Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 2: insanity

A new record for the irving press on July 31. All the news of Canada&World is just 4 pages. The lead story, the most important thing in the world to the people of Moncton, is that NB Liquor has not produced as much revenue as the government hoped.

Then there's another big story on the front page. An island off Toronto has been reopened after repairs. Wow!

And, hold your breath, the airport at Federicton has violated food safety. And there's' more. A man's ashes will remain buried in a nearby graveyard. (In case you''ve been wondering.) And a house burned down in New Brunswick.

Most of the last page is taken up by two stories. Prime Minister Trudeau thanks crews for putting out fires in  BC. And the ex-premier of BC is quitting politics. (Well, that changes my plans for the day.)

Oh, and police in Little Rock, Arkansas are concerned about a rising murder rate.

But the paper is a success in educating New Brunswickers in what our masters want them to think. A letter to the editor is furious at the provincial government for having a deficit. That's what   happens when you have commentators like Norbert Cunningham who don't tell us that we're short of money because the wealthy of this province pay little, if any, taxes.

The Liberal party of New Brunswick is not an inspired gang. It has, so far as I know, no principles apart from kissing up to the very wealthy. But the deficit is not caused by government spending. It's caused by big business skipping out with our money.
The Canada&World section does have a lead that is important - though perhaps not in the way the paper presents it. "North Korea missile test puts part of New Brunswick within its range."

I guess people all over the world are thinking, "They could reach the New Brunswick border? Wow!"

It was obvious back in 1945 that the world had to get rid of nuclear weapons.  It's now been 72 years. Nuclear bombs are far, far more powerful now. The UN has repeatedly called for nuclear disarmament. But the major nuclear powers (and, now, some minor ones) have never lifted a finger.

Is the North Korean nuclear bomb a threat to the world? Not likely. North Koreans are shown in our news media to be a nation of flakes. But they aren't suicidal. They know that firing even one missile at anybody would result in the total destruction of North Korea. And it would take just one of the modern missiles to do that.

North Koreans aren't stupid. Their country is under constant threat from the U.S. Their nuclear power will always be relatively tiny. It will never be a first strike weapon. The only people in the 'first strike' league are the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese.

What the U.S. needs to do, what it has needed to do since the Korean war, is to talk to North Korea - as the South Koreans are wisely doing.

Instead, it is threatening. A very possible result of this is a massive U.S. attack on North Korea, one that China could not possibly ignore - and then the end would begin - for all of  us.

Oh, yes. The U.S. has  anti-missile missiles to shoot them down....maybe.  How effective they will be is not known. They are horribly expensive. And our governments have been shy about discussing the effects of thousands of nuclear missiles exploding after defensive missile hits to rain nuclear pollution on the place beneath.

Canada is being asked, again, to station anti-nuclear missiles on its soil - as the US has done on its soil. Chretien and Harper both turned that down. Quite apart from the damage they would do to us, they would tie Canada to American policy even more than it is now. And that would be our final step from nation to colony.
From 1945 until today, U.S. policy has been to rule the world. And to rule it for the benefit of big business. That's what the many American wars since then have been about. That's why millions have been killed. That why millions in Yemen are being deliberately starved to death. That's why 80 million people are refugees from American wars. That's why the middle east is in chaos.

Let's forget the dreadfully immoral nature of what is going on. Let's face the reality that the U.S. cannot do it.

Fight a conventional war against China and Russia? Forget it. The most expensive armed forces in the world haven't been able to defeat rebels in Afghanistan. In fact, their only victory in the last 72 years has been over the island of Barbados. And the American people don't want war. That's why the American army has to rely on hired mercenaries.

We live in a world that has enormous problems facing it in the very near future. Destroying ourselves is not a good way to deal with those problems. Nor is tagging along with American actions.
The following news item might show the U.S. as being more conciliatory. It's not.

The UN, at its founding, had as its major purpose to establish a higher control over nation states in order to prevent war. And the major states refused to accept that.
Canada makes world news! I'm so proud. Canada, which was not supposed to  sell weapons to Saudi Arabia because of its record of  human rights violations, and which sold it armoured cars, anyway. And the Saudis used them as we should have expected.

Hey, selling armoured cars to Saudi Arabia created jobs. Right Norbert?
Things are seldom what they seem.

I will not pretend I understand the confusion in Venezuela. For some time, US governments have detested Venezuela because it government placed control on oil companies in order to ensure that some of the money reached the Venezuelan people.  But the drop in oil prices has seriously hurt Venezuela And that has led to very serious rioting and disorder.

Has the US been organizing the disorder to create a revolution? I don't know.
But be careful in anything you read about this in our news media.
Here's a word in favour of Trump. He's not a good guy. But he may not be as evil as his opponents are.

So what happens next? Well, possibly Trump will give up on having a policy and, like other presidents, do what the major corporations tell him to do.
Powerful countries use their power to make the wealthiest even wealthier, while driving the rest of us down. I don't know of an empire that hasn't done that. For centuries overseas slavery and murder made the British wealthy very wealthy, indeed. But the British people got nothing for it.  (And you don't have to be an empire. Canada does it, too.)

And, as a result, most empires have destroyed themselves.
Read this one, with special attention to the last two paragraphs. Those will help you to understand the irving press - and almost all commercial news media.

It'll give you something to talk about during coffee and socializing in the barn at the Irving Chapel.
And this is right on.
Russia and the U.S. election. This is a far better source on that than our news media have been.
This is a site I had some problems with. the article below has some important truths. It also has some bigotry, and it leans  heavily on statistics that may (or may not) mean anything a all. But the part on the U.S. national debt is staggering.

The is one of the greatest problems or our time. But it's largely being ignored A major part of the  problem in the U.S. and in Canada is the ability of the very wealthy to escape taxes. That not only puts a crushing load on the rest of us; it also leads to one hell of a crash.
Again, here's a Venezuela story that seems credible. But I'd like to know more. The U.S. is certainly making noises about intervening in Venezuela. In fact, the American press  has been denouncing the government of Venezuela ever since it placed controls on big oil. The U.S. has a long, long history of interfering with South American countries, killing on a wide scale.... and setting up democracies? Never, never, never.

However, I'd still like to know more about this. But I'm not likely to find it in our commercial news media.
Israel has created a hell for itself by its brutal treatment of Palestinians, it's list of killings of them, it's use of Palestine as a giant prison, and it's massive theft of Palestinian land. This is not what Israel was supposed to be about. This is not what Judaism is about.

Over seventy years later, the hatred created by Hitler lives on. And the one commercial news medium to say so is, of course, Harretz.
And, unlike our press, Harretz tells both sides of the story.

What to watch for in the near future? Well, watch for a European Union that makes itself into a single state in order to separate itself from the U.S. Britain probably won't join that union because, like Canada, it has accepted becoming the American poodle.


  1. TO is bizarre; they have islands that need 2 be repaired??? Bizarre.

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