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May 29: Their evil. Our wimpiness.

Just a few opening lines about my local Burnswick News. Saturday's issue is a column by a lawyer/politician who appears each week  to say nothing. This seems a man of no particular political values except getting back into the game, possibly, and making contacts. This time, he heaps praise on the province's current premier as though this were the second coming. (In fact, he has so far been a person of no distinction whatever.

Above this inane column is a huge photo of the premier - which adds nothing to a column that already had nothing. Why add the big picture? Because it fills a lot of space and it's cheap. No editor of a decent paper would ever have accepted that column.

On the good side, the Faith Page had an interesting column by a member of Moncton's mosque. That's a nice break from a long, long line of Protestant clergy. Now - I    wonder if the    paper will remember there is also a synagogue in Moncton.

I mention this as a sample of the disaster that U.S. foreign policy has been since 1945. It failed it's real purpose in the Korean War (to create an American base next to China). And, in failing, it killed a third of the population of North Korea by the most intensive bombing campaign in history.

Result? it solidified the rule of the dictators of South Korea -who used the war to murder tens of thousands of political prisoners.

Then there was Vietnam. This was a humiliating defeat for the U.S. And it killed  - well, that's anybody's guess. Official American figures are that some hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese were killed. Vietnam puts it at over  four million. Given the high use of  intensive bombing, of napalm, of destroying people and vegetation with mass poisonings, the Vietnamese figure is more likely.

There was Guatemala where the CIA directed the murders of over 200,000 Mayas. And our news media still haven't told us.

There is Afghanistan which has been going on for 16 years - despite the fact that there is no evidence that Afghanistan did anything to the U.S. Then there were a million and a half killed in Iraq. Again, this was a war that had no evidence of any threatening behaviour by Iraq. As in the case of Afghanistan, American and British governments simply lied about reasons for the war.    And it has produced thousands of refugees from a society broken both economically and socially. There is still fighting in Iraq, some by jihadists taking advantage of the chaos, some as a result of the social breakdown.

Syria - again, no reasons for the war. But the damage is so great that Syria is not likely to recover as a society. The same is true of Yemen.

In short, we have seen seventy years of disastrous wars, disastrous for the U.S. as well as for its victims. The worlds most expensive military has been unable to defeat or to stabilize or to reconstruct the countries it has ravaged. Much of the world has been so destabilized that it will remain chaotic for generations to come.

In summary, the American drive to rule the world has failed. It has failed at enormous cost, so enormous that selling weapons all over the world has become one of the most important industries in the U.S. And that is increasingly turning loose the recipients of those weapons - Saudi Arabia, for example, and the Muslim jihadists who are now fighting Americans in a good deal of the middle east.

This has been 70 years of terrible failure for U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. military. And it's going to get worse, much worse.


Yes, climate change is happening. It's already profoundly affecting large areas. Africa, for example, is being swept by starvation as crops die due to lack of rain. It's also happening in parts of  South America.  In, it will create vast areas of flooding, destroying  (among other things) much of China's agriculture, thus driving it to war over with Russia over Siberian lands.. And this permanent drought is happening in the U.S. southwest as well as in large areas of Latin America. Think of the possibilities from that.

The world food supply is shrinking while while the world population is growing. You think 80,000,000 refugees is a lot? Just wait till it's 800 million and more.  Look at the chaos Europe is in now in dealing with refugees. Imagine the chaos in Europe and the U.S. and Canada when the real wave of refugees hits.

Here, where Trudeau, like Trump, has pretty much abandoned the climate change issue, we have done virtually no planning for dealing with the biggest crisis the world has ever seen. Instead, we're pouring money and lives into wars to make it possible to pump out and burn even more oil. And it's just not the danger of oil we have to worry about. It's the collapse of any world order in the face of enormous waves of refugees.  As well, the U.S. has not, in 70 years shown the ability to bring peace and order to any part of the world.

This is insane. So why are we doing it?

We're doing it because oil barons effectively control our governments. We're doing it because we're scared of the very wealthy and powerful in our society.
This is not a small matter to be handled with town hall meetings. We have to show some courage, and take control of our own nations and our own lives.   We have to reset the role of government so that it serves us and not our financial masters.

Or we can sit back, and let the geniuses of our financial world make all the decisions, the same ones who have, in the last seventy years, fought endless wars and, with every day. have created greater chaos.

For an insight into this, read Gwynne Dyer, "Climate Wars". I came to know Gwynne many, many years ago when we were both 'regulars' on the same CBC radio show in Montreal. And I came to have a great deal of respect for his insights - far more than I have ever  found in meetings with oil executives. Dyer is now a major world authority on the catastrophes we face. I have never met a businessmen of any sort who is. ( His column, good enough to appear in major news media all over the world, isn't good enough for Brunswick News. It needs the space for a local lawyer/ politician of unspeakable triviality.

Here, in New Brunswick, our leading business family seems to have remarkably little education for the power it wields. Even a dolt like George Bush Jr. had more.
Haaretz is a little narrow in its coverage. But it is available in English, and it is the most honest newspaper I know in the English world. In this report, Angela Merkel is doing what Justin Trudeau should be doing - but won't. Canada is going to pay, and pay heavily, for being a puppy to the U.S.
And Israel's respect for human rights is a lot like that of the U.S.
Israel's behaviour toward Palestine (and toward those Israelis who are arabs) has been shameful and criminal.
al Jazeera began under the guidance of excellent Canadian journalists as a very fine newspaper. I has, alas, slipped since then. But it still has good moments.
And this one is all too true. We have been looting Africa in trillions of dollars worth of minerals for well over a century. We have looted it of millions of people for the slave trade. We haven't even paid decent wages to the people we forced to dig up and hand over their own resources. This has been accompanied by 'heroic' wars of empire by Britain, France, the U.S., Italy. This has gone on for centuries, and we're still doinig it.

The old empires murdered, starved their victims by the millions. In more recent years, it has included western heroes like Winston Churchill who deliberately starved millions to death in India, And it still goes on. (Churchill blamed his mass murder on the people of India. We still do that -  as in our treatment of the refugees we create.
The Guardian says the Great Barrier Reef off Australia is beyond saving, and it's collapse is due to climate change. But they're just asking scientists. So what do they know. Let's be calm and wait for a more professional opinion from oil executives. They know everything.
In the middle east, the U.S. is not fighting to destroy ISIS or terrorists of any sort. To look at the purpose of U.S. involvement, one needs only to look at the region. Any sense of membership in the nation is being destroyed. Countries are breaking up into factions. Borders are ceasing to exist. Any government role in serving the people has been destroyed. Everywhere the U.S. has attacked, national and social structures have been destroyed. That that's the purpose - to make all of those nations so shattered as to give oil companies a free hand in looting them.

Our Brunswick News constantly tells us that our big business leaders know exactly what they're doing. And so they do. Too bad Brunswick News never tells us exactly what they're doing.
_________________________________________________________________________________ -
This should be common knowledge. It's isn't because our news media lie to us.
On of the most vicious killers of this world is Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May. Of course, it's hard to think of a British PM in all of British history who has not been a vicious killer. (Yes, even THAT one. If you get all indignant and say I'm wrong, try me.)
This makes more sense out of the Kennedy assassination than anything else I have seen.
The whole world is waiting for the sunshine.
Trillions for weapons. Nothing for the hungry. Not for the hungry in Africa and the middle east and South American. Not even any for the hungry in Canada, the U.S. and Britain. And there never has been.
This is about war, about war itself. It was written to make people think on Memorial Day. And Canadians should do some of that on Nov. 11. Exactly why have we fought our wars? What did we tell ourselves we were fighting them for? (I have long wondered what Canadians were thinking when they sent young men off to die while killing Dutch farmers in South Africa.)

What is it we said they were dying for? Have we honoured what we said? Were Americans in World War Two told they were dying so U.S. big business could launch endless, new wars? Heck, they didn't even get free speech out of it in their nation where domestic spies monitor their phone calls, and where big business hires mercenary thugs to beat up people who complain about oil pipeliness. (And I shall always remember New Brunswick's days of men wearing camouflage and carrying   combat rifles threatened a crowd of men, women, and children who didn't want oil company polluters destroying their land.)

And the churches were silent, as always.

In seventy years of war with millions of dead and tens of millions starving to death, is this a better world?
Poverty is rising in Europe. And when that happens, people usually don't look for a cure for it. They look for someone to blame. And they seldom blame the billionaires who cause it. They find some group they've been conditioned to hate and fear. That is what gave rise to Hitler. It's happening in the U.S., too - and it has given rise to a Hitler there who, like Hitler, takes the national anger out on Muslims - and on some groups of native Americans.

And it's happening in Canada.

And everybody ignores the real reasons. You cannot operate a national economy while letting the wealthy hide their money, and by giving the wealthy bloated contracts  (as is often the case in the defence industry).

And, for something to remember on Nov. 11, Canadians surely did not die so that the wealthy could avoid taxes.
This is an incomplete blog, today. But, oh, it's long. And I'm tired.So again, I'm  going without a spell check. (It's good training for you.)

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