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Oct. 18: An Angry Day

Today's Moncton Times and Transcript had a columnist. today, who is the new champion of ignorance, pomposity, arrogance and self-importance. He's Bill Whitelaw, president and CEO at JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group.

His theme, if he has one, is that he is a very wise and learned man, and that the world should worship the oil industry for its goodness and generosity in making our lives better. (He completely ignores the wars we  have fought and paid for and the millions we have killed; and that so many British and Canadians and Americans have died in so that the oil barons could plunder oil-producing countries.)

Quite the contrary, we feels we owe a profound debt to the oil barons. He sees them as fairy godmothers lightly tapping us with their wands   - a unique way of looking at those people who have made themselves obscenely wealthy at our expense, and have lied to  us for decades about the dangers of climate change.

I regret that I cannot send a copy of this disgusting rant in my blog. (There seems to be no way to do it.  But, obviously, it appealed to the tiny minds of irving editors.)

Below it is "Current state of U.S. Republic recalls ancient Rome". It compares the condition of the U.S. to that of ancient Rome. There is some truth to that.

He begins by saying that both, in their early days, sought peace and democracy. That part is, in fact, not true of the U.S. Far from seeking peace, the early U.S. immediately engaged in wars to destroy the native peoples, and then to invade both Canada and Mexico. Nor was it all that democratic. In fact, its politics were dominated by land speculators and slavers from the start. But it does recall the Rome of later years - of insane emperors, of greed, of unending aggression, of brutal treatment of its own citizens....

 And, like ancient Rome, the U.S. is now an empire in collapse. It is collapsing because of the greed of the very wealthy, and because of massive corruption. Don't waste time blaming Trump. He did not invent the unspeakable corruption of the war industry, the purchase of politicians..... Trump is not the cause of the U.S. collapse. He is the product of it.

As in ancient Rome, the American poor are becoming the largest part of the population, and they are treated with utter contempt.  Canada is not much better. Indeed, we are, in effect, partners in U.S. aggression, and partners in the corruption of our political system. And we, too, can collapse.

Oh, there are options. Even now, western Europe is looking around for some alternative to U.S. leadership. Canada should be doing that, too.

And if we don't? There is every possibility that the U.S. will annex Canada for its water and land. It is already demanding free access to our water.
Our news media are almost never critical of Israel. It has stolen much of the land that is legally the land of the Palestinians. It refuses to give equality to the very many Palestinians who are citizens of Israel. (Yes, there are many Palestinians who are legally Israelis.) But, in effect, they are profoundly abused by the Israeli government on the grounds that they are not Jewish. They are commonly forbidden to ride in public transport with Jewish Israelis.Think about it. Israel has made Jewishness a race. They are not allowed to live in Jewish districts. The last person who did that sort of thing was named Hitler. Israel is doing to its own Palestinian citizens what 'white' states used to do to blacks in the U.S.)

Europe and the U.S. - and Canada - supported the founding of Israel for two reasons. 1. They did not want to receive Jews in their own countries. Yes, we were anti-Jewish.  2. An Israel would give western oil companies a base to control the middle east and its oil.

Since then the west has unquestioningly supported Israel, including in its destructive and murderous and thieving treatment of Palestine. And Israel has responded by supporting western capitalism - as it did in supporting apartheid in South Africa and - you won't find this in the irving press - sending intelligence agents to help murder 200,000 of the Maya people in Guatemala.

If you want to know what Israel is doing, don't waste your time on most western newsmedia. Read the Israeli paper, Haaretz.

We, in cooperation with Israel, have made the middle east into a hell that is not likely to recover within any current lifetime. There is a reason why Muslim terrorists have been attacking us for forty years. (Forget our political babble about how they're all evil.) Terrorists attack us because we have been murdering Muslims for over a century. God bless the oil industry for that.

The new,  'great' power might well be China. And that has its own perils. So far, Chinese governments (and capitalists) are acting much like American ones.

Canadian news media have made much of the terror bombing (wasn't it awful?) in Somalia that killed some 300 people. Most haven't mentioned that this seems to have been in revenge for an American and Somalian attack on villages. 300? Evil and terrible? Yes. Not nearly so evil and terrible as the hundred and fifty million killed by the U.S. and British in Iraq - or the attacks in Afghanistan - or the interference in Syria.

Here's story about serious pollution in our oilfields. But don't worry about it. Just read more columns like that pompous one by Bill Whitelaw in today's Moncton Times and Transcript .... then close your eyes and lean back....z-z-z-z-

A new report suggests that wealthy Americans have - not billions, not tens of billions, not hundreds of billions ---but 2.6 TRILLION dollars hidden away from taxation. (Gee. I wonder if that happens in Canada, too. I wonder if the learned Bill Whitelaw will  write a column for the Moncton Times and Transcript about it.)

There are Canadians who hide billions  in profits, too. Would it be interesting to have a list of them? Wouldn't it be nice to know why it is we can't afford adequate social services? Or education? Or health?

Where is the Liberal party on this? The Conservative party? or, for that matter, the NDP and the Greens?

The irving press will condemn the government for going over budget. When will it tell us the truth about WHY it goes over budget? (So we can give monster tax breaks to the very wealthy.)

The following is rather a long, thought piece. It's about capitalism, and it touches on a point I have mentioned many times. We are approaching a point at which democracy is becoming no longer possible. Capitalists have, for a long time, been able to buy governments. Now, we are approaching a point at which capitalists ARE our governments, one at which they are no longer subject to any governments at all.

And that is a major part of the reason why the U.S. is now a society in collapse.

There is a site called  'national observer' which I can no longer send without  paying for it. But it's worth checking out. It currently has stories I'm not seeing in mainstream news media. For example, a French bank has refused to deal with loans or any other business with companies that operate in our oil sands. It cites their appalling indifference to the poisons they spread. The Ontario government, too, has been cited for its indifference to poisons created by the Ontario chemical industry.

Here's a story I have    come across in a number of very reliable sources - but never in our mainstream news media. The U.S. has been nuclear-happy for over seventy years. And it is quite likely it would have nuked North Korea  (and maybe China) in 1950. All that stood in the way was a disgusted General MacArthur.
Another topic avoided by our daily press. (I find this source, Global Resarch, quite good on the sins of the western powers - but less critical than it should be of China and Russia.)

Canadian mining companies, spread all over the world, have a very, very bad name - that Canadians never hear about.

This one MAY be good news.

Turkey was, a century ago and more, the ruler of a substantial empire. It plans now to return to those glory days before its empire was ripped to shreds by the British and then the Americans.

Generally, the western powers, notably Britain and the U.S. have made such a chaos of the middle east and Africa that we may never see them restored. Nor is Turkish intervention likely to help.

Trump's favourite evangelist rarely makes the western press. I guess it's because even they are embarassed by his 'religious' views.   (His latest gem is that he has word from God - right from the chief - that God wants Trump to 'take out' North Korea.  The Christian churches have, of course, a long history of supporting western racism, bullying, brutality and mass murder - not to mention kissing up to the wealthy and powerful. But this guy sets a new low.
Our media rarely mentions it. But the (largely) American war on Yemen, one of the world's poorest nations, is one of the most savage ever seen. It's major targets are innocent men, women, and children who,  in addition to our Christian bombing, are being treated to Christian starvation. To death. It's a quite deliberate policy. As a side effect, they are also dying of the black death of the middle ages.

Where the hell are our Christian churches?

Where the hell have they been for the last 2000 years?

And where are all those evangelical twits who turn out to protest against abortion but, seemingly, have no objection to starving babies to death or blowing them up, or suffering them to have terminal  birth defects from Agent Orange, and unexploded bombs that children will be digging up for a century and more?

When did Jesus say this was okay so long as they were Muslim babies?

And when did He pronounce his blessing on  western billionaire philanthropists who don't pay taxes but still expect constant gifts from us (as in getting our forests on the cheap and spraying  us with poisons)? And expect to be praised by all us peasants for giving back a tiny portion - calling it philanthropy - of the taxes they don't pay?

Why are the churches silent about the grave of Raoul Leger of Buctouche who was murdered along with 200,000 Maya at the wish of international billionaires? Will there be a sermon about him at the Irving chapel?

I'm in a bad mood today. When I was sixteen or so, a very persuasive clergyman had me talked into becoming a minister - and I would have become one if I had not been lucky and flunked high school.

I now see a forest of churches which offer little of Christian guidance in 'Christian' societies that have been murderous and thieving for centuries. And in all those  years, the common people got nothing out of it. All the money went to the wealthy. That is still what happens.

And as Nov. 11, the churches will all crank up for sermons on the valour of those who served in war. And they won't mention that we have betrayed the promises we made to all those who risked their lives.

By the way, those who insist on idolizing wars as evidence of virtue should be including those naziis who served in German armies. After all, they, too, were serving their country. And, as on our side, their Christian clergy told them they were doing it for Jesus.  (And we know from Trump's spiritual leader that God wants the U.S. to take out Kim Jong.)

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