Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8: More greed. More stupidity bred with greed.

Briefly, there is a stunning error in today's Brunswick news. The headline is "Historian says Russian spies may have stolen Mackenzie King's diary".
Now, the newspaper's editors write the headlines on stories. They read the story - then write the headline that tells what it's about. But Brunswick News editors suffer reading deficiencies - and their headline is NOT what the story says.
The story begins with hints that Russians stole a volume of King's diary. But there is not the slightest evidence they did. Toward the end, the story suggests it is more likely it was stolen by an employee of the Canadian government.
 So how could an editor make such a blunder?

Probably because he or she didn't bother to read to the whole story. This is really bush league journalism.

For a sample of the diaries, try this. They're fascinating, and sometimes hilarious.
I was taught by Professor Fred Gibson at Queen's University who had been secretary to Mackinzie King (and the best Professor I ever met.)
Today, I'll take a little time to give a background on what's happening in North Korea. We need it because we may be rushing to nuclear war - and our news media have never told the story of what this is really about. It's a story that goes way back to 1945 - to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

President Truman nuked those cities because, he says,  Invading Japan would have cost hundreds of thousands of American lives. But president Truman was lying.

Japan was beaten. And Japan knew it. It's military forces had virtually ceased to exist. It had no fuel for its aircraft, ships and land vehicles. (American news media spread stories that Japanese men, women and children would have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans using bamboo spears  - seriously).

In 1945, the U.S. was on the edge of world domination. It already controlled Latin America and, increasingly, the oil of the middle east. It had a foothold of Asia with its conquest of The Philipines and the annexation of Hawaii. The Soviet Union was no competition. It had lost 50 to 80 million people during the war - perhaps the greatest death list in the history of warfare. China was a shambles after a century of British exploitation of it - and because of a long civil war. The European empires were all in terminal collapse. And the U.S. had just established a puppet dictatorship in South Korea. That, with the addition of North Korea, would give the U.S. a launching pad for its long-wished-for conquest of China.

The U.S. was set to conquer the world. For respectability, it could depend on the UN which, in those early days was a puppet for American diplomacy. (Contrary to stories in our press, the Korean war did NOT start with a North Korea invasion of South Korea. That was the UN version of the story. The reality is that north and south had been attacking each other from the start.)

With a near absolute control of the UN, it was a cinch for the U.S. to get its approval for a holy war. (Since then, the U.S. has been losing control of the UN. That's why it has been cutting its financial support for the UN. That's why Canada, once a golden boy of the UN, is now having trouble winning a council seat. Everybody knows that Canada is a U.S. puppet.)

It went well at first with the heaviest bombing campaign in history that killed at least a third of the population of North Korea. (yes, that includes women and sweet little children while the folks back home sang God Bless America.  Apparently, the churches didn't notice.)

  North Korea was a walk-over. But if we didn't know what this war was really about, China did. It intervened, and threw the U.N. forces back into South Korea.
Yes. We had saved South Korea. But that was never the point of the war. The point of it was to threaten China, and to launch a war against it.

In short, we lost the Korean war. More, the U.S. lost its opportunity to rule the world, and it loses more ground with every day that passes. Russia is no longer the shattered nation it was. China is now a world power, and growing in power every day. The U.S. is in deep trouble trying to hold on to its middle east oil.  Increasingly, members of the UN are distrustful of the U.S.

But many American business leaders still think that America can rule the world - and they own most of the politicians. And our news media daily tell us how evil foreigners pick on the U.S. - a U.S. which has just tried so hard to bring peace and joy to the world by invading some seventy countries since 1945.
Oh, there's a lot of evil people out there.

All of this has to be known to make any sense out of Trump's threats to North Korea. But our news media have never told us any of the above.
One and a half centuries ago, the European powers handed over  piece of Africa to the king of Belgium, What has followed is millions of murders, of torture, of degradation, starvation and terror which still go on though Congo is officially a free country. The reality is that it is still controlled by world capitalists
 (including Canadians) as it once was by Belgian capitalists. The classic novel about the early days of this horror is 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad.
A friend who was a missionary there for 35 years assured me that nothing has changed in the miserable country.
Think Hitler's racism was an oddity? Here's a sample of it at the White House. And you can find lots of it all over the U.S. and Canada. Hitler was  not a horrible deviation for the western world. He was, pretty much, mainstream. And he still would be.
Brunswick News has not mentioned the rise of violence and severe disorder in South America - another part of the American empire that is in disarray.
Here's another source for Americans killed by police thiis year. Only 7 days into May, there have already been 21 killings. (All of them have newspaper sources.)
Here's another topic the Brunswick News hasn't paid much attention to.  (It needed the space for a big, world news story on traffic in Montreal. In fairness, Montreal traffic is a disaster. I have driven in China where (at that time) cars drove at night with lights off except for a quick flash every minute or so. It was a courtesy to other drivers, horses, cattle, pedestrians on the road - so that the lights wouldn't get in their eyes.)
I  thought this an interesting article on the failure of war as an instrument of policy. However, I was less impressed by its proposed alternative.
In a flurry of self-congratulation, Trump announced he had settled the Israel/Palestine conflict. Yes. In his dreams.
All too true.
There are no limits to the horrors that the greedy and stupid will inflict on us - if we let them.

And there is no political party in Canada (or the U.S.) that will stand up to them. The old CCF did. But now, as the NDP, it's an onlooker. We need to make it the party it was. Or New Brunswick can just go on as it has - electing lawyers on the make.
Here's a story I haven't seen in our local papers.
Canadians are slow, very slow, to catch on to Trudeau.
Another story our news media have ignored.
There are so many sites to go through - Counterpunch, the Off-Guardian,, Black Agenda Report, Wikileaks, and many, many more. Here's a general look at Wikileaks.

Remember, these leaks come straight from U.S. government agencies. So ya gotta believe  them. Right? I mean, if you believe Trump - then you have to believe wikileaks, too. In fact, you have to believe it a lot more than anyone can believe Trump.



  2. Do you think 45 is going to be different with how he approaches NK? Do you see any signs of him getting China to get NK to behave? Do you think there are signs he wants closer ties with Russia and China?

  3. Make North Korea behave? Why? Who has North Korea invaded? How has it bombed? How many people has it murdered? How many drones does it have attacking other countries? How many million has it killed in Vietnam and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan? Who has far the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world? And who has been moving nuclear sites up to the borders of places like Russia and China?
    For that matter, who started the Korean War? In fact, both North and South had been raiding each other well before that war. It was not, despite what our press said, simply an invasion by the north.
    If there is one country that needs to learn how to behave, it is the U.S. It has been on a stampede to conquer the world since 1945.
    And you want a crackpot leader? Try Donald Trump. Try a George Bush. Try almost any American president since 1945.
    North Korea is not a serious threat to the world.
    In the Korean war, largely provoked by the U.S., the U.S. murdered a third of the whole population of the north. That's something of a world record. It's surely not odd, then, that Korea is still in a turmoil, and can be governed only by a dictator. We created what North Korea is. But, as a threat to the world, North Korea comes nowhere close to the U.S. The US has been fighting wars of conquest since its earliest European settlers. It has invaded and set up dictatorships all over South America. It invaded Mexico to take Texas and most of California. It invaded Canada to steal this country - remember?
    Since 1945, it has killed millions to extend its empire through Asia, Africa, the middle east. Since 1945, Canada has been a U.S. colony, supporting every criminal act of the U.S., and even taking part in its killing.
    But if small and poor North Korea gets a nuclear bomb or two, then that's sinful. The U.S. elects presidents who are world murderers. But that's okay. North Korean rulers use public events and hand-clapping to maintain their power - not surprising in a nation which has survived the horrors North Korea has. The U.S. elects president who invade and kill on a mass scale and have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. But that's okay. America is a good and loving country.
    I doubt whether Trump wants China to make North Korea behave. The American goal since 1945 has been to conquer north Korea to give the U.S. a base on the Chinese border. Trump is certainly not interested in China moving in on that.
    Our news media, most of them, are designed to make us hate and/or fear those our billionaires want us to hate and fear.
    Does Trump want closer ties to Russia and China? Probably. But only in the sense that he wants control of their markets. And that's been the story of most of the empires I have ever heard of.
    Our ancestors in North America were conditioned to accept the murder of millions of native peoples to steal their land. And they did so with the blessing of the Christian churches. Spain, Portugal and the blessed Christopher Columbus were even worse. We did the same in Africa with the British, French and italian empires. We did it with China.
    the U.S. did it with South America, Africa, the middle east, The Philippines. (Columbus was a real sweetheart. He had teams of killer dogs trained to hunt down native people who feel behind in delivering gold to him.)
    Our history should tell us we are not good. And it should tell us those we exploit and frequently kill are evil. But instead, we get our news from media that are mostly propagandists. And so we see ourselves as just a virtuous as Columbus was when his dogs tore native peoples to shreds.

  4. Sorry - an error. last paragraph, second sentence. "And it should tell us those we exploit and frequently kill are NOT evil."

  5. I can't imagine what its like in most other countries where their populaces have been invaded and conquered again and again. No wonder blood feuds and generational hatreds exist.

  6. I also wonder what would've happened to the long their slavery would have continued? But that question can't be answered.