristian principle of competition while the message of Christianity is based on sharing. Remember? But when was the last time your heard a sermon on that? In fact, how many of our Christian wealthy give so little of a damn about their neighbours that they won't even pay taxes to help them?

Jesus chased the money-changers out of the temple. We name temples after the money changers.

Jesus said thou shalt not kill.  We kill millions to steal their resources. That's what all the fighting in the Middle East is about.

The Christian U.S. economic leaders, far from caring for their neighbours deny most of them adequate health care. And our Canadian economic leaders just love making noises about doing the same thing to us.

We are faced with a dreadful threat of climate change. We have known about it for decades. But our wealthy controllers of the oil industry have blocked or stalled every effort to deal with it. Check out the Moncton Times and Transcript for Saturday, Oct. 21. The cartoon for the day is a portrayal of the government as sheep for allowing the Pipeline East to be blocked. Sometimes, cartoonists like this are so wimpy that it's hard to know whether they are cartoonists or  clergymen.

Have you ever heard of the national churches opposing any war that Canada or the U.S. or Britain (or Germany or Spain or Portugal or France) has ever fought?  Certainly, our clergy (and the editors of the irving press) have no reason to fear crucifixion by the authorities of western society.

The U.S., with British help and, sometimes, with Canadian help has been fighting wars almost non-stop since 1950. Almost all of them have been fought for the benefit of major world corporations. That's what the middle east wars are about. That's what Guatemala was about (twice). That's what the repression of Cuba was about. That's what Libya was about. As for Afghanistan, the plan to invade was set and was public knowledge BEFORE 9/11. (It was outlined in a web site run by very prominent Republicans with a reputation for kissing up to big business. The web site is called Project for the New American Century.)

And you can expect Venezuela to be hit in the not too distant future. Trump has already threatened it.

Mass murder by nominally Christian business leaders for higher profits has been a feature of western wars for some 500 years. And, as a part of that, we pay the human and financial prices for these wars. (Rather than paying taxes, the very rich prefer to hand out philanthropy. It's much cheaper than taxes, and it's a great ego booster.)

And our Christian churches have been blind, silent, and - almost always - cooperative with the killers.

For a fuller understanding of today's blog, read John 11:35

Read this one with a little patience. It tells how Canada  (the whole country) cannot find a person necessary for measurement of the effects of climate change in the Arctic, though these measurements are essential for us to know what is happening.  On a more careful reading, it seems these are cuts due to government decisions.

Of course. We have to make cuts so the wealthy won't have to pay taxes.

Here's an opinion about capitalism in Britain. It's at least equally true of every capitalist system in the world. All are crashing, all  are causing immense suffering because all are characterized by insatiable greed and by the arrogance of a capitalist class which feels it is superior to all other humans.

This is a very old phenomenon which has been a characteristic of just about every imperial power in history - greed, lack of concern for the society as a whole, and intelligence that declined from each generation of 'the chosen' to the next.

Wouldn't it be nice if our governments were to tell us what taxes these people are not paying? And what gifts they demand from us every year?

Here's a story (with pictures) about our Alberta oilsands. It's one (of many) that the irving press hasn't had room for.  (But it did have room for a big story that a man in New Hampshire willed his ashes to a  Salvation Army Thrift Store.
All the news YOU need to know.

Oh, how we make those poor oil bosses suffer! Luckily, today's political cartoon in the irving press is another valiant defense of encouraging pollution.

Throughout Canadian history, it has been common for dominant groups to insist that all immigrants must adopt the behaviour  and values common to them - typically, that has meant being Christian and white. On those grounds we have historically discriminated against Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, orientals  - oh, and Irish Catholics. Now, the targets are Muslims again.

The rest of us are just lucky our aboriginal peoples didn't do that to us.

In the case of Muslim women, this involves making them take off the nigab - supposedly to identify themselves. (Never mind that taking off the nigab in public is a form of enforced nudity.)

And why, of all sixty state and provincial jurisdictions, is Quebec leading the way? (After all, Quebec has a long, long history of giving unusual rights to certain groups - as, for example, the Roman Catholic church with massive grants of land, relief from taxes, and no demands that nuns be stripped for identification - hey, they could be men disguising themselves to get free bus passes.)

Quebec is leading the way because it is (in both French and English) a profoundly racist society.

We might remember that most of these people are not here by choice. They're here because the western countries, led by the U.S. and Britain, have, for a century, been murdering their people to steal their oil, and driving out tens of millions of them as refugees. They're here because our good friends in the U.S. see them as fit only to be killed.

Onward Christian soldiers!

Canada has a long history of supporting U.S. aggression in Latin America. And the U.S. aggression is always for a good reason - murdering native populations, establishing dictatorships, looting natural resources.... The next target on the horizon is Venezuela. It's sin? It has oil.

So this has echoes of the Canadian role in murdering 200,000 Guatemalans as a sort of Christian gesture toward our mining companies there.

American oil billionaires (and Canadian ones?) are eager to open oil drilling in the Arctic. No doubt the cartoonist for the irving papers will have a cartoon in praise of it all.


As a footnote to the above, a cub scout in the U.S. was kicked out of his group. A senator was speaking to the boys, and one of them asked questions about gun control that the senator didn't want to answer.

Our news media are hailing the defeat of IS in the city of Ragga. The story is not quite so simple as it's being presented.

Western news media are also telling about the many civilians who were killed in Ragga, giving the impression they were murdered by IS. Now, IS certainly did kill civilians. But so did the U.S., and it did so deliberately because civilians have been the the major targets of bombing ever since Dresden in 1943.

To suggest that only IS does it - which is the version that appears in most western news media - is what's called fake news.

The next item explains itself.

Yes, the U.S. does deliberately kill civilians. And it designs its bombs to kill people for a  hundred years and more after they are dropped.   (Isn't it just terrible the way those people just don't seem to like the U.S.?)

Here's an article about climate change that will never make the pages of the irving press.

A recent documentary on the Vietnam War has been hailed as a masterpiece of explaining that war. In fact, it is a masterpiece only as a cover-up.

Boy. In New Brunswick we know how to deal with people who criticize what billionaires want. We fire them.

Yemen is the victim of one of the most savage - and evil - wars in history. It's a war involving starvation, murder, disease that has the full cooperation of the 'Christian' west. And Canada is right in there (illegally under Canadian law) selling weapons to the killers.

(Hey. It creates  jobs.)
The Rohingya people are suffering a dreadful persecution.

But who gives a damn? Not the irving press.

It's a depressing day to write about the news when the wealthy are permitted to run wild, robbing everybody, polluting everything, when the White House is led and staffed by irresponsible mass murderers,  when the American and British wealthy seem willing to rush to destroy the planet before the Russians or Chinese can do it. when the people of this province are too timid to have an opinion unless it's the same one everybody else has - and so will undoubtedly continue to vote for the same political scoundrels they've been voting for in the last couple of centuries. And they continue to read the same newspapers that have utter contempt for them.

But at least we have the soothing weekly sermonette which is almost as good as a sleeping pill.

And read the American news carefully. Yes. Trump is an idiot, and he's a very dangerous idiot. But so is almost everybody else in American politics.

The only person with any sense of social responsibility is Democrat Bernie Sanders. But he'll be running as an independent next time because there's no hope either party would accept a candidate with a sense of social responsibility.

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