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May 6: The Hard Truth

The very hard truth.

Since 1945, the U.S. has killed - nobody knows how many -15 million? more? It has created at least eighty million refugees - civilians, mostly. They drown, starve to death, are sold into slavery in their flight. The survivors have just spent a winter in the filthy and dangerous refugee camps created by Europeans who don't want them. (The U.S. won't help them at all.) Most of those children will never see school for any significant time. And what will happen to all those wretched people is anybody's guess.

Why is the U.S. behaving like this?

Part of this is the old belief in manifest destiny - the belief that God wants America to rule and 'police' the world. That, of course, carries an implication.  American are superior to other peoples. Those other peoples? Well, they kill; and that's  not Christian. No. These are inferior peoples.

Check out "Project for the New American Century" on the web. It was drawn up by very, very prominent people with names like Bush. It calls for America to rule the world. And the implication is clear. Americans, as God's chosen people, are a superior people. The rest need either control or  elimination.

It's not a new concept. Another prominent Christian once shouted a similar message to his superior people - and the people cheered and shouted "Heil".

Of course, and just like American billionaires, that prominent Christian invaded and murdered to get the resources of other nations - the oil wells of Russia, for example. And it was okay because, like Muslims in the US, the Russians were untermensch - inferior people. Hitler was the spokesman for those Germans who were very, very wealthy, and wanted more.

And it's not just the U.S. or just Hitler's Germany.

I watched a documentary on the contribution of valiant British farmers and how they helped to win the war - and  how cruel it was of Germany to try to starve the British. It was all very uplifting and very true. But -

Britain in its own glory days murderered, enslaved, looted Africans, Asians, native Americans by the millions to make the rich even richer. And it was all justified as the will of God, "Land of hope and glory, mother of the free. How can we extol them, who are born of thee. Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set. GOD WHO MADE THEE MIGHTY MAKE THEE MIGHTIER YET....."

That could have been written for Donald Trump.

The same can be said for every empire in history. That superiority is what Trump implied when he said, "Make America Great Again." Heil. Heil Heil. And those who oppose us are racially inferior. Of course they are. If they weren't, we of the superior race would not be killing them.

And the billionaires tell young people to kill. But they don't say it's to make the billionaires richer. No. It's says that the young people are "serving their country" (Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.) Just like the Hitler Jugend.
Hitler was, of course, a monster. We see that easily. What we don't see is that Hitler was a common example of the leaders our world has been producing to serve the privileged for thousands of years for the empires of Rome and Spain and Portugal and France and Britain and the U.S.

Beware of patriots. Too many of them are either fools or Hitlers. For examples, check the styles of Bush, Obama and Trump   (and Clinton). And check their puppets in the Canadian government.
Here's a story you won't find in Brunswick News papers. They need all their space for big stories like "Woman sneezes on Main St." South America is seething. And it's not because Latins are hot-headed. It's because they are victims of the American empire, dominated by the demands of American and Canadian resource companies so that they are kept poor.

Expect much more - and in more countries. Watch for Canada to be asked to send troops. Yeah. We'll call them peacekeepers, like the ones we sent to Haiti to help overthrow the elected government.
The use of American agents to murder political leaders is common - but seldom reported. And it's bigger than that. In South America, for example, the U.S. often uses hired killers to kill, for example, environmentalists. (Mining companies don't like environmentalists.)
The U.S. has interfered, often violently and murderously, in just about every country in South America. Name me one that is better off as a result.
Here is a stunning account of what happened, what really happened, the last time we went to war with North Korea. Get ready for some shocks.

The old brother of a friend was just old enough to join up; and he clicked his heels with pride all the way home from the recruiting office. Badly crippled in the war, he returned to wear his blue beret with pride every November 11. He had fought for his country.

In fact, his country and his news media had lied to him every step of the way. The Korean War had nothing to do with Canada. It was a war to make American billionaires even richer. We should, most certainly, remember our veterans every November 11. We should be grateful to them. But we should also make that day an occasion to make sure that it is essential for them to fight - and that the war really does have something to do with Canada. And is not just another Korean or Afghan war to fatten  the wealthy.

(Incidentally, the Afghan War was planned long before 9/11 - and had nothing to do with the attack on the world trade center.)
Another look at the real world.
Some ten American states are making it illegal to stage protests. This is mostly in response to protests against fracking and oil pipelines. So that awful behaviour will have to be stopped. But, ot course, oil companies will remain free to pollute and destroy lands, waterways and lives.
There are no limits to the greed of the very greedy.

What's that Mr. Billionaire? You don't want to pay 200 million in property taxes? No sweat. We'll cancel it.
Tell me how this next story is not at all like what  Hitler did.
Trump's talks with Israel and Palestine have achieved nothing. The tragedy of Jews in Europe in World War 2 continues, this time with the tragedy of Palestinians under Israeli control. When Hitler murdered millions of Jews, one of the products was a severe decay in the principles of Judaism.

Incidentally, our government knew about the extermination camps run by the Naziis from the start. And we still didn't lift a finger to help even those Jews who escaped. In fact, we sent them back to Germany. In reaction to that betrayal, Judaism has fallen a long way. And we caused that fall.
Americans suffer from the worst medical care in the developed world. That's because major capitalists insist that everything must be for personal profit only. We are deeply into an economic system which preaches a growing separation of the  very rich from everybody else. And they very much want that separation to include health, education, opportunity.

Politically, we are pretty much back in the middle ages when nations were run by a tiny number of the wealthy by birth. And it's getting worse.

Our financial dukes and earls and barons are muscling in on our health care and on education. (They already control the universities.) In their eyes, we are not real people. We exist only for their convenience.

Oh, occasionally they'll toss us a few bucks - and Brunswick News will get all mushy in its own slobber, and the brain-dead of the chamber of commerce will go 'clap, clap, clap'.

Of course, New Brunswick is not yet at the stage the U.S. is in this respect. We're still at the stage of just kicking the chief medical officer out of the province when she said things some people don't want her to say.
We're at a dangerous point. Most of our governments have long since ceased to be democratic in any real sense.  To make it worse, we are operating, for the most part, with political parties that have no values at all. They simply do what the wealthy tell them to do. And that goes all the way to Ottawa.

There is now open talk of a 'preventive' nuclear war. (Having piles of money does not necessarily indicate a brain of any size.)

Christianity, never in very good shape, has ceased to exist in any real terms - not unless there are secret commandments that say "Ye shall be greedy", "Ye shall kill people who are in your way." Christianity, never as healthy as it should have been, has virtually ceased to exist. For a sample, read any of the wimpy Faith Page columns of Brunswick News.

Is it right for us to commit mass murder? Is it right to cut off some people from health care? Is it right for CEOs to get millions of dollars a year (and to avoid paying taxes. Yes. I know the CEOs work for their money. So do the underpaid people who have to suffer under them.)

Do we really believe that people of other religions or languages are so different from us it is okay to kill them?

We defeated Hitler in 1945. But I'm very much afraid that Naziism still thrives.
As I read this, it's pretty alarmist. But I don't see an alternative to alarm. We have to start doing some serious thinking about what our values are, what the values of our political parties should be - and how we can rebuild to that standard.

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  1. Start with mandatory meditation taught as young as possible
    Get rid of Treaty of Westphalia and create a global Monarchy, the most stable form of governance.

    Until then...


    I guess will have to have true Global Inalienable Rights
    Which means some current cultures are fubar'd
    And some kind of Global Police force to keep us from hurting each other? Warrior Monks loyal to us all? AGI "angels" who can be anywhere in minutes to save someone's free speech and act as Police and Judge right there? Hmm...sounds like a few books there...