Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5: Warning - more of me than usual.

Climate change is happening. At the other end of the world from Canada's north, what may be the biggest iceberg in history is breaking off Antarctica. (Brunswick news hasn't noticed it yet.)

I'm slow in reporting on Gwynne Dyer's book 'Climate Wars' because I'm slow in readinig it. So far it's a masterful piece of work. But it's a complex blend of scientific study and  Dyer's  own insight into how governments will react - and why. I don't doubt that he's right. But it's profoundly depressing.

For just a few important passages - world population has tripled since 1940. Agriculture can't keep up. Africa is already in a food crisis. China faces the displacement of hundreds of millions as rising oceans and dying rivers destroy its farmland. The U.S. has stalled in food production as the south west runs out of water. (Among other things, it is running out of water in the deep reservoirs that it was been pumping out for water its crops.) Organizations with access to considerable expertise foresee even worse and imminent  crises in Mexico and much of Latin America.

You may not believe the scientists on this. But the U.S. army does; and it is, accordingly, preparing for the Climate Wars to come.
Similar food disasters are beginning in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other parts  of the world. China, alone, is likely to produce climate refugees in the hundreds of millions.

Canada stands to get off lightly - as will Russia and most of Europe . Greenland will blossom as will both the Arctic and Antarctic. But they won't blossom enough for the hundreds of millions of refugees. So China, for example,  might well go to war with Russia for productive lands in Siberia. The U.S. might well expect Canada and The Great Lakes to replace the water it is losing. And that will have a profound effect on Canada.

None of this is in the distant future. It's soon. And that, too, is slowing down my reading. I come to a point at which I don't want to read it. And it conveys a sense of hatred of the oil billionaires and their arrogance and greed and stupidity - and of the politicians  (Trudeau among them) who are servants of the oil industry. And of the journalists who don't tell us what is happening.
In Saturday's paper, columnist Brian Murphy was in top form by the standards of Brunswick News. It was about Andrew Scheer's election as leader of Canada's Conservative Party. As usually, Murphy had nothing by trivia to say.  (Well, the headline on it said Scheer's victory is proof that Canada cannot stomach a Trump. But Murphy offers no proof of this, or of anything else.)

He has nothing to say about the things such an election should be about. It should be about the winner's fundamental social values, about the priorites he should have (such as serving the public - all of it). No, it's all just about image and winning, and serving the interests of big money.  What Murphy calls policy is really just style.
Finally, I was struck by a CBC headline on the recent terrorist attack in London, England. The headline was "Brutal and cowardly act."

Now, headlines are important. They, more than any other part of the story, commonly set the tone for our reaction to the event. In this case, the tone is clear. Muslims are evil. Yes, the attack was certainly brutal. (I don't see what's cowardly about it. When our side kills helpless people, our side are called heroes fighting for their country.)

But, yes, the attack was brutal. I have no quarrel with that view. But-----
The U.S. and Britain killed a million and a half people in Iraq. The majoriy were civilians and, yes, they included babies by the thousands. The U.S. and Britain also lied about the reason for their attack.

Have you ever seen a headline calling this a 'brutal and terrible act'? In fact, the U.S., with notable help from Britain, has killed innocent civilians all over the world - drones, forced starvation (Yemen), mass murder - Guatemala, Iraq, Syria and many, many others. In fact, the U.S. is by far the world's leading terrorist.   (As a matter of fact, it is the one that taught terrorism to the Muslims of Afghanistan back in the days when Russia was attacking Afghanistan. And that is what produced Osama Bin Laden.)

In fact, that CBC headline was propaganda. It creates an emotional reaction that Muslims are evil. The failure to use such headlines in the case of American terrorism is a similar form of propaganda. I don't think it's entirely deliberate. But its impact is still propaganda. And our thinking is very much shaped by headlines.

Seig Heil!
Here is the giant iceberg that's forming in the Antarctic - and this is just the beginning. But we gotto burn more oil. It creates jobs.
Onward, Christian Soldiers...
Meanwhile, let's pass around the hat for uranium-mining millionaires who are being cheated out of their right to make higher profits.
Here's a film about the Bilderberg Group, a regular gathering of politicians and very high ranking bilionaires and their hangers-on to decide what policies governments should follow. Doesn't it make you feel good to know that our billionaires are thinking of us?

(Several years ago, one of the attendees was former N.B. premier Bernard Lord. Unfortunately, the results of these meetings are not made public. So we can only guess at what wonderful things Mr. Lord did for us.)
In World War Two, British and Americans were told they were fighting to bring peace to the world. The reality is that American big business as looking forward to world conquest, and Britain was getting used to being a 'fetch' dog for the American empire.

So was Canada. The Canadian involvement in Afghanistan was almost certainly illegal. Ditto the use of 'peacekeepers' in Haiti.

This site is a very short list of illegal American wars since 1945. The slaughter of Mayans in Guatemala, for example, is not included. Nor is an earlier invasion of Guatemala. And there have been many, many others.
The U.S. is far, far the world's biggest spender on weapons, now somewhere over 600 billion dollars a year. that provides enough weaponry to destroy the planet many times over. But, oh, they need more. That's why Trump  is hitting up Canada and the rest of NATO to spend more on defence.

Is it needed to protect us? No. Russian spending is way below the U.S.  at 70 billion or so. Even China has a far smaller budget than the U.S.  Not that it matters. I mean, how many times can we kill the whole world?

In all countries, this kind of spending is highly destructive of education, of health care, even of food supply. So why do we ignore these to spend money on inflated arsenals?

Because there are huge profits for large companies that make weapons. Yes. It's all a simple matter of redistributing wealth from everybody to the already wealthy.
This story is more than a month old. But, so far, the New Brunswick news media haven't noticed. Canada is a big player in one of the most vicious industries in the world.
Despite its title, this next article is really about the enormous power over government that is held by the CIA, the FBI, and other agencies.
The U.S. with what is far the world's largest military budget. has not been able in 16 years to defeat bands of guerilla fighters in Afghanistan. Nor has it ever been clear why the U.S. invaded Afghanistant in the first place.
The next is a site which, by its title, seems radical, indeed.  It's good. But it's a little gentle on the root cause of our problems. Capitalism is, of course. It is the major capitalists and their political flunkes who attend the Bilderbord Group to give politicians their marching orders. Almost all wars are fought on behalf of major capitalists. Their greed requires the effective destruction of governments so that they can abuse the rest of us as much as they like. The greed also given them permission to murder, enslave, impoverish  uncountable millions. They kill their own people by destroying  health care where it is provided by government. They destroy education by making it an institution for private profit rather than for learning.

Of course there's a place for private business. But that place does not give it the right to mass murder, to starve millions,  to threaten the whole planet. They rather resemble the mafia, though on a far larger scale.

The also show signs of brain damage due to greed. If they get all the power they want, if they don't pay taxes, if they destroy the environment, if they impoverish everybody else, who will be able to buy their products?  (However, the process won't last long enough for us to find out. As things are going, they will soon destroy themselves as well as well as u. This might be an interesting topic to discuss over coffee in the barn next time you're at the Irving Chapel.)

None of the above is exaggerated. The wars in the middle east are about oil - not about good guys and bad guys. The unrest in Latin America is about dreadful abuse of employees   (including murder), and a wish to operate with no controls whatever. Thus the behaviour of Canadian mining companies in Latin America. And always with the cooperation of Canadian governments.

For a good article about that, take a look at a Canadian magazine called Monitor. It has a review of "The Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America" by Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber. Yes, the big Canadian capitalists act just like the American ones. So do the Chinese ones and the Russian ones.

Make no mistake. The world's leading capitalists are killers running loose. And we have very little time to stop them.  The greed and mass murder all over the world has created, especially for the last 17 years a destruction of any sense of world order. And we can expect no help at all from the Liberal or the Conservative party. Americans can expect none from the Republicans and very, very little from the Democrats.

I felt a need to get all that in now because we are very, very close to shackles on the internet. It is already spied on by government agents in many countries. But even more shackles are coming. That's why many politicians speak "false news" - usually referring to blogs on the net. In fact, if you want false news, you can find it in The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Toronto Globe. Our local Brunswick News specializes in trivia, ignorance and lies. Almost all these commercial news media are owned by the same people who want to own the world. In their 140 or so years of existence, most privately owned news media have always been pedlars of false news.

But the rumours about 'fake news' suggest somebody wants to see action against websites The very wealthy want absolute control of us. So we are quite  likely to see a crackdown on web sites. Exactly like Hitler's Naziis, most of our politicians are closely tied to billionaires. And the Naziis, with the full agreement of the German wealthy, cracked down on anybody who disagreed. We are already much like Hitler's Germany.

(Why do you think Hitler set out to conquer at least Europe and Africa? Like Trump, Hitler fed on German hatred of an ethic group. But that was no reason for a world war. Like American wars going back centuries, Hitler wanted control of markets and resources to make his local capitalists wealthy.)

Why did the U.S. enter the war? to help Britain or to help the Jews? No. U.S. capitalists didn't give a damn for either. Because Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. No. The U.S. navy had been designed largely for war with Japan for a good twenty years before Pearl Harbor. It entered to the was because it wanted China, and Japan was capturing too much of it. As well, U.S. capitalists saw a chance to get economic control of China by defeating Japan -and also by getting parts of a collapsing British empire. (That's why Roosevelt ordered the British in 1945 not to recapture Hong Kong, the heart of Britain's trade empire in China. It was to be recaptured by the U.S. to make American capitalists richer. - But Churchill defied him, and ordered the recapture.

Sorry for that long bit.  There's a great deal we have to think about. And we don't have much time.

Oh, the article - it's a daily net newspaper. Despite its name, (Naked Capitalism) it's not nearly so radical as one might expect. It's focus is heavily on the U.S. It has good material. Alas! it's weak on good writers. Many of them are highly knowledgeable, but too many write in a style that is too elevated for us normal people.


  1. Remember Michael C. Ruppert's documentary "Collapse"?

    I always wonder the reason why he eventually suicided

    In case you don't recall his name:

    So in this world, perhaps all state actions (esp the ones who are clued in) become acts of triage?

    In that world, what is the role of a Christian?

    Oh and a different look at that "Brutal and cowardly" headline:

    Gwynne Dier is quite the guy

    Another fine book on extinxtion is Peter Ward's "Under a Green Sky" (Gwynnez book mentions him). Of what has happened in the past where our oceans have become deadly for all life due to increased temps. All completely naturally.

    Reality is toxic. We have to learn how to tame it. Which also includes us.

  2. An older interview with Mr Ruppert