Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5: Should North Korea have nuclear weapons?

No. Nor should anybody else. To get all mad at North Korea is silly when the far greater dangers are the U.S., China, and Russia. (And the U.S. would never use such weapons? It is the only country in the world that ever  has.

I shall be away about a week seeing relatives - so this blog will be a little different. The first half will be about something that annoys  ( infuriates) me. So skip it if you don't like fury.

This began with a poll that recently appeared in my local paper. It said that something like 97% of all Canadians see religion a a major concern. American polls show similar results..

What the bloody hell!

Those nice people in Saudi Arabia are deliberately starving millions of the poorest people in the middle east to death.l  And, yes, all people - men, women, the elderly, babies.... Thousands have already died. The God-fearing U.S. air force is helping out by cluster bombing the same people. That nice Mr. Trudeau has helped out by  (illegally) selling armoured cars to machine gun the starving.
The U.S. has the biggest defence budget in history. Well, yes. It has to defend itself. After all,  the innocent US has to protect itself because in all its history, it's been attacked----wait for it ------twice. The first attack was by British troops who hit Washington - because the U.S. had invaded Canada.

For a nation that hardly anybody has ever attacked,  the U.S. has fought uncountable wars, more than 70 just since World War 2. It began with the mass slaughter of its own, native peoples, Then  it invaded Canada (and helped out in a second invasion of Canada by Irish Americans), killed at least hundreds of thousands in Latin America - Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Haiti, Cuba, Chile....(Can you imagine the horror for those poor Americans having to defend themselves against Cuba and Haiti?) Then there was the mass murder and torture in conquering The Philippines.

Ever wonder why it took the U.S. so long to enter World War 1? It's because they didn't give a damn what happened to Britain and France.  In fact, American business prayed to their American God to defeat Britain and France. Then they could scoop up the British and French colonies and murder and loot them just as the British and French had.  But when it began to look as though the British and French would win World War One, the U.S. joined them  so it could get a share in the spoils.

World War Two went much the same route. The U.S. didn't join that one for over two years. It wanted France and Britain to lose so it could take China and the middle east.

Ever wonder why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour? It was because they knew the U.S. was planning to attack them.  (No. It wasn't just because Japanese were sneaky. They wanted China, too. and they knew they knew the U.S. would attack Japan so it could get China, and it would have to seriously weaken the U.S. navy to survive such a war.)

World War Two turned out well for the U.S. because this time it was able to grab much of the British oil industry in the middle east. But it missed the big prize, China, when Britain refused an American order to let an American puppet take it.
Otherwise, the U.S. became the murdering and looting power that Britain and other western Christians had been for centuries.

American Christians have been murdering all over the world ever since 1945. Onward Christian soldiers? Like hell.  Our churches must have a version of The Bible that I've never seen, a version that says murder is good, stealing is good, and all other religions aren't like Christianity because they're evil.

European Christianity. too, is quite a model to follow. Britain killed millions by starvation in India. The British had good stocks or food for them. But it refused to feed them. When Churchill was asked about it, he said it was their own fault because they were breeding like rabbits.

Since 1945, the U.S. has been consumed by a desire to rule the world.   (After all, those other people aren't nice like us western Christians are. No.) The real ambition of course, is to loot the whole world to meet the unsatisfiable ambitions of a small number of stunningly greedy people.)

But you'd never know that from following our news media, (most of which are owned by the stunningly greedy.) And the Canadian ones, like pet dogs,trot along behind the American ones, sniffing their masters' rear ends in obeisance.
The reality is we are at least as evil as any humans who have ever existed. And our evil is coming very close to destroying - us.

Soon on Nov. 11, we will remember those who died to, so we were told, make this a better world. But the whole world today looks like a giant Nazi Germany. This is not what our soldiers, sailors and airmen died for. We owe them more than thanks.  We owe a monster apology for how we have betrayed all that we said they died for.

Sorry that was long. It gets frustrating to try to get this message through. We dreadfully abuse other nations. We dreadfully abuse our own people. We dreadfully abuse ourselves. There's no need to look for evil. it's us.

If we are going to survive, we cannot go on fighting these wars. We have enormous problems facing us - climate change, massive food shortages, lack of any leadership in ending wars before they end us.

Evil is not just on the other side. Sometimes (often) it's also on our side.
Seymour Hersh  has had a brilliant career as a journalist who tells the truth. That's why many, major media don't carry his stories.
This is further to the Seymour Hersh article above. It tells us something when North American news media refuse to publish work by one of the most intelligent and honest journalists of our time.
To call the war in Yemen U.S. backed, is putting it gently. The U.S. is a full partner in this brutal war against Yemen. It supplies the Saudi invasion. It bombs heavily. it is deliberately cutting off all food to millions of people.   The language in this article shows bias. But the bias has truth on its side.
Yes, when North Korea fires a nuclear missile, it sets up a dangerous situation for the whole world. Nuclear missiles do that. There is no safe way of having them. Our news media will be wild over nuclear tests by North Korea. But they're much more relaxed over the far bigger stockpiles of the U.S., Britain,France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Israel. Every one of those has made this world a more dangerous place. And, in over 70 years, we have only made the situation worse.

There are very severe limits to what a North Korean missile programme could achieve. All those other countries are far, far more dangerous. But we just give a big yawn at danger.

Some day, all those weapons will go off. And a North Korean rocket would be a very minor player, indeed. Ignoring almost all those stockpiles of weapons while cracking down on North Korea will have no effect whatever.

So long as this world  has nuclear weapons, it is certain that someone will fire them. And when that happens it's over for all of us. The nuclear problem is not  North Korean one. It's an American, British, French, Chinese, Russian, Pakistan, India, Israel problem. To treat it in any other way will satisfy this world's village idiots. But it will do nothing whatever to reduce the danger.

It would make far, far more sense to get all the nuclear nations together to disarm. The alternative? The only alternative is mutual destruction.
The Canadian constitution says that Canada cannot go to war unless parliament votes for it. It does not say we can go to war without such a vote if we promise not to take a combat role or if we only shoot people who are 350 metres away.
And, in purely practical terms, the defeat of ISIS in Iraq is a)none of our business b) essential only for U.S. oil billionaires and c) will have minimal impact on the divides we have created in the Muslim world.

But, minimally, if are to go to war even in just a supporting role parliament  has to vote for it.
Is there such a thing as the Canadian empire? You bet. It has been on had for the best part of a century to help Canadian billionaires deal with troublesome workers in the factories and mines that Canadians own all over the world. And we're stepping up our spending on our empire.

That's what our increased defence budget is all about - as well as being a hand-out for the valiant leaders of our defence industries. The Dr. Savoies of this world tell us we have to cut down on government spending for, say, education, health.........  Damn right. We need that money for important things like propping up dictatorships that are kind to Canadian business.
The item below might seem trivial. But it's a good sample of the way big business acts toward any form of life - including us.  All that counts is profit.  Of course, it will sell off tigers it promised to protect. What else could we expect? Business murdered 200,000 people in Guatemala. It murdered a million and a half in Iraq. It is starving millions to death in Yemen.  Do you really think that you would be an exception?
Steven Harper was vile and contemptible. Trudeau is proving to be even worse.
Israelis have a right to abuse and murder arabs and to steal their land. After all, Hitler killed Jews.

Love Haaretz - still think it's the best newspaper in the world.
And now, I'm off for a week to the polluted waters of our north shore.


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