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May 10:The frightened people of New Brunswick.

Our truthful Bunswick News press has announced that the provincial government will clean up two of its worst-polluted beaches. I am touched and moved by this gesture. But it makes no mention of any examination of who is resposible for the life and health-threatening condition of those beaches. This has been going on for at least a decade in which there were provincial beach inspectors and septic system inspectors. And nobody noticed?

Is it possible there were bribes?  (Almost certainly not in a God-fearing province like New Brunswick.) But shouldn't Brunswick News be asking that question? Just to make sure? Nah.

On good side, de Adder, the paper's cartoonist, has an excellent cartoon. It's a picture of reporters ignoring a starving women and child in South Sudan as they run to hear Trump say something stupid.

I wonder if he realized that this is the way Brunswick news covers the real stories. (How many Brunswick News reports have you seen of the starvation in places like South Sudan and Yemen?)
Many years ago, when the world and I were young, I belonged to the nuclear disarmament movement. Our concern was that, inevitably, we would be victims of a world, nuclear war. However, governments assured us that the wide possession of nuclear weapons was good because any government which used them would be afraid to use them for fear of retaliation. Yes. The wide, ownership of nuclear weapons would deter war. Yes.

But the reality is they don't. We are, at this moment, closer to world nuclear war than we have ever been. And the most dangerous offender has been the U.S.
After all, if nuclear weapons were a deterrent to nuclear war, we should be encouraging North Korea to develp them. Instead, the U.S. has pursused a policy of using nuclear weapons as a threat.

For example, iti has moved  large numbers of its weapons to Italy, and to other countries closer to the Russian border. It patrols Chinese waters with nuclear-armed submarines. That's not deterrence. That's threat.

And if Trump carries out his threat to attack North Korea, what will China do? Can it possibly allow the U.S. to drop nukes on its border? Can it allow the U.S. to plant nuclear bases on its border?  (What would the U.S. do if China nuked Mexcio, and planted nuclear bases on the American border?)

Far from opening an era of peace, World War Two opened the way to an orgy of war and greed spearheaded by American big business, supported by a Europe and a Canada that now had to kiss up to the U.S.

Worse, the U.S. has proven hopelessly incapable of conquering the world. Despite the most brutal bombing campaign in history, one that killed a third of all the people in North Korea, it failed to conquer that country. (Is North Korea today heavily militarized and led by a dictator? Gee. I wonder why.)
Despite killing some 8 million in Vietnam (and an uncounted number in Laos and Cambodia - almost all of them civilians, it lost that war, too.). It lost to tiny Cuba. It did win in Grenada, thanks to Clint Eastwood. But it has been man handled by just a section of the people of Afghanistan and, after 16 years and trillions of dollars, is nowhere close to defeating them. it won in Iraq by killing   one and a half million people, mostly civilians. in a war whose purpose the American and British governments lied about. It is now arming Saudi Arabia, one of the worst human rights offenders in the world, to kill and starve the people of Yemen -with American help. (Bless Canada for supplying armoured cars to help kill those starving people who are a threat to, know...)

American foreign policy has created a shambles in the middle east - and watch for the shambles coming up in South America.

In 1945, the U.S. was perhaps the most admired and respected country in the world. Today, it is one of the most hated. And it is, in its internal policies and foreign policy, taking on much of the appearance of Hitler's Germany.

Unable to get soldiers for its army, it has to rely on hired mercenaries. We are watching a dying empire whose people and government have lost any sense of direction.

Can you seriously believe nuclear weapons in such hands would deter a war?
This story is a reminder of a much bigger one that gets little attention. The U.S. is, by far, the world's largest supplier of weapons - as well it is the world's buyer  weapons. Indeed, the weapons industry has become the mainstay of the U.S. economy. If all war were to end tomorrow, the U.S. would crash into poverty and chaos.

President Eisenhower saw this coming seventy years ago. But with its tangle of government and big business, the arms industry is a vast swamp of corruption and graft. And it needs fear and it needs hatred to justify its existence. If the world were to find peace tomorrow, the U.S. economy and many a tax-free corporation would collapse.

That's why American must live in  fear of Muslims - or anybody who looks different. That's why Trump recently demanded that Canada increase its defence spending. It would mean contracts for the American defence industry - and Canada could easily cut spending on health and education to pay for it. After all, we never know when the starving children of Yemen might invade Canada to get hot dogs.
This one could turn into a very serious issue, indeed. And one with a major effect on a declining democracy.
This is a reminder. You seldom hear or see anything of this in our commercial news media.
Our news media went close to hysteria in its reporting that Russian bombers killed civilians in Aleppo. But they have never, ever told the truth about the massive and deliberate slaughter of civilians by western airforces. So here's a bit of a corrective.

The deliberate targeting of helpless civilians really dates to 1920 when a British Colonial Secretary ordered the systematic and sustained bombing of Kurd civilians living in undefended towns. He also ordered the use of chemicals and poison gas against them.

In World War Two, all major powers were deliberately bombing civilians in terror raids. When a film revealed that, The Canadian Legion had a fit, and demanded and got a full Conservative government committee of a hundred or so to carry out a phony investigation. It returned a unanimous verdict that Canada had never taken part in such a thing. I attended those hearings, and testifed at them - so I know the committee was either lying or stupid - possibly both.
Since then, indiscriminate bombing of civilians has become standard pracrice in every war. That's why an American general meant when he announced he would "bomb Laos and Cambodia back to the stone age."

Oh, the name of the British colonial secretary who ordered the bombing along with chemical and poison gas attacks on Kurd civilians?

That was Winston Churchill.

All of this is at least understandable in the context of World War Two. The continued, deliberate targeting of civilians in coutries that are not world threats- as in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, is not.
Brunswick News long ago dropped its commentaries by David Suzuki. They needed the space for people who had nothing to say.
For many years, the Brunswick News carried commentaries by Gwynne Dyer. But he is the one of the best military correspondents in the world. So they had to fire him.
Largely unnoticed by Brunswick News, Venezuela is tumbling into a civil war almost certainly created by the U.S. This has been the history of South America for over a century. U.S.and Canadian business sees it as a place to loot resources and to abuse workers with no controls whatever on how these businesses behave.

. And if the locals object, the American news meda brand them as hot-headed Latins. And if the people are foolish enough to elect a leader who will govern for them rather than for American corporations, the U.S. will sponsor armies that suddently spring up from nowhere.
The world's greatest power with the world's largest military budget has not been able, despite sixteen years of military intervention, to defeat a fraction Afghan's population. It's the Afghan opposition that's now singing, "Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light...?"
Another story missed by the eagle-eyed editors of Brunswick News.

Gee. where would the world be wirhout all us Christian nations?_______________________________________________________________________________
Not just Americans, but all us humans have short memories for things we prefer not to know, and long ones for those that propagandize us. Canadians have long since forgotten, for example, their history of  anti-semitism. And of abuse of oriental immigrants in general - not to mention our history of African slavery followed ever since by mistreatment of African Canadians
And, in the U.S., its many sins and mass murders have been forgotten, covered by the 9/11 attack which has become the excuse for murdering millions.
_________________________________________________________________The following is an opinion. I don't know how accurate it is. I do know that the writer is usually pretty reliable. It's a dismaying report about the French election. I do know that I have been surprised by the rise of a very young man with no political background. The only parallel I can think of is Justin Trudeau who will prove, I am quite sure, to be a bad choice.

It costs money to fight a national campaign. How did this young unknown in France do it without money - big, big money? Or are there things we haven't yet heard about him?
Another story missed by Brunswick News.
Gee! How odd that Brunswick press should have missed this story. I mean, it was huge story when the local chamber of commerce went clap, clap, clap for Mr. Irving. But this much bigger event got no attention at all.
But the big, local story that Brunswick News is telling us nothing about the one of pollution on our beaches. This  has been going on for ten years or more - and nobody in our government of civil service or extensive inspection staff noticed it? And nobody's being investigated for this ten year threat to human life? And, in fact, no investigation at all is happening?

There are lots of people in government, in inspection services, in the campground/trailer park business who should be asked lots of questions. And any newspaper of integrity and even moderate intelligence would know that.
Luckily, Brunswick News serves a province whose people are afraid to ask questions or to discuss their masters in any way. It's been like that from the days of timber barons to the days of oil barons.

But think about something else that's happening. The proportion of eligible people who vote at election time in this province is dropping steadily. That suggests a growing disillusionment which can take many forms, some of them dangerous. That's not to anyone's benefit.

New Brunswickers desperately need to develop some courage. And they don't have much time to do it.

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