Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Oh, it's an exciting day in the Brunswick News. In the world section, throbbing with excitement, there's a big story on the outbreak of whooping cough at a local school. And on the front page is a story that the FBI in Philadelphia has arrested a bank robber. And sure, enough, there's a picture of a man who looks like a bank robber if ever I saw one.

There is no mention of Yemen or Libya or Syria or North Korea. I mean, why get people all upset?

On the lead story on p. 1 of world news is the shooting of a policeman in Paris. He was shot by a foreigner, of course. And that will anger many people because France has never killed anybody - well, except one of two million or so Vietnamese and Chinese, and Morrocans. But there were all foreigners.

The editorial cartoon is another knee-slapper about how only one person is running for the New Brunswick NDP leadership. (I don't believe the paper has ever run a cartoon about anybody named Irving.)

That cartoon is probably the only coverage the NDP will get. There will be lots of coverage for the Liberals and the Conservatives,  but almost nothing for the NDP or the Greens. (The Brunswick Press doesn't think it's good for New Brunswick to know too much. Too much information just confuses people.)

The only item worth reading in the whole paper is a column by Ammar Al Asmi, one of New Brunswick's refugees from Syria. (He is kind enough - or knowledgable enough about Brunswick News - not to mention that the U.S. is the major cause of the suffering in Syria.)

But, of course, none of us humans ever sees suffering when we are the cause of it. As a grade five student in Montreal, I was taught of the heroism of Dollard des Ormeaux who valiantly set out to intercept hordes of Mohawk native people who were on their way to destroy Montreal.

His force paddled up the Ottawa River, encountering a small band of Mohawk - which they attacked. Then they realized this small band of Mohawk was really the advance party of a large band of Mohawk. All the French were killed, martyrs to save Montreal.

So why didn't the Mohawk go on to destroy Montreal?

Because they weren't going there in the first place.  That whole story was made up years later by a priest/historian, and is widely believed to this day.

The truth is the Mohawk were never headed for Montreal. They were carrying a load of furs from the west to British traders at New York. Dollard des Ormeaux knew that. That's why he intercepted them - to steal their furs.

Luckily, Jean Decarie could not join des Ormeaux and the boys. He had to water the ducks that day.

The news of our time carries lies like the story of Dollard Des Ormeaux every day.
The big story today is that a policeman in Paris was killed.  Yes. It's a sad story. But we have been killing innocent people by the millions for many years now. Just in the last 50 years, the U.S. has killed millions of innocent South Americans, Vietnamese, Afghanis, Yemenis, Libyans, Iraqis and others. France has been a big killer of innocent people in North Africa. Britain has killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places.How come we don't get indignant news stories about those?
Here's a stor that has been little noticed in Canada - demonstrations, violence, and death in Venezuela.

For over a century, most of South America has been, in effect, under American control. More accurately, it has been under the control of American billionaires who have used that control to get richer by making South Americans poorer.
We may be approaching a breaking point.
Meanwhile, Texas continues to display the lowest IQs ever achieved by humans.
And here's a reminder we should never confuse indignation with intelligent thought.

Incidentally, what are all the illegal invasions, bombings, starvations and refugees created by  by the U.S? Aren't they terrorism?
The U.S. no longer even pretends to stand for what it used to call "American values".  Just since World War 2, it has gone to war illegally at least 70 times. So much for the values it says its soldiers fought for. The American government is openly for sale. The helping hand for starving nations was always overstated. Now, it doesn't exist. In fact, The U.S. more commonly makes the starvation worse. The U.N.? That was long since destroyed by the U.S. rejection of any international body for peace and cooperation.

Nor has any of that done the U.S. much good. What he are watching is the breath-gasping of a dying empire and, probably, of a dying nation.
The killing of a policeman in Paris made headlines all over the western world. This story didn't even make the back pages.
We're not getting much information on this. But it has the potential be not only a Venezuelan crisis but, possibly, a latin-American one.
I was shocked to learn U.S. police killings for 2017 have already reached almost 1100. So far, that's a doubling of the older rate. If you're in the U.S., don't worry about terrorists. You are far more likely to be killed by police.

For years, we have been watching the steady decline of the U.S. as a democracy and as a land for the future. It's not just Trump. He is a product, not a cause, of the fall of the U.S. empire. It is being brought down by a corrupting capitalism led by the greediest and least useful of the American people.
Americans got all excited about the dropping of the Mother Of All Bombs in Afghanistan. 70% approve it. But they have no information about it. So - what really happened?
I can't guarantee the accuracy of the following story. By it's nature, we shall never know the truth because the perpetrators are most unlikely to tell us the truth - or to tell us anyhing. And, certainly, our news media aren't going to tell us.
And for all those dear (if deluded) souls who think our climate isn't changing...

But don't worry. I'm sure Justin Trudeau has a secret plan he's worked out, and that scientists are too slow to figure out. I mean, If you can't believe a man who chooses suits with taste and has curly hair, who can you believe?
This is one of the news sources that the Washington Post says is 'fake news'. Well, you'ld think a paper that lies as much as the Washington Post would be an expert on the subject. But I don't see any lying in here. I did, though, see a story the Washington Post never mentioned.

To justify the Iraqi war, both Tony Blair of Britain and George Bush Jr. of the U.S. lied. They announced that had impeccable evidence that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction".  (We'll pass lightly over that as a piece of idiocy. Almost all weapons are weapons of mass destruction. But Blair and Bush had to give the impression these were particularly evil.)

At the end of the war, no weapons to match that were found. In fact, nobody ever even said what a "weapons of mass destruction" was. And nobody in our brainwashed part of the world even asked what a weapon of mass destruction was.

Those two, very evil, men murdered over a million people, mostly civilians, and destroyed a nation. And nobody said boo. I can't help wondering where the hell our massive Christian population and its churches were through all that. (I can't help wondering where it's been for the last 2,000 years.) The leading figures in our world are greedy and murderous. But this doesn't come up in church or in our faith pages. And it seldom has in 2,000 years.

What a pack of hypocrites!
It's encouraging to see that some Jews, if not many Christians, believe in the principles of their faith.
The U.S. has been attacked only once in its history - by Japan in 1941. But it has found it necessary to attack other countries hundreds of times - usually picking very small countries that cannot possibly attack the U.S.

It has routinely been treacherous to its friends. In 1940, the British had lost the war to Hitler. Churchill, despite his "we will fight them on the beaches" speech, knew the war was lost. Its great friend, the U.S., refused to lift a finger to help Britain. And, at the end of World War Two, it made every attempt to steal the colonies of Britain and France - especially in China, Vietnam, and North Africa. It did steal much of the British power in the Middle East.

This stunningly overarmed and aggressive country now tells the world it feels threatened by Syrria, Libya, Cuba, Guatemala, probably Venezuela - and North Korea which(maybe) has a missile that might reach California - maybe. And the poor, little US has only a few thousand missiles to defend itself - and that can reach all of North Korea with ease.

The U.S. fears attack from a China which has never attacked the U.S.  (but has been attacked by U.S. troops back in the good,  old days.) It fears attack from Russia because Putin is evil - unlike Trump and Bush and Obama who follow the loving ways of Jesus.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is spending billions to track down terrorists in the U.S. who don't seen much to be there - while it allows its police to murder Americans at a record rate.

And them there native savages better watch out the next time they upset another God-fearing oil pipeline. Trump will go right to the brave mercenaries of the U.S. army. And Justin Trudeau will blow him kisses all the way.

This, all of this, is insane. American leadership is insane. The American people, wrapped in an absurd phantasy about their own history and fed a steady stream of lies by their own news media, are acting insanely.

If you think this is sane, please write in and tell me the happy outcome you expect to see from all this. And, if  you're a Christian who thinks this is all very Christian, please write in and share that wisdom.

We aren't dealing with argument here. Or debate. This is all an insanity bred by greed and stupidity, both of which drool richly from the lips of our political and business leaders. In Canada, it's a betrayal of all that thousands of Canadians died to protect.

(Had to let that off. I'll be away for a week or so visiting relatives, and seeking something in this racist, greedy and stupid world to feel good about. Alas! I shall not have access to the Brunswick News to guide me.)
Oh - could Trump settle his dispute with North Korea easily? He probably could. A peaceful approach with an offer of help for North Korea would probably do it.
(Yes. I know Kim Jun is evil and crazy while Trump is good and Christian. It could still be done peacefully.

But Trump doesn't want a peaceful settlement. He wants North Korea as a base to attack China. (In fairness, I'm not sure Trump wants it. It may be that the Pentagon wants it - and Trump is showing a profound weakness in dealing with power groups like the Pentagon.


  1. Hopefully you survived the communist riots in Montreal

    I also accidentally came across one of those "rate yer professor" websites and your rating at Concordia was above the top rating. You've had a full and rich life that defies categorization.

    Enjoy the Spring

  2. I didn't even know that right was on until the next day. I've been unpleasantly close to a number of riots in Montreal. The communist one seems to have been pretty small and mild stuff. The real ones were the hockey riots.