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Jun 21: More Insanity. More Greed. Less Time.

This is a long one because I  had a lot to get off my chest in the first half. If you find me boring, just skip to about half way down.

"During the so-called secret war in Laos(1964-1973), the US dropped the equivalent of a PLANE LOAD of BOMBS every 8 minutes for NINE YEARS straight!!! More than the bombs dropped on Germany and Japan combined during WW2. Laos is the most heavily bombed country in history! Even today, 80 million live bombs are still lying undiscovered beneath the soil and have so far  claimed 200,000 lives AFTER the war ended. These still undiscovered bombs were primarily from Operation Barrel Roll and Operation Steel Tiger which dropped 270 million cluster bombs just in one area. Cluster bombs are designed to open in mid air thus being able to spread their damage further."

Nobody knows how many were killed. During the regular bombing it was at least 200,000, mostly civilians. Then there are the way over 200,000 killed after the war was 'over".

This is not the world we told our vets of world war 2 what they were fighting for. And they certainly were not fighting for this wretched repeat of the middle ages whenj dukes and earls and lords ruled because their daddies had been dukes and earls and lords.

And our military certainly did not fight so that corporation bosses could get the power to demand mass murder of millions all over the world.

Picture those bomber pilots who destroyed a helpless Laos and Cambodia marching proudly now with all their medals and feeling pride at preserving 'Christian' values.

God bless America
Land of the free.
Stand beside her and guide her....

Sure. Blame it all on God.

This sort of thing is what gives Christianity and patriotism a bad name. And it has given me a day of thinking of the evil that we have become.

The U.S.  (and friends)  kills freely all over the world, so freely that nobody has a count. Drones fly out every day to kill. Some days they kill enemies of  the U.S. Some days, they just kill.
The New Brunswick Press today features the first of a series of articles on New Brunswick and its confederation with Canada in 1867. The author is a local professor and 'public policy analyst' who is much admired by the Irving press and its owner. His last, great triumph was a book on how the government of New Brunswick is overspending. He did it without a single reference to the wealthy of this province who avoid taxes (so that it's hard to afford public programmes like education and  health care), and who continually seek huge favours of tax rebates, forgivable loans, etc. Kiss. Kiss.

The first instalment of this series is pretty shallow stuff - and not entirely accurate. He speaks, for example, of governments in Ontario and Quebec working on behalf of their bIg business people to make them rich at the expense of the maritimes.

What the hell does  he think big business in New Brunswick does? And he uses this imagery of persecution when a far more important factor in maritime decline was geography. Nor does he mention the stranglehold that local business has always had on New Brunswick going back to the days of the timber barons.

Then he rises in triumph to say that he has asked people why we should accept federal taxes raised partly on shale gas from Alberta, but object to developing our own shale gas. This he calls a moral and economic question. And he says nobody can ever answer his point.

If so, he must be  hanging out with a pretty retarded crowd. We shouldn't and Alberta shouldn't because the planet is dying as a result of digging for shale gas. And, I dunno, I kinda think there`s a moral issue in that.  If Dr. Savoie wants moral issues, he might wish to discuss Canada's role in the mass murder of 200,000 Maya in Guatemala. Or he might not.

He ends with the statement that New Brunswickers are among the poorest people in Canada. He says he tells people they should trust the private sector to change that - and nobody has been able to tell him a better way.

That, Dr. Savoie, is because your ears are badly plugged up. It is the private sector which has made this a poor province as it bleeds us with pleas for tax forgiveness, for free loans....

Norbert Cunningham will probably write a column on how wonderful this shallow and even servile article is.. I can't wait to see the next three in the series.
On the good side, The Moncton Times and Transcript has 2 (count them 2) articles worth reading. Both are on the rise of temperature for this summer. And both agree we are facing a a summer of heat rising by about one degree ---and that such a rise is enough to be damaging and serious warning of what is to come..

But I don't think Dr. Savoie had time to read those stories. So bring on the shale gas. Morality demands it.
And here's a story about our forests (sent to me by a reader. And thank you.,) It's about the impact of private ownership of 'our' forests.

This is the province in which our chief medical officer raised concerns about the effect of agricultural chemicals on our forest and on us. So she was dismissed and removed. The paper never told us why.  Dr. Savoie never wrote a penetrating article on it.

But we know damn well why, and we know who gave the orders. Almost all of our provincial governments are corrupted by big business. But New Brunswick is far, far the worst one. We don't have a democracy. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are servile, and both have been servile for a long, long time.
And the NDP and the Greens are going to have to become a lot tougher if they want to do anything for this province. They people they have to bring under control are quite ruthless. And I'm not sure the province is salvageable.

This is a province in which people are afraid to have an opinion. They're scared of the Irvings as their ancestors were scared of the landowners back in the lumbering days. I think of those times in Quebec at the height of the separatist movement when opposing separatism could be very scary, indeed. But at the worst of if, I could speak to groups and tell the truth. And they would respond openly and honestly.

Not in New Brunswick. This is a province whose battle cry is a whimper.  In St. John, they breathe poisoned air - and thank Mr. Irving for it. Mr. Irving says he doesn't want to pay land taxes on vast holdings. And our elected representatives can't scamper fast enough to please him. (And a Dr. Savoie tells us all about  how Mr. Irving who has taken billions out of this province is creating jobs. If that is what he's tryingn to do (and it isn't), this is the worst job creation plan I  have ever seen.)

It's going to take tough action by the NDP and Greens - and I've yet to see that kind of toughness in either of them. And I really wonder how either of them can get the support of a population that is too scared to listen.
We are murdering and plundering all over the world on a scale Hitler could only envy.  
                                                                                                                      We put Canadian troops in danger to fight American wars as we once fought the  Boer War for the British. We have helped to create more than 8o million refugees, most of whom will never find a decent (or long) life. We have joined with the U.S. to murder and exploit the peoples of South America. A million bombs in the soil of Laos and Cambodia just waiting to explode are only a small part of the story.

We have practiced corruption, murder and plundering on a vast scale, and with much more to come. We have turned democracy into rule by a new, greedy and self-appointed aristocracy. We have allowed ourselves to become ignorant of the horrors we inflict on the rest of the world - and on us.
How the hell did we let this happen?
Just after writing the above,  I got this note from a clergyman.......

I asked a church, in a district suffering from poverty and social services to invite its membership to participate in a significant demonstration of resistance to the domination of the political and social landscape by the Irving patriarchs. The discussion was short. The consensus was against participation. The reason? So that the Irving family would not get annoyed with the United Church.

It has not been a good day.
Let's start with something intelligent from Haaretz.

(For goys and shiksas who read this, a goy is yiddish for gentile male. And a Shiksa is yiddish for gentile female. Oy vay means, roughly, omigosh. That can be emphasized as oy vay schmeer.

(My, I miss the Jewish community in Montreal. It was open to ideas. It wasn`t afraid to challenge the powers. It had a great respect for truth.)
The U.S. has, with its allies pursued policies in the middle east that lead straight to the great war that nobody will win. The American goal is that American oil billionaires should have control of all the oil profits to be taken out of the middle east.

This is of no benefit to anybody but the oil billionaires who tuck all those profits into their secret bank accounts, and who leave it up to us to pay for their wars.
Worse, it has destroyed the stability of whole regions as governments are destroyed and as countries like Israel, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Yemen scramble to survive and as countries like Russia and China feel compelled to move in - and most of Europe and Canada. U.S. foreign policy since 1945,  and especially since 2001, has been a disaster that has destabilized the whole world.

And this has been done solely to benefit the financial aristocracy that rules us.
And Israel, of all countries, has become a nation of racist persecution.
Watch ALL of this. This is what a nation  that is breaking down looks like.
Under international law, the U.S. has no right whatever to be in Syria - just as it had no right to attack most of the 70 plus countries it was attacked since 1945. Unless the other country attacks you, one cannot send in troops without an invitation from the other government. The U.S. had no such invitation from Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Guatemala, Cuba,  Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria - and no such invitation for its drones to invade and kill people in Pakistan and other countries our news media don't tell us about.

Since 1945,  the U.S. has been committing war crimes as bad as any that we hanged naziis for committing. And, on many occasions, Canada has joined in - as in AFghanistan, Libya, Irag, Haiti....

And we may now be paying one hell of a price...

The U.N. was created as part of a promise to our World War 2 veterans to prevent future wars. WE betrayed that promise from the start. On Nov. 11, we should mourn our veterans of war. And, oh, we should also mourn our betrayal of all we said they died for.
And here's a story about the climate change that us smart folks know isn't happening. You go right ahead with those pipelines, Mr. Trudeau. They create  jobs.
Most of the great empires of the past have killed their own poor, just as they killed millions of those they conquered. Britain, in its most glorious days, suffered massive poverty and early death. Trump is continuing this tradition in the U.S. by putting medical care out of the reach of the poor. The Guardian looks at this phenomenon in the light of the disastrous apartment buiiding fire in London.
Welcome to the real world where the western powers are the great supporters of Naziism. (For a hint of this, check out photos of the soldiers in today`s Ukraine. These are the ones on òur` side. You may notice that many of them have swastikas on their helmets. These are soldiers of the Ukrainian Nazi party that we have welcomed into the Ukrainian government.

It makes sense to the west because, despite calling his party a socialist party, Hitler was not a socialist, and there was nothing socialist about what the naziis did. Far from seeking control of big business, the Nazi party was a party of big business. That`s why Henry Ford and many, many other capitalists in Canada, the U.S., and Europe supported Hitler. He was their wall against socialism. (Much of what we have been told about that war is simply not true.)

Capitalists are still drawn to Hitler`s naziism.
This story probably won`t make our Irving press.
Expanding the war in Syria is insane, so insane that it risks a world, nuclear war. (It`s also illegal under international law.) But Trump is doing it. Watch for Trump to do it. Watch for him to demand Canadian troops. Watch for Justin Trudeau to click his heels and say yessir.

The U.S. is an empire in advanced decay. And that`s when they are most desperate and irresponsible.
Guess who your real enemies are.

I wonder where New Brunswick would come in this list. Probably lower than the U.S. because the wealthy of this province work hard for their money, too hard to waste it in taxes to help hungry kids.
Enough for today.

Oh - if you want a series of real horror stories, just google Canadian mining companies in Guatemala.
Our mining companies have a long history of brutality, exploitation, environmental destruction - and murder - in other countries. And they have had the full cooperation of Canadian governments in covering up.
Among those 'incidents' is involvement in the mass murder of 200,000 Maya.

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