Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31: Angels in bombers
I found story above just recently, though I've known of the murder it describes for some  time, some 34 years.

Canadian and American big business have a brutal and murderous record all over the world. Canadian mining companies, for example, are  notoriously destructive of lives and environments. They and others have a long history of juvenile labour, extremely low pay, environmental damage, beatings, assassinations and, when useful, mass murder.

Canada is THE major player in mining all over the world. And here's what we are doing...

Funny how that never made our news media.

American billionaires are heavier on the field of agriculture, with such sweethearts as the Doles who have been known to play a role in overthrowing governments by force. These, too, keep people poor, in fear and, sometimes, dead.

And that's where, sometimes, agencies like the American CIA step in. And that's why the democratically elected government of Guatemala was overthrown by CIA leaders and American money and weapons to bring in a dictator from another country. What followed was the deliberate massacre of the Maya people of Guatemala, over 200,000 of them. Whole villages and small towns were wiped out - men, women, and children, and buried in the great pits where their homes had stood.

They had to be killed because they were demanding minimum wages, decent working conditions, a protected environment....

But none of our news media noticed.

The Christian churches of Guatemala did notice. And their sympathies were all with the Guatemalan people. So it was necessary to murder the priests, too, the missionaires, the nuns. (A friend of mine visited an office where a priest had been murdered. Traces of his blood were still on the wall.)

A young man from Buctouche, New Brunswick, not far from where I am now sitting, decided in the late 1970s to devote his life to being a lay missionary.  (Buctouche is a very holy site, indeed. It is where the chapel financed by the philanthropy of the Irving family is located. Commoners can even gather for coffee and discussion in the barn. of the chapel.)

The lay missionary from Buctouche was a Roman Catholic, though, so he was probably never exposed to the  sanctity of the Irving Chapel which probably has the most expensive clergy money can buy. And they are in no danger or being shot for their principles.

Anyway Raoul  Leger went to Guatemala.  And there, in 1981, he was murdered by the hired killers of the CIA.

Surprisingly, the nearest newspaper, the Moncton Times and Transcript, never reported this tragic death. Indeed, none of the New Brunswick newspapers have ever mentioned the war in Guatemala at all. And that is almost universally true of all the privately-owned news media in North America.

Too bad that Leger was just an ordinary guy with decency and charity. If he had been an Irving, the chamber of commerce would have held a dinner for him.

Oh, just recenly, on Memorial Day in the U.S., Donald Trump thanked those Americans who have died in battle "to defend the U.S.'  So true. Without them, Iraqis and Afghanis and Yemenis and Libyans and Vietnamese would be storming ashore at New York and Florida and Los Angeles Not to mention all those Sioux and Hurons who invaded the U.S. and Canada, and the Cubans, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans, Panamanians, Libyans, Haitians, and Canadians who had to be killed to keep America safe from their warrior hordes.
And I have no doubt there were clergy who applauded his words when Trump said (on U.S. Memorial Day, "Those soldiers who died were all angels sent to us by God." (He meant only the ones our our side, of course.)

Watch for that latter piece of pious cowdroppings in the next Brunswick News Faith Page.
Read this one carefully. It's a declaration that the U.S. has th right to enter any country in the world without its consent in order to inspect its imports and exports. Canada, of course, will comply right away. Other countries will have more integrity.
American military power has not been - to put it kindly - distinguished in the last  70 years. It has certainly been brutal, but weak on production. It has murdered millions. But it has one very, very little. At best, what it has done is to  drive much of the world into chaos.

And Trump, on Monday, announced that the American military are 'angels sent by God".    (I can't think of anything disgusting enough to top that statement.)

Read this, and think over what Trump's "angels from God" have done to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria. We are seeing evil as bad as any evil that Hitler did.

I selected this because it seems to me The Canadian Legion should be devoting itself to helping our veterans, not to glorifying war. It should be reminding us that we have not done a damn thing that they were told they were fighting for. It should be asking why we  have a small military force sitting on near the Russian border as bait. It should be asking why we bombed Libya and, more recently, Iraq. It should be asking why we sent troops to fight an die in an illegal war in Afghanistan.  It should be asking why Canadian peacekeepers were sent on a mission to Haiti with the purprose of restoring the dictatorship.
This is a good example of the U.S. 'commitment' to democracy.
American naziism

Must have been some of them there angels from God.
British Columbia looks like a win for the NDP and Greens. But maybe not.
Over the last fifty years, the NDP has backed a long way from its founding principles. And the Greens have never developed a full, political philosophy. It's nice to hear they want to do something to save the enviroment. But to do so will be one hell of a struggle against some very wealthy, powerful, and well-connected people - many of whom also own most of the news media and most of the Liberal and Conservative politicians.

And have the people of British Columbia understood the war they are taking on? I rather doubt it because neither the NDP nor the Greens have shown all that much savvy in recent years. What they propose is revolutionary because it has to be in world dominated by ruthless billionaires  (and a wimpy federal
government.) I doubt very much that the people of British Columbia understand that.
Beware of Trudeau. He could made Sephen Harper look like a sweetheart.
Trumps angels of God are back at work.
As I read the above, I wondered about our respect for patriotism. Hitler's soldiers were being patriotic when they took Jews to death camps. I like Canada. I'm happy when it does well. But I certainly would not agree with everything it does. And to fight for one's country? Sounds good. But what does it mean?

Does your country ask you to fight? How does a whole country ask that? What about the role of politicians and news media who sell you on the idea? And who do they represent?

Canadians were killed  (and murdered thousands of civilians) in the Boer War. What did that have to do with being patriotic or fighting for  their country? The U.S. killed a million and a half Iraqis who were no threat whatever to the U.S.  The war was based on lies about Iraqi weapons that didn't exist.  It was really a war to steal control over Iraqi oil.

Where was the patriotism in that? What did it possibly have to do with "fighting for ones country"?

And how does murdering a million and a  half people square with what Americans call their 'American set of Christian values"?

Anyway, it's one thing to kill for your country. It's quite another to kill for your capitalists.

And why haven't our clergy had the guts to point that out?
And here is required reading for dimwits of the chambers of commerce who hold expensive dinners to clap, clap, clap for 'Philanthropists."

Hint to philanthropists -   stuff your charity. Pay your taxes.
We don't hear much that's nice about Trump. So here's an item worth reading.
This is what often happens when we send people (angels of God) to fight for their country.
I am, very slowly, reading Gwynn Dyer's book, "Climate Wars" Ii begins with a chapter of very high level, US government studies on climate change and its impact for the future. These high level groups are no tree-huggers. They include leaders of the military, government advisors like Henry Kissinger  and many others. What they conclude is stunning. Yes. climate change is happening. Yes, it's measurable now. Yes, it's going to get much, much worse.  (Typically, they're doing this study not to help any of us, but to prepare for the years when wars will be fought under more difficult conditions. One of their concerns is that the US is due to suffer such severe climage damage that agriculture throughout the southwest and the plains will be destroyed. So, logically, it will be necessary to kill people in some countries to steal their food.

Remember, these are not, for the most part fuddy-duddy scientists who don't know nearly as much as oil barons. Nor are they nature lovers. These are very cold, calculating people who have spent their lives killing.

I'm finding it a slow read, partly because I do so much checking as I go. But it's also slow because it's a terrifying read. I read it at night. (And it's not ideal bedtime reading.)

As I read, I'm writing a blog summary of it. So I'll be sending it out.


  1. Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche
    Rick Best, army vet
    Micah Fletcher
    All angels from g_d.
    Helping those 2 women in portland.the first 2 ended up giving their lives. For complete strangers. Very Christian.

  2. On the continuation of the US Civil war

    The people that intentionally encouraged mistrust of competence and science and experts and working with people who dont agree with you are reaping the effects

  3. This is a tragedy as well
    Poor woman