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June 26: Canadian hero kills----somebody....

Our news media haven't, as a rule, paid much attention to what caused the terrible high-rise fire in London, England. The cause was the much admired ability of capitalism to do things on the cheap - especially when dealing with the poor.

Isn't Justin wonderful? This means he's planning to rely on fossil fuels for 20 years and more. And it's an area where marine life is in real trouble.

Our Irving paper mentions  in its  last line of this story that Canadian soldiers in the region are not to be in combat. They are there only as trainers. As well, Canada has not declared war in Iraq. So that's not a war kill. That's murder.
Who did he kill? Soldier? Housewife? Child?  Who knows? Who cares? The important thing is it was a great shot.

Oh, and we now stand at risk of a terrorist attack in Canada in retaliation.   (And we'll say, "Aren't those Muslims just terrible?")

And we also run the risk of getting sucked in to one of the many wars the U.S. has lost since 1945. (No. The U.S. did not win in Iraq (except in our news media.) It is now profoundly hated throughout Iraq, so much so that it has had to abandon most of its grandiose buildings in Iraq. It also broke all its promises to help rebuild Iraq, siphoning the money off to government buddies.

I'm so proud to see Canada doing its bit. No doubt some village idiot will arrange a celebration when the Canadian sniper returns to Canada.
The excitement begins on the commentary page of the Irving press. Brian Murphy writes his usual column guaranteed to offend neither man nor beast. Nor to inform.

Then we skip nimbly on to Donald Savoie saying pretty much what he said last time about how New Brunswick got cheated by confederation.  And it was all done by big business and crooked politicians in Ontario and Quebec.   (Wow! That must have come as a shock. In New Brunswick, big business and politicians have never been corrupt.)

Anyway,  the federal government does send big money to the maritimes. Our naval shipbuilding programmes are testimony to that.   But, gee, that doesn't get shared much does it? I mean we had to pay the Irvings big money just so they would be noble enough to accept the contract.

And when Do we get to the part of the story where Mr. Savoie tells us how much  (or how little) the wealthy of this province pay in taxes?

We don't need scheming Quebeckers or Ontarions to make us poor. We have our own, home-grown schemers to do that. But I notice that Professor Savoie, in two, long columns, has yet to even mention the name Irving and what role it plays in all this. How discreet!

The reality is that New Brunswick had to join confederation because it was badly in need of trading partners once the timber trade faltered. The real purpose of confederation was to serve the interest of British investors who were looking at Canada as a shorter and quicker route to the China trade - and also looking to development of the west. New Brunswick had a place in that - but not a big one.

 Above all, confederation was essential to hand over very, very large sums of money from us to the railway builders to pay for the necessary railways.

Oh, on an amusing note, Professor Savoie says a strong central government is bad for us because big business  in Quebec and Ontario will use  it to cheat us.  Not to worry prof, we don't have to import big business and politicians to cheat us. We grow our own.
A long time ago, I had a friend who, at the age of eight, was released from one of Hitler's death camps. The war had ended. So he and the other prisoners were released into a field to, somehow, survive. Luckily, his older sister found him, and brought him to Israel. There, he learned to hate.

His hatred, vicious and extreme, was not for Naziis, but for Palestinians as he lived on land stolen from Palestinians. (I had another friend, years later, who grew up on land stolen from Palestinians and who joked about killing them.)
Now, the  hatred is spreading from Jews against other Jews. The Israeli government has deliberately favoured the ultra-orthodox minority, putting their religious rules into legislation to be forced on all Jews And to be forced on Israeli Muslims, of whom there are large numbers.

I don't blame Israel for that. The hatred and fear created by Hitler lives on among Jews, and will live on for many years yet, now manifesting itself as a hatred for Jews who are moderate in their religious values, and a hatred and a denial of rights for the large Muslim population of Israel.  (And, of course, for the Muslims of Palestine whose land is stolen on an almost daily basis, who are held down in poverty, and are premitted to have electricity only 2 and 1/2 hours a day.)

Hatred breeds hatred, and more with every generation. And it is now breeding hatred of Jews by Jews.
Take greed very, very seriously. We are living through a period of triumph of greed. There is a transfer of wealth going from almost all of us to the wealthiest one percent of the world's population. For the 99%, it means growing hardship, hunger, loss of opportunity and early death. And the wealthy don't give a damn.
The U.S. is now planning to privatize almost all health care. Many, many thousands will die early as a result of that. Here in Canada, the wealthy with the bootlicking support of the news media they own, are pushing their way into privatization of health care and of education.

Think of that next time you're listening to "special music" at the Irving Chapel. Thank of that the next time the half-wits at the chamber of commerce hold an expensive dinner to honour a "philanthropist".  (We praise the rich. I can't remember Jesus ever doing that.)

Professor Savoie has noticed our government deficits are getting higher. Too bad he hasn't noticed how much that is due to the wealthy avoiding taxes - and getting huge pay-offs from our tax money.
The Irving press hasn't paid much attention to the Grenfell Towers fire in London. But it's a major story. And it's taking Britain toward enormous change. Hint for the Irving press - check our fire safety regulations in New Brunswick. Follow the deep  thoughts of our city and town councils about what they're doing to ensure safe housing.
Special Ops. Wow! Seals. Exciting! It all sounds good.  But the American military has won only one  (very small)  war since 1945. And it seems to be taking a long time for the lesson to sink in. No military has much of a record of solving problems.
Oh, I know. India is far away. But what could happen to it is exactly what could happen to North America. In fact, it is what's happening to North America. World food production has not kept up with population growth. And it's not going to. Worse. We're destroying the only land we have to grow food on.

It's a good thing our billionaires are going to privatize health care, hurrying a higher death rate along.

By the way, I wonder if the Irving papers  have their crack team of investigative reporters checking out why our provincial chief medical officer had to leave. Could it have anything to do with our use of soil and plant chemicals? Nah. The Irvings would never allow something underhanded like that.
And something nobody likes to talk about.

Hint - don't look to the wealthy for any leadership on this.
The American social and political systems have collapsed. But don't blame Trump for it. He is a product of a terrible crash. But he did not create it. It's a crash that goes back almost to 1776.
I'm trying to add more sources to get a wider range. (The problem is there are a lot of sources out there to cover.) Here's one that calls itself conservative - but seems a lot more progressive than anything I have seen in the private news media.
To be fair, the war crimes listed below (in Yemen) are not just Saudi. They are also committed by the U.S., by Britain, and helped a little bit by Canada.
The next is a site that mixes the stock market and politics -     which all stock market reports should be about because there is very, very little separation between the stock market and politics.
The following piece is more strident that it should be - but, essentially, it's true. Russia is not a threat to the U.S. It's economy is way below the level of the U.S. economy. The only war it could possibly fight against the U.S. would be a nuclear one. And that would be to the advantage of neither Russia nor the U.S.
But the U.S. seems obsessed with provoking a war with Russia. And Canada, led by the gallant Justin Trudeau, has committed Canadian troops to be among the first killed in such a war.
The next story is about the U.S. attacks on Syria as revenge for Syria's alleged use of sarin in killing civilians. I don't know whether Syria used sarin or not.
But I do know that every country in the middle east has stockpiles of poison gas and chemicals. Every country. And they didn't invent it one at a time. They got it from our side. The U.S. has a long history of its own of using such gasses - as in Vietnam where it is still poisoning and killing people.
And here's some good news.

Of course, it loses some of its force in New Brunswick where Mr. Irving thinks it's more important to cut down trees and to spray them with chemicals.
This one is getting long. And I've been thinking  I should be considering adding material that isn't in any newspapers.

For example - why did the U.S. commit itself to such an expensive and losing war as the one with Iraq? And why did it repeat the act with a losing war against Syria? Why does it kiss up so much with Israel? (That was not true in the earlier years of Israel.) Why is it so eager to fight a war with Iran which is no possible threat to the U.S.?

For that matter, the wars with Afghanistan and Iraq were planned long BEFORE 9/11. So what were they all about?

The wars were planned by a group who became key figures to influence the Republicans well before four years before 9/11 . Their   group claimed to be in favour of the U.S. ruling the world and converting all countries to "American" values. It believed it was the will of God that America should do that. And that is what has murdered millions of innocent people, created over 80 million refugees, and justified continued plundering all over the world. It called itself "Project for the New American Century". It was, essentially, a new version of the killing and plundering of the old, European empires.

(The group still exists, though under another name.)

It needed an excuse for its wars. 9/11 was the excuse. But why did they hit the middle east oil states? It wasn't just  to control the profits from the oil fields - though that was a pleasant feature.

No. what lay behind this was an obsessive fear of Chinese economic power which would damage American billionaires. And to prevent that rise of Chinese economic power, they needed to control China's oil supply - which came from the Middle East. That's what Iraq is about. That's what Syria is about. The US needed the power to cut off China's energy supply.

And why had the U.S. earlier become such a buddy to Israel that it lavished enormous spending on Israel and allowed Israel to build a nuclear arsenal? Because it needed a reliable base in the middle east.

I'm not sure why the U.S. got involved in Afghanistan. It's given reason was phony. Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11, And the U.S. knew it. I suspect the reason maybe had to do with a route for oil transport to China, and getting control of it.

The U.S. has now fought over 70 years of wars, almost all of them losers despite having the the most expensive military in the world. The middle east (and much of the Muslim world) has been shattered by divisions and hatred created by those wars.  Politically, the middle east could not be a worse shambles.

There is no possible good outcome for the world in these wars - or in the continued rule of the U.S. by mutli-billionaires. There is no possible good outcome for Canada in being associated with this. (Yes, I know it's hard for Canada to detach itself. But the only alternative is for Canada to destroy itself.)

The U.S. is over. And it's not just Trump. The U.S. was built on capitalism, greed and corruption. That's why it committed mass murder of its native peoples. That's why it has invaded most of Latin America at least once. (Uncontrolled
capitalism, greed, corruption and mass murder are all part of one, big family.) And that's why almost all the news we get is propaganda.

And so I wait for my invitation to speak to the chamber of commerce.

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