Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct. 16: We are all just people. Sorry about that.

I discovered the document below on the web. And it struck me that one could change the word Allah to God, and the word Muhammad to Jesus, and it would be a suitable sermon for any Baptist church. (The clergymen who is the prayer leader and faith consultant for the U.S. government has already announced that  God  has told Trump to 'take out' Kim Jong un.


Speaking of Christianity  (or Islam), I came across this item on the closing of Sears stores.

12,000 employees were dumped with nothing - as were more retirees. But the senior executives of Sears, the ones who guided the company into its crash, got some 5 million dollars each. This is not at all unusual. It is common practice and, in the days of the great depression, in was typical behaviour of all the major capitalists.

The next item I could not avoid. It's a column that appeared in today's irving press - and one of the most disgusting I have seen in a newspaper that's a connoisseur   of the disgusting. It's an opinion piece by somebody named Barinder Rasode writing for something called the Canadians for affordable energy.

And it is unspeakable crap.

According to it, the drive for more controls on fossil fuels is being financed by - wait for it - them there evil Russians. Yessirree. And good, honest Canadian money just can't compete with that. No.

What we have here is a regular feature of the irving press - a propaganda house financed by, among others, the oil industry. It's a reminder of why the irving press is a sewer even by the lax standards of North American journalism in general.

Christianity has had no more impact on Christian capitalists than Islam has had on Saudi Arabian ones. In fact, to understand that is to understand world history for some thousands of years. In every era, a small number of people have come to power. Having done so, they have see themselves as a people superior to others. That was true of the rulers and aristocrats of Rome, of the kings and aristocrats of Europe. For the last several centuries is has been the characteristic of capitalists.

Typically, these people became increasingly deluded about their importance (and intelligence) as, generation after generation, they inherited positions of power. The Caesars of Rome became increasingly fuddle headed and and self-indulgent as did the the British kings and lords. But they never lost their fascination with their increasingly useless and decreasingly intelligent selves.

In Britain to this day, the British nobility are entitled by law to sit in the House of Lords, and to have a voice in public matters. And this is despite the fact that they have done nothing notable for over a century. And their record for doing anything useful for the people of Britain has been close to zero.

During the Second World War, the British realized the uselessness of their upper class. That's why,  when the war ended, the British voted Winston Churchill out of power as prime minister. This came at a time with the reputation of Churchill was at its  height in the western world. But the British understood their social system better than others did.

Churchill was a child of the British aristocracy. Though he didn't inherit a title, he was very much a product of aristocracy, born with a right to rule, and born with an indifference to the lower and middle classes. He served only those of his own social circle. And, if he had no interest in the lower classes, he had a crushing contempt for other races. He would, throughout his career, happily murder them in large numbers. He deliberately and unnecessarily allowed one and a half million Bengalis to starve to death. When criticized, he said it was their own fault because they were breeding like rabbits. He was very much a man who served only those of his own social circle.

During the war, while working class children went hungry, the British taxpayers spent today's equivalent of half a million dollars a year on Churchill's liquor and his very expensive cigars imported just for him through dangerous waters.

(For lovers of Churchill, I must say that when I was fifteen, I read his History of the English-speaking Peoples and was captivated by it. I loved his writing, and I was   caught up in the majesty of its history. Only many years later would I realize what a pack of racist lies this was.)

The British people, despite their appreciation of his speeches, realized he would do nothing to meet their need for health care, education, housing. They realized he was a man of the wealthy who served only the wealthy. And he worshipped the empire precisely because it served only the very wealthy.

Too bad Canadians have never figured that out about their own governments. Too bad that in our own time we have produced more generations of arrogant billionaires who just love mirrors, and politicians who just love to polish the mirrors for them.

This story, about the Kurds in Afghanistan, is just breaking. That whole region is made up of highly artificial countries created and controlled from World War 1 to the present day by western - most British and then American - oil billionaires. It's now been a century of murder, imposed dictatorships, and poverty for those people. We have murdered millions of them. And anyone who fights back is called a degenerate terrorist. Murder and theft by Christian westerners is called spreading civilization. Fighting back is called Muslim terrorism.

We have made a complete mess of the middle east. And we are not likely to see it revive in any lifetime.

Most news media have paid little  (no) attention to the murders all over the world of environmental defenders. Sometimes, the killers are freelance scoundrels. But, very often, as in parts of Africa and in South America, they are hired by major corporations such as mining and lumbering companies - and agricultural giants. That is, they are hired by the leading citizens of countries like Canada.

But, we don't hear about it. The most terrible one - and the one we have heard least about - is the murder of 200,000 Maya - men, women, children, Christian clergy  -  in Guatemala in the 1970s.  Wouldn't it be nice of the Irving Chapel to hold a service in memory of Raoul Leger who lies buried just down the road from it? It could even have special music.

Here's a story about millionaires in Britain who are getting honest about the taxes they  (don't) pay. It would be a big help over here to see billionaires doing that. The greatest challenge we face is that obvious threat of the social imbalance being caused by the failure of the the very wealthy to pay taxes and, thus, increasingly impoverish the rest of us. Combine that with the Churchillian arrogance of the very wealthy and they political control - and you quite possible have the collapse of a civilization.

This next one is just stunning.

These are those parts of the world which, despite the platitudes of the irving presses and the Dr. Savoie's of this world, have learned that capitalism does not shower wealth on us all.

Remember how those evil Cubans transmitted terrifying sound waves on innocent Americans at their embassy in Cuba? In fact, that may not be what happened at all.

Will the American government change its mind?


Could this affect your summer place on the north shore of New Brunswick?

No. Not all Canadians are nice.

I'm afraid Trudeau will be remembered as one of Canada's weakest prime minister. He's not, like Mulroney, greedy or corrupt. He's just a spoiled, rich kid. And Canadians are a pretty drab lot to have elected him. (But they were also  dumb enough to elect Stephen Harper.)

The U.S. is the country that will trip all over itself to forgive billionaires for non-payment of taxes, that will rush funds to the wealthiest part of the country to fight fires, that will rent soldiers for almost half a million dollars a year  (that's counting the cost for the rental agency) -   but won't lift a finger to help the poor.

Remember the old slogan - 'Bring me your poor, your downtrodden'? That was when US capitalists needed really, really cheap labour. But now they have lots of it.

So many news stories are about Trump. But Trump isn't the problem. American violence, mass murder and plundering all over the world was happening long before Trump. He is the product of a collapsing state. But he is not  the cause of the collapsing. He is a result of it.

He's been more incompetent than Obama, Bush, Reagan but, just like them, he has been the voice of the very wealthy. And he has been murderous. But dumping him won't help because he is only a product of an immoral and corrupt system, not the cause of it.

And Canada is very much a part of that same, corrupt system. (and don't put your hopes in a new world to be shaped by Russia and China. They are both remarkably similar to the U.S. and us.)
There are things to understand about capitalism. It can work - with controls. Without them, it is a poisonous and destructive force. And that poisonous and destructive force has become so uncontrolled that is a certain threat to our survival.

Both the NDP and the Greens are going to have to become a lot less wimpy to deal with this.
The story below is kind. The U.S. has killed at least half a million of some of the world's poorest people. It has blockaded the country  to starve the civilian population to death. Give that some serious thought as an illustration of how far we have fallen.  (Think of how flamingly self-righteous Americans would be if the people of Yemen were starving millions of American civilians to death.)
And why  aren't we questioning why this is happening? Where the hell are our churches as share in this mass murder of a helpless people. There the hell is the Canadian Legion? As Nov. 11 approaches, do the legionnaires believe that Canadians died in World War 2 so that billionaires could murder  helpless people? And how do we on Nov. 11 keep straight faces when we just  assume that so many died so that billionaires could loot so many more?

I'll stop here. It's been a long day.

I think of that day in April of 1945 when I was caught up in a mob ecstatic that the power of naziis had been broken. Since then, I have watched a mob of billionaires destroy all that war had been fought for. I have watched them plunder the world - including us.

I have watched our news media lie about what we are doing and why. And I have watched Canadians and Americans and their churches and their veterans' watch all this with their faces hanging out.

Can it get worse? Can it get even more immoral? Yes. We, all of us, are on the menu for the very wealthy. It can get worse. But no civilization can survive it. And it's not Trump. It's the whole social circle that all the Trumps of this world thrive on.


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