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August 28: The worship of war.

First, a  third and final piece on what the wars of the last 150 years have been about.  Then excerpts from various news media.

The Nature of Warfare Since 1871
After World War 1, the new enemy for western business became the Soviet Union.  It wasn't really communism it feared. (The Soviet Union was not really communist, anyway). But it was feared that it's alternative to capitalism might gain popular support in the west. This fear became acute in the 1930s depression.
The response of German big business emerged in the form of Adolf Hitler and Nazism. (Consider. How did Hitler build support if he had no money? How was he able to campaign? How come the major newspapers were not more critical of him? How was he able to set up all the apparatus a political party needs?)

He was funded, of course.

He called  his party National Socialist. But it wasn't socialist, either. It was a capitalist party, and it was enthusiastically supported by big business in Germany----and by big business in other countries, notably in the U.S.   Until the U.S. declared war on Germany at the end of 1941, a hugely oversized portrait of Henry Ford  hung on the wall behind Hitler's desk.  Ford and Hitler had everything in common.

Ford supported capitalism. Ford hated government controls on business.  Ford hated Jews; he owned a newspaper - the Dearborn Intelligencer - that spewed his hatred of them.

But western business became nervous as German industry revived under Hitler, and as it became obvious he was looking for a much wider war. This was the  World War 1 German threat to western big business all over again. The breaking point came in September of 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, after making a deal with Russia for it to get the eastern half of Poland.

But the U.S. did not join the war until more than two years later. Why not?

Because the eyes of the U.S. were on, above all, China. With its huge market and cheap labour, China could be the pot of gold to the U.S. that it had long been to Britain. Its competition for that was Japan. That's why the U.S. had spent the years since 1919 in building a fleet specifically to beat Japan - particularly with its supply ships and aircraft carriers.

As well,  if Britain lost to Germany, then the U.S.  could also hope to pick up valuable British colonies in, for example, the Middle East, and French ones in, say, French Indo-China (Vietnam). So the U.S. watched Europe - and waited for its chance at Japan.  To shorten the wait, it cut off almost all oil supplies for Japan. The Japanese would have to respond - and when they did, the U.S. was ready.

Meanwhile, the Germans had invaded the Soviet Union. Suddenly, documentary films and newspaper stories appeared about what nice people the Soviets were, how courageous, how just like Americans...

When the war with Germany ended, the U.S. gave money to the European countries to rebuild. It not make such an offer to Britain. The intention was to keep Britain poor, and unable to hold onto its empire.

When the British closed in on the Japanese, the U.S. ordered them NOT to recapture Hong Kong. Churchill ignored it to recover a piece of its empire. But most of the rest would be lost soon after the war.

The U.S. would succeed in moving in on parts of the British Empire, notably on Iran after the war as a marvelous source of oil. The U.S. overthrew the democratically-elected government, and installed a dictator. But the Iranians fought back to overthrow the dictator. And that's when Iran became evil in American news media.

But the U.S. failed in its greatest ambition - the conquest of China. Mao beat them to it. That's why there was a Korean War. North Korea seemed an excellent base for the invasion of China. And that is still the  dream. The U.S. killed at least 30% of the North Korean population in that war, mostly by the heaviest bombing campaign in history. It is also the highest killing percentage I know of in any war.

American business after World War 2 immediately embarked on its greatest ambition. Conquest of the whole world. Thus the U.S. invasions of some 70 countries since  1945. This is the dream that was revived with the web site, Project for the New American Century.

Finally, a frightening note on the nature of warfare. Modern terror-bombing of civilians began in 1920 with Churchill's bombing of  Kurd  villages the Middle East. Hitler picked it up in the Spanish Civil war with the infamous bombing of Guernica. Canada, the U.S. and Britain adopted it in World War Two.

The U.S.  has used it intensively ever since. It's effective, and the folks back home like it  because the casualties for our side are low. That explains why the casuaties for a whole population in World wars one and two were in the range of 1 or 2 percent. That's why in North Korea, they were 30% or more. And if would have been far, far worse if President Truman had followed his plan to nuke the north.

Since then, the U.S. has provoked North Korea constantly with a large invasion army kept in South Korea, routine "war games' on its border, constant sea patrols just outside Korean waters, and even bomber flights over North Korea.

North Korea knows an American attack is coming. The U.S. has been looking for that war for over 50 years.  That's why North Korea developed a nuclear bomb. It knows that attacking anybody with it would bring annihilation by just a few of the 7,000 bombs the U.S. has.   Its only hope is that simply having  a bomb might to deter an attack.

Yes. Kim Jong un is an unpleasant character. But no more so than almost all U.S. presidents since 1945.
Here's a story about climate change that obviously isn't true. I mean, if there were really climate change going on, our oil barons would be first to lead the way in tackling the problem. Wouldn't they?

And, for climate change deniers, here's another story to read.

When will we figure out that, with these challemges, we cannot waste time and money on wars to make the rich richer?
This is a quite horrible story. Worse - our treatment of most of the world is still vile. Western companies routinely murder environmentalists and others when they are looting the resources of, say, Latin America.  (And they routinely rob us.)

Capitalism itself is not necessarily evil. But, oh, it can create  evil and greed on the part of the major capitalists. Like almost everything else, capitalism needs controls. It does not, as the irving press insists, necessarily produce wealth for all. Indeed, it more often feeds on poverty and slavery - and murder.

We face monster problems of climate change, robotization of the work force, loss of food supplies, refugees. But an uncontrolled capitalism has shown no sign of being interested in these. It would rather create more wars to satisfy the greed that can never be satisfied.

Capitalism, including the Canadian form, kills and impoverishes people all over the world.

Now, the weakening of controls on capitalism has reached a crisis. It has effectively destroyed democracy. That's why the crisis in the U.S. is not a crisis of Trump (however big an ass he may be.) The crisis is the rise of capitalism to absolute and uncontrolled power.

The U.S., since 1945, has invaded over  70 countries and killed millions - all to respond to the greed of its leading capitalists. The cruelty of these wars has been unmatched in history. The death toll of North Koreans in the Korean War was the highest, as a percentage of total population, of any history I  have read.

In the Second World War, which was terrible enough, 40,000 Canadians lost their lives. That was just over 1% of the whole, Canadian population. Britain's percentage of dead was only a little higher. In Korea, the U.S. killed over 30% of the whole population. A second Korean War would almost certainly be far worse.
The Iraq war was short. But it still killed about 7% of all the men, women and children in that country. And all so billionaires could make even more money out of oil

Think of that next time you're having coffee and socializing in the barn at the Irving Chapel.

I wonder how our churches have failed to notice the horror that we are inflicting on the world and, ultimately, on ourselves and our children.
And here's a story about a Canadian mining company in Guatemala. It's called Tahoe. And workers who complain get beaten and/or killed. In the 1970s, the CIA and the Guatemalan army worked together to murder 200,000 indiginous men, women and children - as well as many priests and nuns who supported the Maya people. That's when Raoul Leger of New Brunswick was murdered.
The irving press has still never mentioned this.

The Tahoe mining company has quite a record of violence and brutality. That's what happens when we allow capitalism, or any ism, to go uncontrolled. That lack of control, if it's allowed to go on, will destroy us.
Here's the same story - as carried by a paper for businessmen. Notice the difference in tone?
The next story tells us just how evil those Muslims are. Yes, it does.

That's just Muslims. So it doesn't count the millions killed in North Korea and Vietnam.
Here's a story that the irving press hasn't noticed.
The following site is stunning.

And almost all of those wars were fought in the interests of big business. Big business understands only profits. It does not exist to make us rich or to 'create jobs'. In fact, its record around the world is for creating poverty.

But it does control. And that could be tragic because I have seen no evidence that the leaders of big business are gifted with either morality or brains.
This article contains a powerful message. In the U.S., Naziis and evangelical Christians have a lot in common.

Makes one wonder at the damage Christians have done to Christianity.
The next one is to be taken very seriously, indeed. Transnational corporations DO rule the world.
The following is not surprising. Like most western news media, the irving press  has not carried this story. But then, the irving press seldom carries ANY storty. Its purpose is to keep New Brunswickers in a stupor.
And here's an unusual one.
This next one reminded me of today's irving press in which commentator Norbert Cunningham launched his routine attack of the New Brunswick government for going into debt. As always, he ignored the reason for the debt - the failure of so many wealthy to pay taxes, and their constant demand for more giifts from the rest of us. (There's also the story about the closing of a local home for the destitute because it ran out of funds. So of course we cannot afford to house the destitute. But we can afford to give irving a huge tax reduction in the millions for a property in St. John.)
It looks very much as though the U.S. is getting ready for an invasion of Venezuela to "restore democracy". And it looks as though it will be dragging in NATO. That very likely means that Canada will be asked to fight another American war.

Expect Trudeau to buy in..
Most people use words like capitalism, communism, socialism, and use them with great sincerity one way or the other  - though most have no idea what they mean.

I don't think communism can work. That doesn't mean it's necessarily evil. I think it's just too idealistic. That's why no country, not even the Soviet Union, has ever been communist.  Capitalism can work. Socialism can work. A mix of the two can work. What cannot work is a rabid hound tearing loose. But a rapid hound tearing loose is what we have.

And we have very little time to get the beast under control.

Christian churches - do you seriously believe that indiscriminate mass murder and the creation of poverty and deliberate starvation all over the world is what Jesus was talking about? Do you seriously believe that we are good and the rest of the world is evil?

If not, what the hell are you clergy doing standing around with your faces hanging out while every principle of your faith is being destroyed?

Yeah. I've seen you demonstrate against birth control. How courageous!

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