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Sept. 29: Nuclear war. It's now or never for the U.S.

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Some very wealthy people routinely commit crimes. Yes, they do. These are commonly committed to increase profits for their holdings. Such crimes are called 'white collar crimes', and they commonly mean billions of dollars in frauds to deceive the public, and they mean lost lives. That's why the U.S. Justice Department created a branch of top lawyers to bring corporation bosses and directors to justice.

I've just finished a book on this subject by Jesse Eisinger, a pulitzer prize winning author. The title is (admittedly an indelicate one) "The Chickenshit Club". It's the story of how the very wealthy used their political clout and their money to destroy what had been a government  body committed to honesty and enforcement of the law.

The turning point was 2008 when wildly illegal practices, especially in banking, brought the whole world to the edge of economic collapse. There were executives at the highest level guilty of fraud and theft. They should have faced long prison terms. But instead, the American people were put deeply into debt to save them. And the executives and their boards of directors celebrated by giving themselves each millions of dollars in bonuses.

Now, there is, in effect, no longer any significant control over the crimes of the very wealthy.

(Canada has never really attempted any such control. I asked lawyer friends who couldn't remember such a case. The only case of a Canadian senior executive ever going to jail was that of Conrad Black. But he was charged and convicted in the U.S.)  And that brings us to another case.

Lac Megantic.

47 people were killed when an oil train coasted into Lac Megantic, and exploded. The explosion seems to have happened because some of the cars were carrying oil that was highly volatile and prone to explosion.

That was 2013. There has still been no trial. This could beat the Oland trial for delays. And no top level executives have ever been mentioned or charged. This is despite the strong possibility that the volatile oil cars may have been labelled as just ordinary oil by the shipper - Irving Oil.

Warning to young people - if you're going to break the law and put lives at risk, don't to do it by buying a gun and sticking up convenience stores. That will just put you in jail.

No. Get rich first. Then you can steal all you want.

The world is well into a new phase. We have gone from rule by an aristocracy-to rule by democracy-to rule by an aristocracy of wealth. and their wealth is usually inherited rather than earned just like the older aristocracies. And, like the older aristocracies, the news ones see themselves as above the law. They have destroyed control by government in the U.S. - and they have always been above control by government in Canada. Also like the old aristocracies, they have not been distinguished by either brains or principles.

We are on the edge (or already over it) to disaster.

The story above can't possible be true. If it were, the irving press would surely have told us.

When will it sink in that climate change is an emergency to deal with, not something just to mutter about?  And I wonder when it will sink in to New Brunswickers that spraying our forests with glyphosate might, just possibly, damage us. And when is it going to sink in that this is a crisis that we have to deal with - now?
Though our politicians just love to speak of North America and western Europe as the 'freedom loving' part of the world, we aren't. And, accordingly, we do not spread freedom. We never have.  The British Empire did not spread freedom to Africa or Asia or anywhere else. The U.S. empire did not spread freedom to South America or the middle east. Both Britain and the U.S. did the reverse. They installed dictatorships all over the world.

A victim of this was the land of the Kurds in the middle east. In 1920, when the Kurds demonstrated for freedom, Winston Churchill ordered the mass bombing of Kurd civilians. And they have been victims of western suppression ever since.

And how's this for a Christian sense of priorities?

And here's a case of big business with a 'social conscience' - sort of - maybe -

Maybe the Moncton chamber of commerce will hold a special dinner to honour the 'philanthropy' of those companies.

On major issues involving differences between aboriginal peoples and big business, Canadian and American governments routinely come down on the side of big business. This is despite recent incidents in which Canada has profusely apologized  for its treatment of native people over the centuries - but has yet to do anything of significance about it.

So far, Trudeau has been a zero. Nor have I seen any significant discussion of the reality of this issue. These are people whose lives we and our ancestors destroyed. We took their land, then kicked them off into smaller territories - over which they have little control.

Exactly how does one deal with societies after having destroyed their cultures, forced an entirely different world from them?. What do we think the cure is? Do we try to make them just like all other Canadians? And, if so, how the hell do you do that? If not ---well, just what is our great plan? As it is, we don't even honour their right to control the little bits of land they have remaining to them.

That's the story in today's issue of NB Media Coop (The Brief) It's just one episode that reveals the chaos of this lack of policy. A mine forced its way onto the traditional lands of a native society that doesn't want it. Our local newspaper is, of course, ignoring the story.

So, to our governments, "What's your great plan kids? Where do native peoples turn now? How do we destroy all that they were, then expect them to switch overnight to become just like us? Or, if they are First Nations, how do we help them to have the powers that one needs to be part of a nation?"

Our governments have been remarkably silent on that. Their idea of a first nation with rights is a big  corporation, any big corporation.

The U.S., our leader of the "free world" is also the leader, by far, in supplying military aid to most of the world's dictators.

No. I don't think either of the items above is exaggerated. The U.S. Empire IS the Third Reich - just as the British Empire was the Third Reich - and the French and Italian and Spanish empires before them

All of them were created to tunnel massive profits to those who were already wealthy. All of them murdered on a grand scale. All of them inflicted poverty and debasement and early death on millions. They're just never presented to us that way. I once spent some time going through church papers of the early part of the twentieth century. It was striking  how often clergy spoke of the British Empire, the empire that starved and murdered people by the millions, as a glorious tribute to God by "His chosen people".

And just as Hitler justified the murder of Jews as being due to their racial inferiority and so focussed the nation's racists on Jews, Britain and the other empires all justified their mass murders and plunders as justified because the victims were inferior peoples.

But we have never heard the whole story. Have you ever heard the story of how Winston Churchill murdered over one and a half million people of India? It was late in World War 2. People in Bengal begged for shipments of grain. They were starving to death. Churchill said there was no grain available and, due to the war, no shipping to carry it. So one and a half million died of starvation.

But, in fact, Britain had huge stocks of grain from all over the empire and, at this late stage of the war, there was plenty of spare shipping.

Did I mention that, like almost all British leaders of his time, Churchill was profoundly racist? When he was asked about those deaths, he replied, "It was their own fault. Those people breed like rabbits.":

This section is devoted to insanity. And it's an insanity that is really happening.

The British and most of their empires got away with their murder and pillage because they had superior weapons - and because there were no weapons on either side of the massive destruction such as we have today. So consider this.

Major American capitalists have wanted world dominance in the shape of an American empire that ruled the world since 1945 (at least). China and Russia then seemed within the U.S. grasp. It also had Canada and western Europe as obedient colonies to support it.

For a striking example of that, think back to Trump's speech at the UN when he threatened to invade Venezuela. The Irving press seemed to see nothing odd about that. But the fact is that It is illegal under international law as laid down by the UN for the U.S. to do any such thing. Venezuela has not attacked or threatened to attack the U.S.  But the UN delegates just sat there with their faces hanging out as he said that.

But world rule has evaded the U.S., particularly as China, Russia and India rose to challenge American economic dominance.  Soon, probably within 20 years, that challenge will too great to overcome. The U.S. is going to have to win dominance before that. But even now, that dominance can be achieved (if at all) only by world, nuclear war. And that will have to happen before it's too late for U.S. capitalists to benefit.

Note Trump's threat to North Korea - to obliterate it. Whether that were to be massive conventional bombing or nuclear bombing (and I suspect it means the latter), China could not possibly ignore such an attack. Nor could Russia. Then we have the U.S. assault on Russian troops in Syria.

Our leading capitalists are very, very greedy, and they aren't very bright.   (Most are, after all, the inheritors of their wealth. And so they have become the same sort of witless wonders that the British aristocracy have become.) To them, the future means nothing more than the next quarterly report. And they control our governments, and most of our news media.

And that speech was NOT just Trump speaking. He appears to have strong support in the U.S. for his stance.
And another strong indication of a U.S. in decline.  And it's one more thing that could push American capitalists to make their move to world dominance now - before it's too late. The white racists could be their last, great support for the final war.

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  1. What a horrible scenario! An American nuclear war with North Korea would hasten the demise of the US empire and only take about 5 hydrogen bombs to hit; Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Houston. Naturally, it would also end any further conflicts once and for all on the Korean peninsula but virtually end the American story, akin to a chicken running around headless, "post axe" The remaining US military would have a hell of a time getting resupplied from the mainland with clean "anything" from water to toilet paper. Imagine 50 million wealthy US refugees clamouring over the Mexican fence in various stages of completion and an additional 50 million coming our way thereby more than doubling Canada's population overnight. Let's count then.., each bomb would effectively vaporize about 20 million Americans, along with their homes, babies, SUV's, guns and confederate flags. That's 100 million right off the bat, another 100 million now on the move, travelling North and South. That leaves about 150 million uninsured survivors including the "deplorables" to perhaps stop shooting at each other and get along, but that's quite doubtful considering all that unused ammunition....This would make a great horror movie script under different less real world type circumstances. Who in their right mind would want to invade the post Korean war ISA Irradiated (Fukushima(ish)) States of America? The Iranians?, Nope, they'll have their hands otherwise occupied with remnants of the ISA and Israel. The Chinese? Doubtful, they'd more interested in securing Taiwan from the death grasp of the headless ISA and dealing with 5 million or so surviving Korean refugees. The Russians? Again doubtful, they'll be either asserting influence or rolling through Europe and the middle east reconfiguring new borders as required absent British or American imperialism. Who then will invade the US?...Surviving Americans that's who now that the owners of the DOW have moved to Canada and Mexico... and we'll finally have a NAFTA free trade agreement, but will have to change the acronym to include; refugees, fallout, bankers and white collar criminals, former American elite's, republicans and democrats, military and deep state refugees, homeland security and horror...generally.