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June 30: William Grant Stairs......

....a Trudeau hero for Canada's 150th birthday. (six stories down.)

I found the story above intriguing because I worked for some time in Hong Kong when it was under British rule. I loved Hong Kong. But much of what is mentioned in this story was happening in the years of British rule. So how come the article doesn't mention that?

1. Hong Kong has no democracy? It had none under the British. It was ruled by a British governor Most of the daily news was about the governor. He acted without consulting the people at all. Sometimes, he would allow his secretary to act on his own as when the secretary banned a movie because he didn't like it. The government was arrogant, racist, and showed no concern for the people.

2. The only other group of any power was made up of the multimillionaires who controlled race-track betting. (Gambling of all sorts is very, very common in Hong Kong.) That group still has power.

3. It was common under the British to see whole families sleeping on strips of cardboard on the street. This included babies, and could stretch for blocks.

4. Just as today, thousands of people lived in wire cages of a size suitable for a dog.Sometimes the cages were stacked indoors. I've also seen them stacked in open fields.

5. Most apartments were tiny with, perhaps, two rooms. On the rooftops of many of the apartment buildings, people built wooden shacks to live in. Others lived in plywood shelters under stairways.

For all those thousands who lived in cages, on rooftops, under stairs or on strips of cardboard, I have no idea what they did for toilets or drinking water or food   - and it think I prefer not to know.

6. Hong Kong police today chase illegal  street vendors?  They always have.
7. A small number of very wealthy is benefitting from Hong Kong prosperity? They always have.

The problem of Hong Kong is not that China took it over. The problem is that rule by China is exactly like the 150 years of rule by Britain. Of course it is. Both China and Britain are capitalist countries.
And here's something about the local scene in New Brunswick, and about the family that really governs this province.

It reminds me of Hong Kong.
Yes,  climate change is happening. But the oil business still insists it isn't happening - and our Justin Trudeau listens to the words of the oil business. Perhaps the "special music" advertised for the Irving chapel will include a hymn to oil.

Let's focus. I suppose there were people on the Titanic who thought nothing was happening. Perhaps there were people who thought they had lots of time. We can't afford that because the change takes on its own momentum, and at that point it's too late for us to back off.

What can one think of people who are willing to risk the lives of billions so they can sell oil. Are they evil? Probably not. Even if they were evil, they would realize that this is suicide for them, too.  No. They aren't evil.

They're amazingly greedy and stupid.
We are back to the story that Syria used a chemical called sarin in an attack. I have no special information on this.  I have no idea how reliable the source is.
The story clearly says the sarin was used by Syria's Assad. I have no special information on that. Nor does the article. It came from an exploded shell. But the shell did not have a little sign saying "hello. I'm from president Assad." It could be from ISIS. It could be from the U.S. (Gee, would the U.S. government do such a thing? Sh. Go to sleep, my baby.)

Nor does any of this matter. What matters is that we don't have in this story is a general idea of the use of chemical weapons. As it's told,  Syrians are evil. We are good. Maybe. Sometimes. But we need the bigger picture to understand this incident. And the bigger picture is....

...just about everybody uses chemical weapons. And one of the  larger users of chemical weapons , probably the largest in the world, is the U.S. It has freely used, among others, Agent Orange, napalm, and depleted uranium. Years after their use, these continue to kill people and destroy crops. (And that does not include the non-chemical killers like the millions of unexploded cluster bombs lying in soils all over the world to kill people for many, many years to come.

Yes, the use of Sarin is wrong. But there is no solution in stories that just point the finger at the other side. If we're going to deal with this, we need to know the whole story.
Trudeau is playing word games. In fighting ISIS, he says, we will continue to block threats to our allies' shores and our shores.

Gee! So ISIS is going to invade Canada and the U.S. Better get ready.

By the way, blocking a threat is going to war. You block a threat by shooting people. That's a war. And nations are not supposed to fight wars without first declaring war. And Canada has not declared war.  Indeed, any hostile act to  another country is a war requiring a declaration from the Canadian government that it is going to war. Assisting and training troops can be an act of war. The reality is that Canadian is now at war with Iraq - and without the consent of the Canadian people.

Worse, we are now engaged in a war that has been going on for almost twenty years. In that time, ISIS has grown larger and stronger. American policy in the middle east has been a disaster that most of it will not recover from for generations. Every year of this war has made ISIS larger. Let's face it. Killing Muslims is not going to make them love us.

In fact, ISIS was created by western aggression against Muslim countries, aggression which has been going on for over a century. ISIS does not arise out of perverse Muslim thought. It arises out of our aggression and imperialism all over the Muslim world. Most Muslims are NOT jihadists. Our killing and plundering is what has created Jihadism.

(Hey. If we're so hot on stopping aggression, how come we didn't stop the American and Guatemalan aggression that murdered 200,000 Maya? How come we didn't stop the overthrow of the elected government of Haiti by the U.S.?

How come we didn't stop the U.S. killing of civilians in Panama>

Trudeau is pushing Canada into an illegal war. We will be led by the U.S. whose military record over the last 70 years has been one of the great disasters of history. Why is he doing it? Probably to kiss up to Trump.

I'm so proud to be a Canadian.

Oh, speaking of war, how come we aren't helping the people of the middle east to hold off American aggression?
Justin Trudeau would just love this story. It's about Canada sending troops to fight a war for the British empire - as Trudeau now wishes to fight them for the American empire. This kind of war is sort of a Canadian tradition. It's the kind we fought against those native peoples who were in our way.

There is no future for a Canada that is a U.S. puppet.
The following is too true. And guess where Justin Trudeau stands on it.
Recent evidence suggests we probably have less time than we thought to deal with climate change.
More news about the climate that isn't changing.

You tell'em, Justin. You just go ahead and build the pipelines and open up all the oil exploration you can.
And some bad news to watch for.

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