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July 14: The big problem that the Irving press won't touch.

All of these stories are of climate change that IS happening. But the Moncton Times and Transcript has no room for this today. It needed the space for the big story that the Bill Cosby  trial will resume today.

Almost always trivial, the Irving press rarely touches on climate change - probably because Mr. Irving wouldn't like it. After all, he's in the oil business and, like the rest of the business, he's been downplaying the threat of climate change.

Ain't happenin' is the official word in the Irving press. Just think, the oil barons of this world, few of whom have scientific training of any sort, have decided that the world's professional scientists don't know what they're talking about.

That's common in big business as a group. Few big business leaders have dazzling educations, Certainly, for a group coming from so much money, they commonly have far less education in anything than one might expect. No, their wealth is based on inheritance more than brains. So climate change isn't happening.

But it is.

Thanks to the oil barons, we have thrown away some thirty years doing nothing about it. And there's a lot to do.

There will be refugees in the hundreds of millions, fleeing the drying up of farm lands. It's already happening in Africa. Expect more, much more and soon in Asia, South America - and the south western U.S.  Growing warmth in the Arctic and Antarctic with replace some of the farmland, but not much. And that will happen in a world with a population that is growing very rapidly, and is already running low on food. There will be wars, quite terrible wars, and mass slaughter of the starving.

And the reaction of the oil industry? Well, they've noticed the warming of the Arctic. But all it means to them is that this is another place to drill for oil. They're also hot on oil pipelines which take a long time to be profitable - so these great minds are planning to maintain fossil  fuel burning for decades to come.

How much time do we have cut back severely on fossil fuels? Well, we're already past the starting point by thirty years - with no significant reduction. Nobody knows how much time we have left. Many people who know what they're talking about suggest we have, maybe, twenty years to complete enormous changes. Maybe.

Are the leaders of the oil industry stupid? Greedy? It's  hard to say. They show signs of both. I mean, with their sandwich and coffee money safely stored in secret bank accounts, they could probably manage a drop in oil income while still living higher than the rest of us.

Whatever their intellectual shortcomings might be, they should realize that if we die of climate change, then so will they. Or maybe all that applause from the chamber of commerce has gone to their heads.

All of this, by the way, is what comes from generations of increasingly allowing big business to avoid regulation - to pollute, to poison, to dictate to their governments which wars to fight. Virtually all wars since 1945 have been fought to profit big business..  (As were most wars before 1945). The wars in the middle east are oil wars to let western oil companies get a monopoly on middle east oil. The U.S. has been fighting imperial wars to make the American wealthy even wealthier since the day the U.S. was founded.)

Capitalism can work. But, like all isms, if we allow to run wild, it will destroy all of us including (thought they haven't figured this out yet) the capitalists. Remember, being born rich does not necessarily indicate high intelligence.
To do this, we need to create the new world order we promised to those who fought in World War 2. But, instead of doing that, our business-owned governments chose to launch the imperial wars of the last seventy years.
Sorry, big business. Go fight your own wars. And pay for them.
On a related topic.....

You can count on the Liberals and the Conservatives to do nothing. And the irving press won't even mention it.
If I ever criticize Israel, I hear from people accusing me of being anti-semitic. (I guess they don't know that arabs are semites, too.) I wonder who they'll react to Haaretz criticizing Israel.


There are also many Jews who are anti-European Jews. I often saw this in Montreal when speaking to Jewish groups. Most Jews in North America and Europe are Ashkenazi. But there are smaller numbers who Sephardic. These are Jews who have lived in Palestine since the days of ancient Israel. And they have lived, largely, in peace and friendship all those years with their Palestinian Muslim neighbours.

They profoundly reject the Azhkenazi (European) majority in Israel who treat Palestinians, even those who are Israeli citizens, with contempt and restrictions. They reject Israel's unending theft of Palestinian land, and its enforcement of poverty on Palestine.

We might also pause to think about our, western role in all this.

We did NOT create Israel to give Jews a safe haven after the war years. The idea of an Israel for Jews originated among western gentiles about World War 1. And it was not intended to do them a favour. It was get rid of those who were in Europe and America. In short, it was a gentler version of Hitler's decision to end the Jewish question.

It was revived after World War Two because North America and Europe still wanted to get rid of the Jews. Canada and the U.S., in particular, did not want Jews.

Nobody had the right to hand over what was then Palestine to anybody. Most Christians today don't know that. But Jews have not forgotten.
The people who control the drones are, of course, patriots fighting for their country.
Big capitalism looks for eternal growth. But we can't have it. We have reached and perhaps are falling in our ability to feed the world population. We are threatening the survival of the planet with the out of control use of fossil fuels.
Who creates terrorism?  We do.
David Suzuki, one of Canada's most eminent scientists, used to be a regular contributor to our Irving press. He was superb on issues of climate change. I guess that's why they dropped him.
Britain could well be heading towards a break with its role as America's bumboy. Expect to see some of this in Europe, too. And Canada? Nothing will happen so long as Liberals or Conservatives form Canadian governments.
The U.S. has relied heavily on bombing as its major war weapon. It's highly indiscriminate and kills many civilians. But few countries can defend themselves against U.S. bombers, so the U.S. can kill without getting killed back.

By the way, for anyone who thinks war is glorious, I recommend a film I came across on Netflix. It's called Gallipoli.

Oh - the U.S. has attacked an estimated 70 countries since 1945. Can you guess how many countries have attacked the U.S. in that time? (No. Afghanistan did not attack the U.S.)
And Trump expands the disaster the U.S. has been making in Central America for over a century. And, of course, it's all the fault of the people of Central America.
There are two, huge problems on our plate. One of them is climate change. The other is to create something resembling the world government the UN was intended to be - an project deligerately destroyed by the U.S.

As a footnote, let's rethink the terms 'patriotism' and 'fighting for one's country.' In every nation I have ever heard of, these  terms are used to indicate glory. And if they really mean glory, then the Naziis who ran the death camps did it because they were patriotic and fighting for their country. Ditto for  terrorists.

Let's get over it. Actually, the reasons people serve in the military are many and varied. And we have a bad habit of labelling   everybody on our side as patriotic and glorious, and the other side are all evil. These terms are just used to manipulate us. Was it the  cowboys or the Indians who were being patriotic and fighting for their country? And, if it was both, what the hell can those terms mean?

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