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May 24: The greatest murderers in world history.

In yesterday's copy of Brunswick News, there was a standard feature on the Commentary page. It was a column written by a 'scholar' writing for the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. And exactly what is this institute? It's a propaganda house founded largely by the owners of Brunswick News.

But it never tells readers that. And there's worse, much worse, in today's paper.
 In Manchester, England, 22 people were killed in an attack on a concert audience. One of them, as all the stories tell us, was a little, eight-year old girl. Brunswick News was so upset by this, it devoted almost all of its Canada and world news section to it. (about 80% of the section.) All of it was loaded with sympathetic, heart-wrenching stories about the victims.

That would be quite understandable if all victims of such killings were treated with such sympathy. But how many sympathetic stories have you read about the murders of children and women and civilians in general. How many pictures have you seen of the people we are starving to death in Yemen? It happened in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Guatemala, in Iraq, in Syria, all over Africa, in drownings in the Mediterranean, in Yemen, in drone attacks.

The people of the western world, all of us (and mostly Christian) are probably the most murderous in the history of the world. And it all has to do with the pure greed of the billionaires who own us. (Though it is rarely mentioned, the Hitler of the 1930s had the support of money, big money from Germany, of course, and from the U.S.)

Below, I've listed samples of some of the big time slaughters we've been guilty of. (I have not included our mass murder of native peoples in the Americas because it's impossible to get reliable figures on this. But it certainly happened, and it's still going on. The largely unreported slaughter of Guatemala Mayas happened in the 1970 and 80s under American guidance - and murdered at least 200,000.) And, though some historians say the transmission of fatal disease to native peoples was accidental, it fact it was often quite deliberate.  Canada has apologized for its treatment of native peoples but, under Trudeau, has not done a damn thing for them. (Oil bosses are more important.)

Here's a mild sampling for our record for a western world that weeps for the death of an eight year old girl in Manchester - but doesn't give a damn for the thousands it kills every day.  (Hey. Gotta protect those oil profits.)

Pay special attention to the last entry which is photos of children we are starving in Yemen.

We still know very little about 'extra-curricular' killing in world war 2.
Russian POWs killed by millions.

below (with overdone language)

France was the same in places like French indo-China. algeria... I well remember a French soldier  (he left the army to become a teacher in Canada) who treasured  photos of himself torturing prisoners.

Hitler was not an unusual figure in history.  He committed genocide. He was a believer in racism and in racial superiorities. He used torture. He ordered mass murder of civilians. He built his power on long-existing hatreds. There have been a great many Hitlers going back thousands of years.

Donald Trump is a Hitler. So was Obama. So was Bush, Johnson, Reagan, etc. - and more before them.

We fought Hitler. Then we abandoned all the things we said we were fighting to defend.
Meanwhile, children are dying in Somaliland and, with climate change, it's getting much, much worse. Expect starvation like this across Africa, South America, much of the U.S. and China.

But the important thing is to keep oil sales strong.
The one needs a lot of thought and action. Our policies on climate control are almost non-existant because that's the way the fossil fuel industry wants it. It is one of several industries that control our governments. That control has to be overthrown if we are to survive. I would never vote for any party that gets ANY  funding from the fossil fuel industry.
Here's a columnist the Brunswick News doesn't carry any more because he doesn't meet its standards for lying and trivia.
Donald Trump make it clear to his dictator friends in the middle east that he wants to overthrow the democratcially elected government of Iran in a repeat of what another American president did in the 1950s. Is it because Iran is a nuclear threat? No. Is it because Iran might attack the U.S.? No. Is it to bring democracy? No. Iran already has that.  And the  previous American intervention was to destroy Iranian democracy and install a dictator.

So why attack Iran?

It interferes with a control of oil that God has entrusted only to American oil billionaires.

Onward Christian soldiers....
Donald Trump, the man who won election by spreading hatred for Muslims, gave a speech to Saudi leaders that won their hearts. That surely is odd. Here's the view of a CIA analyst.

Here was a loving speech from an American president to a royal family that treats democracy as a crime , that has no respect whatever for human rights, that has long supported terrorists like the ones who set the bomb in Manchester.....
And almost none of our media thought this odd.
I have just one, small disagreement with the Iranian reporter cited below. The socialism of Iran is, as he says, rooted in religion - the Muslim faith. But the socialism of the western world, too, was rooted in religion - Christianity. This is notably true in Canada where a  Methodist named J.S.Woodsworth was largely resposible for the creation of the CCF. And, over the years, the CCF and then the NDP have had a strong connection with the churches and their clergy.

Of course, none of those clergy ever were the ones who write faith columns for Brunswick News.
Thanks to a reader for this next piece. Greed and stupidity really do go together.
For a change, here is a hopeful, if optimistic, view of Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia.
And here is some very plain language.
In repect to the Manchester bombing, our news media tell us everything except WHY it happened.
Plain talk - and quite true.
Our news media have said remarkably little about the more than 300 billion dollar arms deal that Trump made with Saudi Arabia. Why? Who is going to attack Saudi Arabia? The only country in a position to do so is Israel with its nuclear arsenal. And, no, I don't think Trump is doing this to provoke a Saudi war on Israel. So what is this all about?

It's about a stunningly corrupt American arms industry that stands to make huge profits out of this. And that industry, you can be sure, doesn't pay taxes. So arms billionaires will make billions more while the government cuts back even more on essential services like health and education.

New Brunswickers should understand that game very well.

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  1. Manchester Arena attack: ‘We caused bloody chaos, not surprising there’s blowback’
    Independent journalist Robert Harneis compared the incident in Manchester with the November 2015 attacks in Paris by Islamist militants on the Bataclan concert hall and other sites in the city.
    “This is a similar attack on a soft target,” he said.
    In his view, terrorist attacks have become “a new norm” for European countries because of “what they do” as part of their foreign policies.
    “We need to be realistic: we go into the Middle East and North Africa and attack other people…We go to these countries, and we cause bloody chaos. It is not very surprising that there is blowback. We have to sit down and think about what our foreign policy is; why we are in these countries; is it necessary for us to be involved in all this mayhem in Syria and Libya, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so on,” Harneis said.
    US President Donald Trump called the perpetrators of the Manchester attack “evil losers.” According to Middle East expert Ammar Waqqaf, that’s an attempt to avoid responsibility and lay the blame on someone else.
    “This reflects a sense of denial that the West in general, that the US and every single state that stepped in to actively destabilize countries in the Middle East like Libya and Syria. They are trying to hide away from responsibility basically,” he told RT. “We’ve never heard about Libyans blowing up themselves during the Gaddafi era, or when Syria was stable. There were no Syrians doing these things. To say they are ‘losers’ – this is about attacking them, attacking their ideology; attacking whatever and trying to lay the blame on someone else. These countries: [the US], the UK, France, whoever got involved whether willingly or dragged into it, by opportunity or by pressure from regional allies – to try and destabilize these countries should realize that destabilizing such countries is the main reason for all this mayhem that we see and injustice that a lot of people feel.”