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May 12: Damn!

 I have just spent over five hours working on today's blog. And it just disappeared. Damn!

I want to go to bed soon. And I don't think that gives me the time to rewrite the whole blog I started with. So I'll try this. I'll write a longish bit explaining some general ideas. I think they're needed. Then, given the hour, I'll go back to at least some of the usual newspaper references.

First, for New Brunswickers - I realize that you are a frightened people, that you are terrified of having an opinion. But you have no choice. There is no future for this province ruled by one man who tells the Liberal and Conservative  mob of lawyers on the make what to do. I know this goes back for well over a century. But you really can't afford it any more. You have to show a little bit of courage and common sense - not to mention human decency.

The Green Party, much as I respect it, is not enough. This province needs a serious change in its political structures and its  economic and social values. In fact, you don't  have a party in this province that has anything like a political and social programme adequate to the job.

The NDP was such a party. But that was sixty years ago. It needs a tremendous shaking up after the farce of a leader who decided he was Conservative, and so just another drop of the sludge that dominates this province's politics. And if the NDP won't shake itself up, you're sunk.

You can't change this province without taking on the people who have been abusing it and you and your children.

Nor can your expect leadership to come from the U.S. It is a country that is smothered from the cradle to the grave in myths about the imagined glories of its history,  in a dreadfully smarmy patriotism, and a belief (as in Hitler's Germany)  that Americans are a superior race. I hope it can get over the mess it is. But collapse seems more likely.

And that takes us to the observation that Canada's Stanley Cup for hockey and its Grey Cup for football   both carry the words "amateur championship". But both are really for pro teams. That helps to explain why Canada, the U.S., Britain and much of the western world exist under so many delusions. That's why news media in the west are so inclined to admire wealthy businessmen as great and wise leaders. (Read the Brunswick News. You'll never find a criticism of anything said by anbody in this province who's rich.)

This all goes back centuries to the days when Europe was forming itself out of chaos. The leading figures in this were warriors who seized power, named themselves kings and earls and dukes, and named all the rest as their servants and  underlings. They justified this by declaring themselves to be superior beings (just as leaders of big business do today.)

Their power rested on skill as warriors, so they invested much time in sports such as hunting and jousting. And those sports were restricted to the aristocrat/warrior set. it was notice of their social and intellectual superiority.

Actually, the first generation might have been  reasonably bright. But very often subsequent generations were not. That was  (and still is) notorious in royal families. It was also true of the aristocrats. Over the years,  they developed many of today's modern sports - like rugby. But only the aristocracy were permitted to play these sports. After all, it was believed that sports were what gave them their perceived intellectual superiority. So, in the British army, for example, common soldiers could engage in the sports of the poor - like wrestling. But only the officers were allowed to play cricket.

(Generally, the officers, almost all of whom  came from the upper social classes, showed declining intelligence over the generations. That's why the British army was so frequently led by numbskulls to the end of World War One. By that time it was so obvious that the aristocrats were such a loopy lot that a writer like P.G.Wodehouse could make a fortune writing  humorous stories about them.
(Oh, women, all women, were excluded from almost all sports. After all,  the belief was that sports trained leaders. And women, of course, were no to be allowed to be leaders. Until well into the twentieth century it was common for women to be excluded from golf clubs, or were permitted only for one ladies' day a year.)

By the nineteenth century, a rising business class was making claims on leadership. Like the old aristocracy, they accepted the idea that sports trained leaders. So they copied the sports club philosophy of the aritocracy. And, like the aristocrats, they saw their rise as being due to their high intelligence and leadership qualities, and they saw it as denoting their superiority. Accordingly, the scum of the middle class and the working class were kept out.  Nor were paid players admitted. After all, if

a person had to be paid to play, he was really not of the better sort, was he?
That's why the Olympics were for amateurs only. That's why the Stanley Cup and  the Grey Cup were originally for amateurs only. Sports trained people for leadership. And it was now only the business class who were blessed with intelligence and leadership.

That sort of thinking runs very deep to this day in some very shallow minds. That's why the wealthy delude themselves that because they are wealthy they are wise. And that spirit, encouraged by greed, is why they have contempt for the common voters, and see themselves as the only ones fit to rule - using puppet politicians. (If you read your local newspapers carefully, you are like to see many examples of this.)

The reality is that the wealthy quite frequently are not very bright. (Take a good look at the confusion of Donald Trump's thinking, and his profound ignorance of most topics. Obviously, high intelligence is not required to become a billionaire. And the result is that much of our western world is actually run by people with no social values, few moral values, and no brains at all.)

And they are murdering and starving millions all over the world.

I know New Brunswickers are afraid to discuss politics. But we're about to learn that it's a lot more dangerous not to talk about them. As it is, our province is actually run by wealthy people who constantly sponge our tax dollars,  by at least some people who pay no taxes whatever thereby hurting education, health and other essential services. The situation is now reminiscent of the worst years leading up to World War 1. We have to pay attention.

And no. Switching from Liberals to Conservatives or going the other way won't help.
I really don't know what to make of t his story. But it caught my attention because I grew up in the east end of a big city - Montreal. And, if you were ever at east ender, it's intriguing.
This is a very unusual take on Comey, the fired head of the FBI.
It's a war of most of the richest people in the world against some of the poorest. It's worse because it's killing with starvation. It's worse because it began with an attack by Saudi Arabia, one of the world's worst human rights offenders. It's worse because the US is supplying the Saudis, and helping them in the bombing. It's worse because our western aristocracy of wealth is fully behind it. It's worse because Canada is selling Saudi some of the weapons it's using. And -
has anybody bothered to tell you what it's about?
The next column is no exaggeration. Western leaders have been guilty of knowingly committing war crimes that resulted in millions of deaths. And it's not just Americans. It's also the British. And it was deliberate war crimes. How come most of our news media never noticed that?
And this next one represents typical American behaviour in South America for a century and more.

Funny how our press forgets what Cuba was like before Castro kicked out the U.S. and its hired torturers and killers. There was probably no hell-hole on earth to match the horror of U.S. domination in Cuba.
And now - there's more but - damn - I  have to go to sleep. Sorry for all the confusion.

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