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June 10: A long one. So make yourself a drink and a snack.

In my copy of the current Brunswick News, the there's a big story about how a local man in making vodka. Then there's a hot story that a family in a nearby village wishes to keep a couple of horses on its property. There's not a single story in the first section that's worth reading.

Are there any wars going on in  the world, any starvation, any refugee hardships? Not in the Brunswick News.

The owner of the paper is the wealthiest man in the province. He and the government (whether Liberal or Conservative) are on very friendly terms. And,  despite his impact on the province and his ready access to financial assistance and his reluctance to pay a large property tax or any tax at all, a story about him in the paper usually appears only if he is taking bows for giving charity to somebody. This 'charity' looks like pure PR.

The Brunswick News is not designed to spread news. It's designed to keep readers in ignorance of what's going on the the world, to put them into a stupor with regular features such as which famous people we have never heard of are having a birthday today.

Here is a very interesting looking at the Irving papers.

The current boss of Brunswick News is Jamie Irving, grandson of the owner. Jamie Irving has a master's degree in journalism. I bet his old professors are bustin' their buttons over that.
The Irvings are reminiscent of a common phenomenon throughout history.  A person, often a warrior, became a ruler because of his military skill and the support of a core of warriors who became his aristocracy. His son then inherited the title - and the sons of the warriors became lords and dukes and earls.
Such as system commonly led, sometimes within just a generation, to a leadership that was low on brains - but which convinced itself it was superior to the common people - almost in a racial sense. It, therefore, had a right to rule and a superiority to all other humans. As the generations passed, this produced remarkably numbers of people quite unfitted to the power they inherited. (One thinks here of the British House of Lords, of many of the monarchs,  and the generals who became generals only because they were aristocrats (which explains the problems of the British high command in the Boer War and in World War 1. It also explains the ideocy of the charge of the light brigade.)

The same things happen with an aristocracy of wealth. The Rockefeller family, for example, goes back well over a century. But there is little sign of any inherited intelligence in it. The reality is that all the but the first one were born into wealth. The rest simply inherited wealth - and power and a belief in their superiority to common people.

It is suggestive that the  descendants of such families, despite their financial ability to do so with ease, rarely move to advanced studes in university.)
This item will give pleasure to those who hateTrump. But it really doesn't matter.

I doesn't matter because all the U.S political powers in Congress and Trump himself have been following much the same policies as followed by Bush and Obama. All of them have aroused racial hatred - exactly as Hitler did - and have used that hatred to win support for wars that will benefit the wealthy - just as Hitler did.

Hitler was not a isolated phenomenon. All the empires of Europe and the U.S. were built on the assumption that the native country (whichever it was) was home to a super race that had a right to abuse others.

It's been used by many national leaders for thousands of years. And capitalism has embraced it fully.
Keep an eye on Trudeau. The major purpose of defence spending in the U.S. - and now in Canada - is to make huge profits for billionaires to be handed over by corrupt politicians. It contributes nothing whatever to Canada. But it does place us in great danger of being dragged into more U.S. aggressions.

Among other problems, the U.S. cannot get enough Americans to join the army - not since Vietnam. So its army now relies heavily on 'mercenaries' - highly paid thugs.

And every dollar that we give to defence billionaires is a dollar that cannot go to fighting the biggest war ever - climate change. We have very, very little time to deal with it. And we have a prime minister who may be the weakest in Canadian history.

On the other hand, we may need a massive army as a result of climate change. The western world cannot deal with the 80 or so million refugees it has created. How do you think the west will deal with the hundreds of millions of refugees we are still creating?

Big business is ruled by greed and, frequently, by the stupidity created by greed.  If we want to survive we need the real patriotism that is demonstrated by saving Canada (and the rest of the world) from climate change. That - not fighting wars for American billionaires - is what patriotism means.
The Irving press (like much of the North American press in general) frequently attacks the public sector.  It NEVER attacks the private sector. We are raised to believe that private business is good, and public business is bad.This sample is about Canada. But it applies to most of the press all over the western world.
The following is a story about a local protest which is not likely to get much sympathy from the New Brunswick government or from the  Brunswick News. (Of course  not. Both the government and the Brunswick News are owned by the Irvings. The protest involves an oil pipeline that Irvings want to build.)
March over the Nashwaak River to highlight the secrecy & risks of the Energy East tar sands pipeline project.(The following is a statement from the organizers.)

FREDERICTON, N.B. - A march will be held on Saturday, June 10th in Fredericton across the Nashwaak River, 1:00pm-1:45pm. Starting at 1:00pm, people will meet at the gravel parking area beside 955 Union Street (borders the Nashwaak River and is just below the overpass of the Walking Train Bridge), and then march across the trail bridge over the Nashwaak River.

This march is part of the 'Hands Across The Water' events held in June along the proposed tar sands Energy East pipeline route in New Brunswick. This event is organized by the Fredericton chapter of the Council of Canadians.

"New Brunswick and Indigenous communities have been left in the dark about the route and the risks of the Energy East tar sands pipeline project," says Mark D'Arcy with the Council of Canadians - Fredericton chapter.  "Since 2014, there have been no public meetings (except one in Edmundston over the pipeline risk to their drinking water), no Provincial Environmental Impact Assessment, no community notices along the pipeline route, and no readable maps."

"Since 2015, both the City of Fredericton and the Council of Canadians - Fredericton chapter have asked TransCanada to hold a public meeting for Fredericton residents and conduct a spill modelling study of a tar sands bitumen pipeline spill into the Nashwaak River," says Mark D'Arcy.  "We are still waiting two (2) years later."

"There are 3 tributaries crossed by the pipeline at the head of the Nashwaak River," says Jean Louis Deveau, Chair of the Council of Canadians - Fredericton chapter.  "A spill into any one of these in the middle of the night could go undetected, spreading quickly down the entire stretch of the Nashwaak River to Fredericton. There is no current technology that allows the tar sands bitumen to be captured by booms, and fully cleaned up from the bottom sediment where it sticks aggressively, as documented in the catastrophic spills in the North Saskatchewan River in 2016 and the Kalamazoo River in 2010."

“The risks and consequences of a tar sands bitumen spill are simply too great for our watersheds and our homes,” says Mark D’Arcy. “More than 380 waterways in New Brunswick would be crossed by the Energy East pipeline.  If you live close to a stream, river, or bay where a bitumen spill would spread (releasing life-threatening toxic gas requiring immediate evacuation), the installation of early-warning air sirens, a 1.6km Emergency Evacuation Zone for all residents, and lowered property resale values would become the new reality for your home, cottage, or farm.”

“Considering the size and risk of the project, the lack of readable maps available to public and communities along the proposed pipeline route in New Brunswick is a travesty to the National Energy Board’s stated mandate that the review process be "fair, transparent and respectful", says Mark D’Arcy. “Our communities deserve online maps that are understandable and easy to read. These maps are contrasted by the easy-to-read and understandable maps, as well as a zoomable map on their website, provided by Kinder Morgan for their Trans Mountain Project on the west coast."

"And it is important to show our solidarity with the Wolastoqewiyik (Maliseet People), since the Energy East pipeline would cut across the entire length of their ancestral territory, a territory based on the watershed boundaries of the St. John River Basin," says Jean Louis Deveau. "The Wolastoq Grand Council held a press conference in Fredericton on January 29, 2016 to announce they were opposed to the Energy East pipeline."

"Right here at this location we are reminded of two recent events that give us grave concern about the ability of our province to regulate this pipeline properly and protect our waterways,” says Jean Louis Deveau.  “First, Irving Oil, a partner with TransCanada in the Energy East project, was not ordered to clean up their property directly across Union Street after they removed their oil storage tanks in 2003. As reported by CBC New Brunswick, the Department of Environment and Local Government refused to discuss the soil contamination citing "it is protected under the Privacy Act.”

“Second, the failure to insist that the proposed Sisson Brook be developed as a dry mine, and to insist on large bonds up front for cleanup, compensation, and reclamation,” says Jean Louis Deveau. “The integrity of the Sission Brook tailings pond, located at the head waters of the Nashwaak River, has to be maintained forever; it is important to remember that the Mount Polley tailings pond was only 20 years old when it had the catastrophic failure. Instead of the proposed $50 million reclamation bond, the Province of New Brunswick should insist on a mine reclamation bond of at least $750 million which would cover the cost of dealing with the open pit mine and treating the tailings pond with a wastewater treatment plant.”

"It's our future too", says Tina Oh, a recent recipient of the Starfish 'Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25'.  "Canada will be unable to meet our greenhouse gas climate targets for 2030 if we build these tar sands pipelines. Young people, your children, don’t want runaway climate change. We don't want survival. We deserve more than that. We want our future to include a clean & just transition for workers & communities."

Tina Oh and friends from Mount Allison University have started a social media campaign to show support for these anti-Energy East events this month.  They are asking people to post a photo of yourself or with friends with a sheet of paper(s) saying 'the future I want includes'…." #HandsAcrossTheWater

"We prefer that we move into the direction of alternative energy - something that sustains life, not destroys it", says Clanmother Alma Brooks. " There’s a worldwide movement happening. Renewables are now cheaper than fossil fuels so there is no reason to delay."

The final Hands Across The Water event is on Saturday, June 17th in Red Head (Saint John). Starting at 1:00pm, the 2nd 'March to the End of the Line' starts at the intersection of Red Head Road and Hewitt Road, the parade takes ~ 30 minutes, and arrives at Anthony's Cove Road for a picnic on the shore of the Bay of Fundy. This family event ends at 4:00pm.  This event is organized by Red Head Anthony's Cove Preservation Association.
_________________________________________________________________Expect nothing from Trudeau on this. Expect less than nothing from the Conservatives.

But who gives a damn. We're killing them all anyway by starvation and bombing. Oh, and offhand, do you know why we're killing all those innocent people?
Here's a story about the racket that Trudeau wants to suck Canada into. The 'defence' industry is wildly corrupt - as are the politicians who feed contracts to it. And much of it has nothing to with defence. Much of it is building weapons for the sake of the high and corrupt profits to be made.
Here's an item that's couple of months old, but still news.
Britain and the U.S. have killed mlllions of inncent people. And in most our press, the killers we send are heroes 'serving their country'.   Actually, modern terrorism, which was developed by the CIA who trained the Taliban in Afghanistan, is an American invention. And the horror of the wars in Syria and Yemen is that the U.S. uses terrorist methods in them. But, somehow, it's the vicitims who are evil in our news. And when Muslims use the terrorist tactics (as in London) that they learned from the U.S., then they're evil, too.

The United States Empire is the natural, if illegitimate, child of the British Empire.

Land of Hope and Glory, mother of the free,
How can we extol them who are born of thee.
Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set.
God who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,,,,

(If Muslims had a similar song, we would brand it as blasphemous and evil.) But, apparently, God wants us to kill people and steal their resources and abuse the people as Canadian mining companies do. Just as God wanted us to murder and displace the native peoples of the Americas.)
Oh, why is Trump putting on the pressure to break the North American Free Trade Agreement?

It's to make it easier to kill government regulation of business in Canada and the U.S. It's rather as though the rest of us decided to ignore traffic lights, to drive drunk, to carry machine guns through the street.

Big business doesn't want any regulations to limit it. It will be in Canada and the U.S. But it doesn't want to pay taxes, or to protect the environment, or to put controls on things like pipelines. In effect, it wants to live outside the rule of law, to ignore traffic lights and to drive drunk.

Both Trump and Trudeau are on the side of big business as are both the Liberals and Conservatives.
American foreign policy, especially since 2000, has created vast areas of instability and chaos. There was no reason for the wars in Afghanisan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen      - or  those wars encouraged by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. There is no reason for hostility to Iran. But the US has created death, starvation and horror over much of the world. And the only reason for it is to give more money to super-wealthy U.S. corporations. (and to the British and Canadian ones that suck up to their American brethren.)

We have created a very dangerously unstable world.
Britain's Jeremy Gordon, while losing the general election, won it. The rise of his Labour Party was a shock to the Conservatives of   prime minister May. Most observers see the rise of the Labour party to be the real outcome of the election. Just days after the election, many British are hailiing this as the future. So does Bernie Sanders, the American democrat with some strong socialist views.
Let's hope Sanders is right because the only alternative is the Nazi Empire that we are becoming a part of.

No, to say that we have drifted into naziism is not an exaggeration. Nazism was dedicated to making billionaires richer. To  rouse support for that, Hitler stirred up patriotism and a racist hatred toward Jews.

And that is what our governments are doing, just shifting the hatred over to Muslims, maybe Mexicans.....anybody who looks different will do....

Here, in New Brunswick, we don't have to worry about war in Quatar - or war anywhere or starvation or mass murder. That's because our Brunswick News rarely mentions it. It needs all the space it can get for the real news. Today's headline is that a village got fined a hundred dollars for not reporting a water problem. The paper goes downhill from there.

The commentary page has its usual non-commentaries. One for example, is not a commentary but a news story. It's about a new provincial system requiring people who 'lobby' any elected any governmental official (you know, for favours like forgiving taxes or running oil piplines over fresh water), will have to register as lobbyists.

Will companies do that? Almost certainly not. And if they do, will that in any way cut down on lobbying? No. And will Brunswick News ever report on the results of this? Almost certainly not.

 It's like passing a law that hookers have to dress like nuns.

Then we have the usual column by a lawyer/politician who has nothing to say except he wants to be everybody's friend. He thinks Richard Nixon was a great man because he ended the Vietnam War. Duh - Mr. Murphy, the U.S. got booted out of Vietnam. Don't you remember all the TV news of terrified refugees and a panicky U.S. army? His vice-president, Spiro Agnew (who had to quit office because he was caught knee-deep in corruption), is a hero to Murphy because he called opponents names.

He also hails the city government for  building an events centre with tax payers paying for it. He seems to think this will make us rich. Now, let's think. If an events centre will make us all rich, do you think there is the slightest chance the big business in this province would let a government build it and get all that profit?

The World section is mostly trivia and ads. There is no mention of any war anywhere in the world, no mention of the millions who are starving. But there's a great photo of an American and a Canadian politician shaking hands.

And the Faith Page? The great issue for Christianity is that we should never feel we have to apologize for helping others. Yeah. I've been worried about that.
Who causes terrorism? Mostly it's us.
Britain is attacked by terrorists?   We shed tears and express sympathy. Iran is attacked by terrorists? We place sanctions on Iran.
Isn't it terrible the way terrorists attacked London? It makes you wonder who trained them and who supplies them to this day.
What the attacks on Manchester and London were about may not be so simple as our news media suggest.
I well remember the jubilation of my Jewish friends  (and me) and the Israeli victory in the six day war. A lot of that jubilation of me and of my Jewish friends has faded as Israel has become the great aggressor.
If the story below is true, it could be bad news for all of us. My experience of Jews in Montreal was very extensive. Most notable among then was a profound respect for education and for open and public discussion of serious matters.
I frequently (many times a year) spoke at churches and synagogues. I learned early that in the synagogues I had better have something important and serious to talk about. In churches, I leaned I had to keep it light, and have a few jokes up my sleeve.

I also learned that, by far, the biggest and most frequent audiences were Jewish. I live now in a city with almost no Jewish population - and the lack of any serious discussion of anything is very evident.

There are aspects of Judaism that are important to all of us. I would hope to see them saved.
Sorry this one went on so long, and is late in being posted.


  1. You write that Trump has aroused (what a turgid word, hey) racial hatred

    Do you really believe that?

    What racrs do you think he has intentially aroused racial hatred against?

  2. Racism is a tricky thing to use. I'm not at all sure there is such a thing as a race. However, Trump certainly uses the word Muslim as a racist one when he accuses Muslims of being evil. If they are, then Muslims must be born with a hatred gene. So he's using the word evil in a racial sense.

  3. Ty for your explanation
    I see the Trump being racist as a meme whose whole purpose was to get Hillary elected and now it continues to affect because that was some weapons grade persuasion
    Personally I dont see him as being racist. Muslims and Mexicans aren't a race.
    I would desperately like to see some big authority on the American "Left" to accept responsibility for the continuance for that dangerous meme
    Hope yer doing alright in yer corner of reality