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June 12:a mad, mad world

Two views on Canadian troops now in Latvia. Note how the first one, in particular, draws attention to Russian 'aggression' in Crimea. In fact, though, this all began with the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine -  by U.S. agents. And Crimea has a population that is largely Russian. So who's the aggressor?

Why is Canada putting its troops at such risk? Because Canada is a colony obeying its mother country.
Canada is raising its defence budget - again, because Canada is a colony and the empire wants us to raise it. It's the same reason that Saudi Arabia has just pledged an enormous defence budget. In both cases, Trump, it's because our imperial master, Trump, demands it. He says it will create jobs.

No doubt it will, though largely in the U.S. because that's the country that has a huge defence industry. We are also going to go into debt so that Trump can create jobs in the U.S. Of course, most of the American people won't see much of that money. It will go to the stunningly corrupt and corrupting leaders of American defence industries.

Canadian bankers have already had hundreds of meeting with  the new, Canadian government to rig deals. How many have you had?
Buctouche is a town close to where I live. The web carries pages about its wonderful chapel built by the Irving family and called, touchingly, the Irving Chapel. It sits in a great stretch of land which the Irvings have much improved since God knocked off on the seventh day. Grass, trees, bushes, flowers are professionally maintained. It's so much better than it was at Creation.  It's a major attraction for devout tourists in the summer when tourists flock to the services, admiring the splendour as they devoutly sip coffee and chat in the barn.

Nearby is the Roman Catholic church. It doesn't have professinal landscapers. Nor does it have a billionaire buried on its grounds. And, of course, it doesn't draw tourists. So it gets little attention on the web.

But it has the grave of a local man who didn't become a billionaire. (He became a lay missionary, and very few of them become billionaires.) He, along with large numbers of Catholic clergy and 200,000 Maya people was murdered by the Guatemala army with massive American help. Those impudent Maya had been complaining about American and Canadian billionaires who were keeping them in poverty to work in mines and on big business farms, and who were destroying the land and the waters as they did it.

Of course, billionaires don't do yucky things like murder people in the hundreds of thousands. They get their governments to do that.

Well, of course it doesn't attract tourists. I mean, it doesn't even have a barn where people can have coffee and chat.

John 11:35
Trump says, "Roll over". And Trudeau rolls over.

We're going to play a larger military role on the world stage? Yeah. Wars have always been a great way to solve problems.
Canadian news media seem to be paying little attention to South America, particularly Venezuela. The brutality and exploitation of that continent by American (and Canadian) big business could be building to a general crisis.
This can be a difficult read because of its use of terms we rarely see in our news media. But it's worth the effort. In particular, note the chart below saying where pro-ISIS tweets come from. Most are from Saudi Arabia.
Saudi leaders, like those of ISIS, seem determined to pull Islam back to a primitive and rigid form.
This is a clearer explanation of what Saudi Arabia is about. It's a sort of arabic counterpart to those 'Christians' who are admirers of Trump.
I wonder. Is it possible that our sub-concious guilt is what makes us allow Israel to do what it is doing to arabs in Israel and in Palestine?

In the 1930s and 40s and much later, Canadians and Americans were as anti-semitic as they come. We refused to accept Jewish refugeees before and, for several years, after the war. We often restricted jobs and housing for Africans, Chinese, and Jews well through the 1970s and later.

We are now being swept into a hatred of Muslims  that much resembles our old hatred of Jews. And Israeli Jews are starting to resemble - cool it and think before you begin swearing at me - Naziis.
I don't entirely agree with this next one. I think it's extremely kind to Trump. But - I also think it's a huge mistake to think that Trump (or the Republicans) are the only bad guys in this. We're watching the moral collapse of both parties - and with no third party in sight.
The whole, NATO world is turning to 'defence' spending as a substitute for having any national economic programme. The money spent will deepen the crisis of our social programmes while enriching, mainly, the already rich.
And then it will crash.
Al nusra killers were terrorists. Now, they're good guys.
A long read, but  a good one on how political decisions are made.
If Trump is a bad guy, it doesn't    necessarily mean that from FBI director Comey is a good one.
Britain has been stunningly murderous nation for centuries - all done to benefit the rich. The empire is mostly gone. But the murder continues, commonly under the wing of the U.S. government.
Canadians don't pay much attention to British politics any more. They should. Prime minister May won the election - but so badly that she might have been better off to lose it. The leader on the rise is socialist Jeremy Corbyn.  Canada's NDP should pay attention to that before it becomes just the tummy fat of the Liberal party (which is, itself, really a Conservative party.)
Socialism sounds radical? Well, we now have a capitalism which has plunged us into constant war, has inflicted murder, starvation and chaos all over the world, has sent increasing shares of the nation's money into the pockets of the about it over coffee next time your in the barn at the Irving Chapel.
Remember that Syrian boy in Aleppo who appeared on TV news as being saved by Syrian rebels  during the siege of that city? Within just weeks (rushing for an academy award) a film was produced that won in a 'special category' at the Oscar Awards.

It was obvious - or should have been  -  from the start that this was a propaganda stunt to raise enthrusiasm for the war on Syria. The boy was very dirty - as little boys often are. But there was no sign of injury. Was he a casualty of the Russian aerial attacks on Alleppo? It could be. Aerial attacks commonly have that effect on children. If fact, the U.S. has been the biggest killer of children from the air in the world for over sixty years. And it doesn't usually get them just dirty.

And the film Academy just happened to rush through a special category at the awards ceremony? And this just happened to be the winner?

The story was obviously a propaganda fake. And almost all our news media ran it as though it were a true story. And millions of Europeans, Canadians and Americans bought it because we've been conditioned to see the 'other side' as evil, and ours as good. That's what the real 'fake news' operates on.

We are suckers for propaganda news. As Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
It would be good for more politicians to tell us what the news media don't.
We mourn the recent terrorist attacks in Britain - as we should. But have you noticed that Britain does not have refugees climbing in rubber rafts  to drown in the Atlantic as they try to flee the country? Our hearts go out to the dozens of British who were killed.

But not for the millions of muslims and others that we have killed, not for the millions we are deliberately starving to death in Yemen.....  

We shoot Muslims. They shoot back. And that shows how evil they are.
old joke.  Newspaper headline says fifty people killed in train wreck in Turkey. One of the dead is a Canadian."

Reader's reaction, "Oh, the poor man."

That's they way we think. And that's why it's so easy for billionaires to get us to fight wars for their profit - and even to make us pay for them.
And now, just a bit of news from New Brunswick.

I get a monthly paper from a nearby city in New Brunswick. It's only a single sheet. But it has more news in that single sheet that the Moncton Times and Transcript and the other Irving rags have in a whole month.

Among the earliest settlers of New Brunswick thousands of years ago were the Maliseet. They want to rename a river as "Wolastoq", meaning beautiful and bountiful river. That sounds like an excellent idea. It helps to restore our sense of the past and our connection with our native peoples.

At present, it's called the St. John River. And that doesn't raise memories of any kind.
Another story is about a mining company called Barrick Gold, a favourite among Canada's moneyed class. Two  women from Papua New Guinea attended its annual general meeting. They were there to represent well over a hundred women who were routinely raped by the mine's security guards.
Of course, the company refused to allow them to speak.

This didn't make the Irving press, either.

For more information about this news sheet, contact -
The Moncton Times and Transcript was its usual hideous self. What's most interesting about the first section is that all its news comes from 2 reporters in Moncton, and 3 reporters at a sister Irving paper. This look very much like a paper run on the cheap.

The editorial is the usual bit of local trivia. A columnist once wrote a column complaining about bad drivers in Moncton. So the editor pretty much copied it. Neither had done any research to prove anything.

Hey, you want scary driving? In Portugal, it's rare to see a car that doesn't have dents on it. In China, my driver drove with his lights off at night. We turned onto a highway. After a minute or so, he turned the lights on.

I saw cars, trucks, a bus, horses pulling wagons, a boy walking with a water buffalo, several men pulling hand carts.

Then my driver turned the lights off.

"Hey! Why did you do that"?

"The lights get in people's eyes."

There are two columns on our provincial government spending. Neither of them mentioned  the prime cause of that overspending. No. It's not the homeless. It's not the hungry. It's not loafers who don't want to work.

It's more likely the very wealthy of this province who don't pay taxes. It's also the friends of the government who get 'forgiveable' loans for their businesses. It's a huge industrial lot owned by the owner of this paper who got permission not to pay the large tax on it this year.

How much of this is going on? Ain't nobody talking about it. And the Irving press certainly isn't going to talk about it. The writer also quotes Frank McKenna who was a very popular  prime minister of the province. I cannot find any record of him ever being critical of the wealthy. And it quotes a pet professor who wrote a book on our economic situation. He, too, was D and D on the role of the wealthy in milking us into poverty.

Canada&World? There must be nobody starving in Yemen or anywhere in Africa. Nobody got killed in Afghanistan. Or Libya. Or Iraq. Or Syria. And there's no rioting in Venezuela. The new, British Prime Minister has announced her cabinet.  Read it and get excited. Something to discuss over coffee at the Irving Chapel barn.

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  1. It's a shame that the weapons grade persuasion techniques used last US election are still active (Hillary is a criminal, 45 is a racist etc). I notice that violence against Muslims in US has gone up 3% since election; I wonder if the MSM will ever claim their accountability in portraying every republican as racist etc?

    In other news:

    Also somebutnotall people ARE weeping snd concerned 4 those deaths. Not all show it. There is also the completely natural we tend to love n protect our own blood kin first...then it dilutes from there. There is also the theorized 150 member of our tribe rule where we can at max according yo this theory have 150 friends people w close ties

    I would LOVE it for Canada to every year have some sort of rememberance day for a different groupbof mishandled or slain...

    Like a while ago my wish for Ground Zero in US was them to make it into a multicultural park where EVERYONE can be represented. A collected carnival of shared healing and sorroe. But no now a giant Deity Dick is there with a mausoleum of Despair.

    And so it goes