Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 27: this time, it's a mad, mad, mad, mad me.

Today (July 26) there was an infuriating letter in Letters to the Editor for the Moncton Times and Transcript. It was especially irritating because it reflects the views of over 75% of the Canadian population.

It attacked the Canadian Supreme Court for awarding 10 million dollars in damages to Omar Khadr. It's a vicious letter written in ignorance of Canadian law, international law, and in ignorance of the principle we told our veterans they were fighting for in World War 2. (Remember that when some twit of a politician says on Nov. 11 that we remember their sacrifice and the principles they fought for.)

We don't. We never have.

1. Omar Khadr, whatever you think of him, was a Canadian citizen. Canada is a free country. He's allowed to have whatever politics he has.

2. He was legally in Afghanistan.

3. The U.S. military was NOT legally in Pakistan. a. There is no evidence that Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11. Indeed, all the signs are that our good friends in Saudi Arabia were behind it.   In any case, the American invasion had nothing to do with 9/11. The decision to attack Afghanistan was made some four years BEFORE 9/11. (Check Project for the New American Century.) The early plan to attack Afghanistan was no secret - except, perhaps, to the ace commentators of the irving press.

Afghanistan was no possible threat to the U.S. That means the invasion was illegal under international law. Also remember this on Nov. 11 - The US did not seek UN approval. In fact, it ignored the UN as it has in most of its invasions. Think of that when you remember what our veterans died for.

The official figure for Afghan civilians killed in the illegal American invasion is about 30,000. The reality is almost certainly over a hundred thousand.

So there was Khadr, like him or not, who was legally in the country with a building full of people who were attacked and murdered by U.S. troops. (Yes. Murdered. That's what it's called in an illegal war.) Khadr, badly wounded (and only fifteen years old) was captured.

Did he kill an American? I don't' know. The US made him confess to it, but only by extended torture. (Also illegal.) He was also (illegally) imprisoned for years. I don't know whether he killed anybody. But what would you do if you were illegally attacked by U.S. soldiers as everybody around you was killed?
Stand up and sing God Bless America?

And he was kept in prison for years after though he was never found guilty of anything. (Torture doesn't count in a democratic legal system.)

The Canadian government knew all about this from the start. It had a legal obligation to protect a Canadian citizen. And it didn't lift a finger for years.  That's why a court in a democratic Canada ruled in favour of Khadr. And democracy, by the way, is one of those little things our veterans fought for.

Instead, a majority of Canadians are reacting to the illegal American mass murders in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen as cheerleaders. Incidentally, all those wars were fought without UN approval. On Nov. 11, remember that. A UN to prevent war is one of the things our veterans fought for. But instead of standing up for what they fought for, most Canadians are wagging their little tails like the colonial poodles they  have become.

And there is going to be one hell of a price for that. The British still kiss up to a U.S. that deliberately impoverished Britain after World War 2.  But the rest of Europe is getting restless. The U.S. has effectively destroyed the UN. It sees itself not as a leader of the world, but as the ruler of the world.

And it can't do it. For a start, the U.S, for all its wealth,  has only 4% of the world's population. And the American people don't want these wars. That's why the U.S. army relies on mercenaries (hired killers). In any case, any world war this time would almost certainly go nuclear.

If you want to remember our war dead of 1945, do it by demanding that our government preserve what those soldiers, sailors and airmen were told they were fighting for.

A footnote to this is the American approved and assisted mass murder of 200,000 Maya people by the Guatemala army. When the Catholic Church in Guatemala tried to defend the Maya people, priests, nuns and  missionaries were murdered, too.

One of those killed was a lay missionary from New Brunswick. The Canadian government knew all about it; but it made no attempt to protest on the behalf of a murdered Canadian citizen. The news media of North America never mentioned that mass murder. (with the exception of a brief reference in the New York Times almost 30 years later.)

To this day, the irving press has never had the integrity to tell us about that lay missionary, not even when his body came back to New Brunswick for burial.
And why were all those people murdered? It was because they were becoming angry at the brutal treatment and the environmental damage they were suffering at the hands of Canadian and American mining companies.

But why bother with a murdered missionary where the Irving Chapel is just down the street with coffee and fellowship in the barn, the best preacher money can rent, and "special music".  (After all, that's what Christianity is about.)
But we probably won't change our thinking. Us humans are like that. We think in pure emotion, in prejudice, in bigotry. We all do.  In 2,000 years,  the message of Christ has never been able to get past our prejudice and bigotry. (And our churches have rarely tried very hard to get it past those.)

When we think of bigotry, prejudice, greed, mass murder, illegal aggression, the use of armies to help the wealthy loot the world, we automatically think of Hitler. Loosen up. Most of us are like that. Thus the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the Dutch Empire, the French Empire - and the American Empire. They were all Nazi. And yes, they all carried the stain of Nazi racism.l

Yes, I quite  understand that the rulers of China and Russia are very similar in that respect. That's why we cannot afford to go on allowing  the destruction of the UN and of the principles that so many Canadians died for.
A footnote. Today's Moncton Times and Transcript has one of its ass-kissing editorials. It tells us we must not tighten taxes on the rich because they create wealth for all of us.

What an ignorant and servile statement!

Throughout history the rich have created wealthy for themselves  by impoverishing the rest of us. We had a break after World War 2, but it lasted less than a generation. Since then the wealthy have reverted to the old game of avoiding taxes, and paying salaries as low as possible. And the result is there has been a rapid drift of all wealth into the pockets of the rich. Even an irving press editor should have enough brains to check the figures on that. We're watching it now as Sears get ready to dump employees into the streets while, at the same time, giving lavish bonuses to senior executives who drove the company into bankruptcy.
And the rich pay "huge land taxes"??? Did the editor miss the recent story that our provincial government has recently agreed to allow the irvings to skip millions in land taxes?

The wealthy do NOT create wealth for us. They never have in all of human history. WE create the wealth. They suck it up. That's why our schools and hospitals don't have enough money.   That's why a university education is such a crashing expense.

Gee! I wonder who pays the salary for that editorial writer. And who pays for the Liberal and Conervative governments who make that possible?
Hypocrisy in action. The man who blows up babies in Syria and starves them to death in Yemen takes a stand against birth control and abortion. (So it's okay if you kill them after they're born.)
And here's some good reading for the editorial writer of the Moncton Times and Transcript.
Britain is sending its newest aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to counter Chinese claims to sovereignty over those waters. Sounds reasonable?

Would it sound reasonable for China to send a fleet contesting the right of the U.S. to claim Hawaii? Would it sound reasonable for China and Russia to send fleets to Venezuela to prevent American interference in that country's turmoil?
And if China is in the wrong, is it reasonable to use warships to deal with it? Considering the possibilities of warlike actions going out of control and and even causing nuclear war?

Isn't this the sort of thing the UN was intended to deal with?

And why is Britain taking the lead? (Because the U.S. told it to. and Britain, the country whose empire was effectively destroyed by the U.S., and which now survives as a colony of the American Empire.)
I don't disagree with the item below. But it seems to  fall way short of a mark that Canada implied when it at last apologized for its treatment of native peoples. We were going to do something about the years of abuse and neglect of native peoples. Okay. We got  the message.

So where is the plan?
Not far from where I'm writing this, eight, gigantic Right Whales have been found, dead, this year. It is quite possible that another species is about to become extinct. And we shall all pay a price for that.
The rich will make all of you rich says the Moncton Times Transcript. That's a crock says the article below.
Gee! Here's a story that even the irving press missed.
Now, here's a story about chemical poisons, especially those affecting our forests. The government of New Brunswick, though, has already settled the problem in this province by firing the health officer who raised these issues.

This province is almost unbelievably corrupt (and timid).
I have rarely seen a news commentary as honest as this one.
While we are working full time at killing each other and finding new ways for the wealthy to rip off everybody else, there are really some bigger problems that we should be dealing with.
It's been known for a long, long time that the Syrian rebellion against the government of Assad was created by the U.S. - just as its been known that the "news" agency often quoted by our press for reports on Syria is a creation of the 'rebels'. None of this has made our news, but the information has long been available. And so hundreds of thousands have been murdered, and millions made refugees.

Think a bit about it. Who stood to gain from the war in Syria? And in Libya? And in Iraq? Big oil. That's who. Who stood to gain by murdering 200,000 Maya? Big mining.

I don't suggest that the super-wealthy are evil. (I leave the name-calling and bigotry to them.) But it is surely obvious that we cannot survive if we continue to permit the power of big money to control our governments and almost all of our news services.
I was going to criticize this one at first. But it convinced me. I don't agree that the wealthy are born deranged. But they do become so. And I'm afraid that mechanism is built into all of us - that sense of privilege, of superiority....  And it's triggered by being born into wealth and power. That explains the behaviour of the many, many arrogant twits who ruled the European empires and who now rule the American empire.
Here, I enter a whole copy of a newspaper because it gives a sense of the chaos in the U.S.

Yes, Trump is a disaster. But there has been no presidential choice for decades who was NOT a disaster. The problem is not one man. The problem is a nation that is so brainwashed that it has almost no sense of alternative choices.

(New Brunswick has been governed by it's own boring Trumps since Louis Robichaud stepped down.)
Another story that never made the irving press.
The U.S. has, for over fifty years, been deliberately impoverishing Cuba as punishment for kicking out the murderous dictator the U.S. had given it.
Despite that, Cubans still have things that Americans cannot afford - like health care for all, and free education to the end of university.

Gee! It makes me wonder about that editorial about how the wealthy make us all rich.
And it looks as though the U.S. has lost another war.
Watch for three major problems that are shaping up in Israel.

1. Israel has been carrying out a military occuption of Palestine for over 50 years. It  has used that occupation to impoverish Palestine. It has also used it to kick Palestinians off their own land, and annexing it to Israel.

2. The U.S. has poured money into Israel (because it needs Israel for a foothold in the region.) It has given nothing to Palestine (the people whose land that west happily confiscated to create Israel.)

3. As a result, the Palestine is in a severe economic recession. And violence is the only option that has been left open to the Palestinians.

I can't think of a better way for the U.S. to produce more recruits for ISIS.


  1. "But we probably won't change our thinking. Us humans are like that. We think in pure emotion, in prejudice, in bigotry. We all do. In 2,000 years, the message of Christ has never been able to get past our prejudice and bigotry."

    I used to be a liberal-progressive. Until one day I discovered the movement stood for nothing. Just a bunch of cuckolds, cowards and smug, self-righteous ignoramuses screaming "racist" at their political enemies – this while looking the other way on a banality of outrageous bribe-taking corruption among politicians, journalists and economists – getting a percentage for facilitating establishment leeching, gouging and looting.

    So I just couldn't stand it any longer. I had to become a conservative. (Why not see how the other half lives, when there is little life on this side of the fence?)

    In the transition – which was a big shock to my system – I realized how filled with prejudice and bigotry I was against conservatives. Now I embrace omnism – which I simply define as looking for the good in every belief system (political, religious, whatever.)

    I have a hypothesis why people only have a choice between: a) hatred, intolerance, bigotry, violence and corruption against their perceived enemies; and b) hatred, intolerance, bigotry, violence and corruption against their perceived enemies. It's simply because we are barbarians by nature; it's hardcoded in our junk DNA.

    (We believe at some point we made the transition. Of course, there is no period in history one could point to where this transition actually occurred. One could say we went post-modern during the Friedmanian era kicked off by Reagan. But Anglo-Saxon Deep State geopolitical corruption during the New Deal era shows we only pretended real democracy and civilization. [And Western cuck nations like Canada that kept their mouths shut: somehow I despise cowards more than bullies.] We have always existed in the pre-truth era. We have always been animals.)

    This is true of all northern races across the globe. (Africans lived as peaceful democratic egalitarians for 200,000 years – before barbarian animals invaded their land on captured technology and carried them away in chains.)

    We came into existence around 60,000 years ago when the alphas figured out they could terrorize people into accepting hierarchal tyranny with human sacrifice and cannibalism. (Which we only parted with 5,000 years ago in the Old World.) This to prevent the people from reverting back to African egalitarianism they had practiced for over a hundred thousand years previously.

    So is it really any surprise what we call "civilization" is actually a 10,000 year war that can only conclude in a Great Final War that destroys everything? What the Christian bible calls, 'Armageddon.' What we call 'WW3.' (Three strikes and your outta there! Out with a lot of big bangs and whimpering over existential horrors.)

    That's really what the Christian bible says: people are born evil sinners (i.e., violent, corrupt barbarians) and that one day we will somehow tap into 'mystical' powers that will destroy us. (They couldn't have known it would be math, science and technology captured by sociopathic upper-crust barbarian animals that would do us in.)

  2. The most absurd thing about all of this – whatever in hell's creation this thing is – is that all we need is open, accountable democratic government to put all this evil to a stop. But no one has any goddamn sense. The cattle have been conditioned by establishment looters to be brainless cattle. When the liberal/conservative establishment says "Jump", the people are bred to respond: "How hysterically?"

    So the establishment has really done it this time. (The Void is licking its chops waiting for these 'Masters of the Universe' to come Its way.) In their unbounded ambition and greed they tore down all the barriers that could stop them – the people being the final one. Now they are super predators.

    What is a super predator? They don't exist. I.e., as soon as they turn super predators they wipe out their prey and destroy themselves.

    With these lowlifes in high places, in an industrialized society, they destroy the world by looting the economy to the point of collapse. They are leeches on corporate culture who evolve into lampreys tearing away at the Body Economic eventually hitting the sweet organ meat. (Economic collapse is a common precursor to the collapse of civilizations.)

    Welcome to the Machine.

    -Bernie Orbust