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July 12: One runs out of titles....

Today's front page story for Irving press was a about a woman from Britain who just flew all the way to Moncton so she could see her favourite band. Ther rest of section 1 goes down from there.

In world news, a big story is that police in Indiana have released a sketch of a suspect in the killing of 2 girls in that state. And Mrs. Trudeau gave a speech urging girls to have confidence. The news YOU need to know. And, apparently,  there are  no wars in the world, nobody starving, and no refugees.

This is a newspaper designed to create a population of the living dead.
But let's take a look at what Canadians have been fighting for. We'll start with Korea. Why did the U.S. want a war with Korea. Was it because the North was a cruel and aggessive dictatorship? No, thatt wouldn't make sense because the South was a cruel and aggressive                                                                                                                                                                                             dictatorship, too. ( And the south remained a cruel dictatorship for many years after that war. The U.S. also cooperated in the murder of the elected president of Viietnam, and helped to establish a military dictatorship. How come our news media never mentioned any of this?)

Canadians died in Korea for reasons that had nothing to do with democracy.     (And, for The Canadian Legion, I am not criticizing those who died. They went because they had been pumped full of silly propaganda about how they were fighting for country.)

The Canadian Legion, if it really respected our veterans and those who died should be criticizing those who sent Canadians to fight an American war. The Legion should be defending the veterans. But, almost invariably, it defends the people who abused the veterans.

The U.S fought the Korean War because it wanted a foothold suited to being a staging point for a war on China. And it lost.

And Canadians fought because....we had become a colony to fight American wars as we had once been a colony to fight British wars.

On Nov. 11, we must remember those who died in Korea because of our careless entry into that war. And we must apologize to them and to those who died in two world wars because fighting American wars was not the future they had fought for.

Now let's take a look at Afghanistan and Iraq. Were they a threat to Canada? Were they a threat to the U.S.? Iraq obviously was not. President Bush lied when he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And he knew he was lying. (Does anybody even know what that vague (weapon of mass destruction  term means? Just about every army in the world has weapons of mass destruction. A machine-gun is a weapon of mass destruction.) A lie.  And that lie was used to murder one and a half million people.

And why did the U.S. invade Afghanistan? Because of the attack on the world trade centre?  Well, actually it  had nothing to do with that. And there is no evidence that Afghanistan had anything to do with it. And here's the interesting thing about those two wars.

They were planned as early as 1998, three years BEFORE the attack on the world trade centre.   (Gee. You'ld think the irving papers would know all about that.)

They were planned by a group of very far right wing Republicans (including George Bush's brother) who wanted world conquest. Almost all of them would end up dominating George Bush's cabinet. All that was needed was an excuse. And 9/11 was a gift from Heaven so far as the plotters were concerned.

The called themselves Project for the New American Century. You can find lots about them on the web, most of it from excellent sources.   (I guess they don't have computers at the irving offices.)    

The New American Century was the beginning of, so far, almost twenty years of attempted world conquest, mass murder and mass starvation. It has brought us to the edge of world war. It has killed millions as it extended to Syria, Libya - and provocation along Russian and Chinese borders. It has also, as foreign policy, proved a disaster.

In short, according to the international law our veterans were told they have been fighting for, the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen are illegal. None of those was a threat to Canada or the U.S. This was a power play by the greedy and blatantly immoral. And Canadians bought into it. That's why Canadians have killed in Afghanistan and Libya, and are now playing roles Iraq and Syria and Latvia.

We told our young people they were risking their lives "to fight for their country".  That's the trouble with propaganda slogans.

You think it's automatically good to fight for one's country? So on Nov. 11, you'll pay honour to the Naziis and the Japanese, too? And to the people who ran the death camps? And you'll honour Hitler for his leadership and patriotism?
(Incidentally, I wonder why, on Nov. 11, we don't honour those Hurons and Iroquois and Cree and Metis who fought to defend their country and their lands from our European ancestors.  That's a serious suggestion. In fact, they, the French at Quebec, and the Canadians of 1812 are the only ones who have actually defended Canada from attack. )  

We should certainly remember our veterans on Nov. 11. In particular, we should remember that we told them they were fighting for a better world. Becoming a puppet for the American empire has nothing to do with a better world. We have abandoned what we said they fought for. And the first organization that should recognize that is the Canadian Legion.

We have now, by the way, created refugees by the tens of millions all over the world. Europe dumps them in the vile sinkholes it calls 'camps'. Canada accepts a small number. The U.S. accepts very, very few of those people whose lives have been destroyed the greed of the American wealthy.

We are already starving millions to death in Africa and the middle east. I  wonder what it will be like there as climate change takes  hold, agriculture in the region is destroyed. We will soon be talking of hundreds of millions of refugees.
Heard of any big business leaders who are taking action on this?
The death of a political prisoner in China is a reminder that China is not the success story and model that some people think it. The communist state it claimed to be never was. And it has never even tried to be a democracy.
Western big business just loves it, though. And a large part of the Chinese economy is based on western businesses which have transferred their operations to China. Hey, with workers available at a dollar a day and less, China is even better than Guatemala.
Universities often have professors who spend their careers kissing up to the very, very wealthy. And there are university presidents who help them because it can bring grants to the university.

There may not be a solution to this problem. Americans are so heavily propagandized from birth about their destiny to rule the world, and an imagined partnership between capitalism and freedom that they don't really any idea of what an alternative should be.
It's riding for a heavy fall. And, possibly, a very violent one.
Our news media haven't told us much about the American siege of Mosul. Or about its use of 'weapons of mass destruction'. Wasn't that the evil act that the U.S. claimed to attack Iraq for back in the Bush days?
The U.S. has by far the largest military budget in the world.It's part of an old game. The 'defence' industry have been buying American politicians since 1945. That hasn't done much for the success of the U.S. in wars. But, oh, it's great for profits by the defence industry, and payoffs for politicians. And that's why Canada is being pushed onto the defence spending wagon. Trump wants it for Canada to spend on the American defence industry - and with some for the Canadian defence industry. It costs a lot to conquer the world, and to keep it conquered.

But that's no problem for the very wealthy. Most of them don't pay taxes.
This should come as no suprise. Hillary Clinton was on the take, too.

note: I am available for speeches at a special discount - just $300,000. (autographs extra)
There have been lots of apologies to our native peoples for harm done to them over the last five centuries - the murder,  the starvation, the theft of land. But, after the apologies, we still haven't defined any way to make up for that.
The reality is that we destroyed the world they lived in, and we stole their land. There is no easy cure for that -  but we  haven't even begun to realize there is no easy cure.

And it seems most unlikely that Trudeau will do much of anything.
Canadians should not get smug about this next story. It's happening in Canada, too. We are watching the greatest plundering and greed in history. (But don't expect the irving press to notice it.)
We all know that those evil Germans caused both world wars. But the truth is that they certainly did not cause World War 1. I think the following story rather oversimplifies the case. I certainly think it's wrong in claiming that historians have lied about this. I am an historian - and I have read historical work that would support this article.  In broad terms, there's not much doubt that Germany's industrialization of the years leading up to 1914 was offensive to capitalists in Britain, France, and Belgium. And offending capitalists has long been a motive for war.

Now I wait for the book on why the U.S. waited until 1917 to join the war.
For change of pace, here's an item from a right-wing  medium.

Of course. American soldiers illegally attacked Afghanistan. They attacked a building Omar Khadr was in, killing every body but Khadr - but severely wounding him.

It was okay for Americans to illegally attack Afghanistan and to mass murder people  because, as we know, God blesses America. But Omar Khadr had the nerve (maybe - we don't know this) to shoot back!!! And shooting Americans is like shooting God.

The U.S. has been fighting ISIS (and often supplying with with money and weapons) for almost twenty years. Bombing Muslims may seem attractive to Americans because it doesn't create many U.S. casualties.  (The folks back home don't what to hear about casualties. That was the lesson of Vietnam.) But ISIS exists and attracts support BECAUSE of mass killing by the U.S. The U.S. is the chief recruiter for ISIS.

Of course, it's okay if the dead are shot by American police whose total kill for 2017 is 671, perhaps heading for a new record.

Here's the story about the most recent killing by American police. Obviously, this was a dangerous and vicious woman.
Haaretz remains one of the very few papers which are willing to print article critical of their financial/political  overlords.  

The ambition of president Netanyahu has been to impose a 'group-think' on Israel. To some degree,  he's been successful. But I've long known and admired an openess to flexible thinking in Judaism. I suspect it's built into the Judaic tradition.
Netanyahu is a dangerous man. It's been obvious for a long time he has wanted to destroy Palestine, and make it a part of Israel. He has already occupied a large part of Palestinian territory. And he's looking at other targets - Syria, Iran, Lebanon. He wants a Jewish state that will be the major power of the region. And the people of his target nations? That's their problem. Netanyahu wants to be bigger, much bigger.

And Israel has a nuclear arsenal.
I shall be away for a few days at the shore. (The pollution there is a much higher class of pollution than I can get in the city.)

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  1. "Now I wait for the book on why the U.S. waited until 1917 to join the war."

    Well, Dr T P Wilkinson, an American historian teaching in the upper academy form of German pre-university system, has had a stab at it. Frankly, I find his trenchant observations, whether in reviews of history books, or merely his own views, are by far the best and most comprehensive on the Internet.

    Moreover, his ideas seem to mirror yours, but he also provides great detail, which I find most interesting as I ponder how we've all been had by the US propaganda machine, which really became institutionalized in the US's runup to joining WW1. He normally writes for, but this link is to an article also published by Global Research out in Vancouver:

    In addition, Wilkinson reviews at great length, "Jacques Pauwels: The Great Class War 1914 - 1918" published last year:

    His articles are fully footnoted with sources as well. Many more of his ponderings and reviews are available by googling.

    Considering your recent change to also adding essay-length commentary, which I find most interesting, the Canadian Legion's hypocrisy or flag-waving for Patriotism as a system set up by the rich to hypnotize their populations to go to war on their behalf, then I think you will Wilkinson's treatments on such subjects of some interest. He views the Korean conflict much as you do as well. For a man whose father was in the USN, he seems to have escaped the mould of US hypnotism and domination by Church very well. Without being shrill in the manner of the everyday articles found on ICH, Commondreams and indeed here on Progressive Bloggers in many cases. Without historical context, such as you and occasionally he provides, the usual daily sniping at Trump, endless interpretations that change by the day on the US role in the Middle East depending on What's Hot Du Jour, simply becomes meaningless repetition. It's just gossip, a lot of it at that, repeated to get "oh Nos" from the progessive crowd, and with occasional rampant propaganda about how great China is (Andre Vltchek who is quite clever posing as a humanitarian) and pro-Putin pieces of fluff by Kremlin-paid hacks that attribute uncanny braininess to him, but fail to ask why he has billions stashed in European banks, and how he got that fortune in the first place.

    My personal feeling is that if I could lay a pox on the US, China and Russia, I'd do it. As for Canada, well our Strivers, people who want to be important and rich in the US oligarch vein, I'd say they have a stronger hold on us than the US villains do on their people - they accomplish this by attempting to be benign behind the scenes, except of course in NB, where Irving veins regularly almost pop to bursting with any attempt to criticize their important selves, and also the Conservative nutbars inhabiting Alberta.

    Keep it up.