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June 28: Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

Justin Trudea says that killing a person at 3.5 kilometres is something all Canadians should celebrate. Anyway, the victim was an ISIS extremist. At 3.5 kilometres, the sniper could tell this was an ISIS militant? Sorry. Telescopic sights aren't that good.

And I am damned if I will celebrate our killing of anybody.

1. You cannot shoot anyone in a foreign country unless you are legally at war with it. Canada is not legally at war in Iraq. (Nor is there any reason why it should be.)

2. The sniper could tell at 3.5 kilometres that his target was an ISIS militant? Please. And if he did, miraculously, see an ISIS militant at that range, Why couldn't he simply have told that to the people he was training?

3. ISIS is something created by the West in a reaction to a century of the Christian west killing Muslims, stealing their land and resources, and redrawing their maps to destroy the countries they had and to create new ones for western profit.

There's a reason we are getting shot at. It's not some form of cruelty that's a racial trait of Muslims.

Most Muslims do not agree with ISIS. But the west has built up so much hatred, it has been unable to defeat this reaction despite its massive use of force for the last twenty years. And we're not going to defeat it. We, for the trillions of dollars spent and the millions of lives destroyed and the tens of millions of people horribly displaced, have actually made ourselves more hated. That's not going to change by killing even more Muslims and creating even more enemies.

Our soldiers were sent to Iraq in a non-combat role.   Killing a person , no matter what the range, is not a non-combat act.  But Trudeau has been gradually sliding us into a war that has nothing to do with any Canadian interest. And we have a wimp of a prime minister at a time when we have to deal with a severely disordered American president.

Think about it. in seventy years, the world's richest nation with the most expensive military in history has not been able to defeat any major or even middle power. It can't even beat minor power Afghanistan which is not only much, much smaller, but is itself divided.

The world has never before seen a major power so incapable of military success as the US since 1945. The only way it can win is by a nuclear destruction that would end all humanity.

It is so profoundly hated and that even countries of the European Union are looking for an exit.

It's also leading us to economic disaster. The U.S. defence budget is now by far the largest in the world. It's wildly corrupt with much of that budget being spent to make billionaires richer, and to buy politicians. And it's mostly borrowed money. And Trudeau has signed on to raise our defence spending so we can all be victims of this theft.

We have not only utterly failed to impose western power on the rest of the world. We are also heading for economic disaster at the hands of capitalists who are too greedy to think about the implications of that.

So, no. I don't think I'm ready to celebrate a great shot by a Canadian sniper.
Moncton Times and Transcript headline for June 27. How much money does your doctor make? The Irving press always puts out useless stories. But this one must be a record. Except - possibly - it's the opening of a campaign to privatize medical care.

Or it could be a seriously retarded front page editor. It can be hard to tell with the Irving press.

But the real stinker is a   commentary, the third of series by Prof. Savoie of Moncton University, on the economic future of New Brunswick. Sorry, prof. Sorry, Moncton university. But this is crap and, frankly, it looks like propaganda to serve New Brunswick's richest family.

We need closer cooperation between the private sector and  the government? Hey, Professor Savoie, the private sector in New Brunswick OWNS the government. It doesn't get any more cooperative than that.

And we need greater efficiency because our government deficits are too high? How could a person who calls himself an economist not know that we have deficits because major figures in the private sector don't pay taxes? And how is it possible to write about the New Brunswick economy without mentioning the name of the family that owns most of it?

And he doesn't mention another reason we have a deficit is that we are forever kissing the asses of the weatlhy by handing them forgiveable loans, monster tax rebates, etc.... Got any stories about them, prof?

Then he says that history shows that private business does a better job of maintaining economic success than government does. Prof. Savoie, I'm a prof, too. And an historian at that.  I know of no evidence that private business does any such thing. In fact, we are watching the opposite happen as private business builds an ever-widening wage gap, creating unemployment and poverty in much of the world.

He concludes with the idiocy that private business people should not have to wait to have bureaucrats come knocking at their doors to deal with the economy. Prof. Savoie, are you so very ignorant of life in this province that you don't know that big business prefers to sit in their offices because they know the public sector will come running to them. Have you never heard of bagmen, the politicians who go chasing after corporation bosses to get campaign money? And this is when the presidents give the politicians their marching orders. It happens at all levels of government. How could an economist not know that?

Incidentally, this has been the history of New Brunswick since long before Confederation. At first, it was the local timber barons who controlled all the only jobs available .

This series has been a quite useless guide to anything. And, frankly, it looks to me as though professor Savoie is kissing somebody's rear end.

However, watch for Norbert Cunningham to write a column saying the series is brilliant.
Netanyahu of Israel depends on the support of ultra-orthodox Jews. They are a minority in Israel, and a very small minority in the Jewish world. But they are what keeps Netanyahu  in power. They are rigid, intolerant, and have no sense whatever of the rights of women. They are also grossly intolerant of Israeli Muslims. Most Jews around the world feel insulted and angry by Netanyahu's behaviour. (The Irving press hasn't noticed this yet.)

The following site has several stories illustrating this.
I have no idea whether the following story is true. It's possible that Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons.

 Every major and middle power (and some of lesser powers) has chemical weapons. The U.S. is a leadinig producer of chemical weapons. It used them on a lavish scale in Vietnam - notably the highly poisonous agent orange, and napalm which was designed to stick to human bodies so that they burned victims to death. Agent Orange still destroys vegetation in Vietnam, and causes horrible birth defects. It also used depleted uranium which is still killing people (yes, including women and children) today.

Our news media have never paid much attention to that. But - oh - an American president says Syria might use a chemical weapon, and our press clucks with disapproval. Why, it could harm little children. (So did Agent Orange and Napalm, but we didn't get excited about that.)

The big story in The Guardian is that Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons. And the tone of the story is "aren't those Muslims just terrible." Why, they kill children and babies and everything."

Yeah. So does napalm and agent orange and depleted uranium - and American bombers.
A realistic look at Canada. (don't even try to find it in the Irving press.)
Hersh is a very highly respected name in international journalism. But the news media are often unwilling to tell the stories he uncovers. Here's an example.
Here's more on the Hersh story above.

The has created such a mess in the middle east, it's hard to see  how it can get out. It can't win. All it has done so far is to make ISIS a movement that now covers a large part of the world.  But is has so destabilized the middle  east that an American departure could well lead to a complete breakdown of the region.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave....

In brief, we are very, very close to a general breakdown  in the middle east as Trump raises the stakes against Syria. Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Yemen and others are all involved in the manoeuvring for wars Trump seems to want. And Russia cannot simply back off. There's a high risk of a local  nuclear war - and a high risk of a world nuclear war.

The collapse of the American empire is bad enough. It may well get much worse.
And, yes, Trudeau will be ready to send Canadian troops when he gets the order.
Just take a sample of the greed and stupidity that has taken hold in the U.S.  The richest country in the world is working to destroy any possibility of health care for the millions who require it. The wage gap is growing, and the numbers of poor are increasing. Billionaires in the U.S.   (and Canada) are increasingly acting not a citizens of their countries but as people with no national oblications at all. They exist not a members of a society but as people independent of any society - and above any society.

Look closely at what professor Savoie says about his ideal relationship between business and government. There is no mention of the people in there. No. Big business is an equal, at least, to the government. In fact, it is above the government because it owns the governments. And it will continue to own them as long as billionaires can buy politicians.

(I remember the pride of the Irving press in a former premier who is very wealthy, and who was invited to the Bilderberg conference. This is a meeting for the rich and powerful to meet with politicians who like rich and powerful people.
What does an election vote mean in a world like that? Damn all. The very wealthy rule the world. And they, unlike us, get to tell the politicians what to do.)
Changing that is extremely difficult. And it's impossible in a province whose people are afraid to have an opinion.

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