Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19: Let's Get Real

Let's Get Real

Empires, like people, are born- and then they die. The British Empire of World War One was the biggest empire in history. Then a quick death came in World War Two and just after it. The United States is a huge empire. It began as a piece of the British empire, then set out on its own imperial path to conquer native nations and Mexico, to illegally annex Hawaii, to attack most of the Spanish empire in the Carribean and South America - often setting up dictatorships or puppet governments.  (That still goes on.) Then it conquered The Philipines, setting up an American dictator as the ruler. American dominance of the middle east oil fields was  (and is)  an act of imperialism.

Imperialism also works by setting up regional alliances that are dominated by the Imperial power. NATO is an example. Beneath all the idealistic oratory that surrounds these alliances, they exist to provide the imperial power with markets for its weapons, and allies for its wars. That is Canada's colonial role as a member of NATO. That's why Canada made military contributions in Latvia, AFghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, to naval patrols off places we never hear of.... That's why Canada sent UN  "peacekeepers" to what was really the American overthrow of the government of Haiti.

That's why Trump is demanding Canada raise its military spending - to feed the American war industries. (And Trudeau will obey.)

Today, the U.S. is the biggest empire in the world. It's also far, far the most expensive.

What Eisenhower called "the military-industrial complex" has become far the greatest cost of the American empire. Part of that is because the military is always expensive.  Part of it is because the system is so corrupt and corrupting. Part of it is because most of the American wealthy don't pay any significant income tax.

Average American citizens are left to pay a bill they cannot ever pay. They pay for it in lack of such things as education and social services. The pay for it in ever deeper poverty. They never can pay the monstrous national debt of trillions of dollars. (After all, if the rich don't pay, and the rest can't, national borrowing is the only route to go.)

And, for all its spending, the military performance of the U.S. in the last seventy years - always against small and poor countries - has been dismal.  Partly, that's because the American people don't want to fight. That was the great lesson of Vietnam.  That is why the greater part of the American army is NOT made up of valiant sons and daughters of liberty, but of foreign mercenaries - at extremely high cost - and all this is in a nation where the wealthy don't pay taxes.

In 16 years and with massive air superiority and with help from Canada and Britain, the U.S. has not been able to defeat the rebels who are only a faction of the Afghanistan population. It's not doing brilliantly against poor and starving Yemen, not even with the help of Sauri Arabia and others. What do you think are its chances of defeating large countries like China and Russia?

In fact, any such war would become nuclear. And nobody would win that.
But greed is in the saddle. And that greed is what has made the U.S. a dying empire -- a death that will be sooner rather than later. And it's not just the fault of Trump. The U.S. empire has been in decline for decades.

Canada would be very wise to distance itself from the U.S. But it won't. After all, Canada's own capitalists can't see beyond the effect this would have on their American sales.  Other nations will distance themselves - especially in Europe. And all this will do is to speed up aggressions that are already way too late to succeed.

Even the greediest of Americans must know the time is short. They must know the U.S. has to come to terms with the rest of the world. But it won't come to terms. Greed will beat brains every time. Right now, Trump is considering using force against North Korea. But North Korea is a lot tougher than Afghanistan. And, in any case - and despite China's dislike of North Korea - it cannot possibly afford to allow the U.S. to attack a country on China's border.
War is glorious. Here's good example of the glory.

And what did our leaders think would happen when they made refugees of millions of children, and then refused to look after them?
War. It's so glorious. I mean, there have been Americans in Afghanistan fighting for their country for 16 years in a war that cost trillions of dollars. (But don't worry. The billionaires who wanted that war aren't paying for it. They leave that up to the taxpayers.) And, in fact, the (also non tax-paying) war industry billionaires are doing well out of sales.
Big business worships an economy that is always growing - especially when the big business part is the part that's doing all the growing. But there may be good reason to get away from that worship.
The U.S. seems to be stepping up its war on the starving people of Yemen. God bless America. It needs all the blessing it can get.

How can the clergy who write the faith page columns in Brunswick News be unaware of all this?

Oh, of course. They get all their news from our local papers.
The following item is American. But this sort of thing has been known to happen in Canada. Yes! It has!
This article is full of interesting items. And it's actually kind to Winston Churchill on the subject of war crimes. (It doesn't mention he was a pioneer of targetting civilians in war. As Colonial Secretary in 1920, he authorized such bombing of Kurdish villages.)
There's a popular myth that we didn't know what was happening to German Jews in World War Two. And that's a lie.Our governments knew of the death camps in 1942. They had long known about them when some Jewish children escaped to a Spain which wouldn't let them stay. The U.S., Canada, and Britain all refused to accept them, even thought they knew what would happen to them.And it did happen. We sent them back to the camps to die.

In fact, we knew of murders of Jews even before the war started.

We were war criminals.  (Yes, our news media knew as well. And they didn't say a damn word. Not that it would have mattered. Neither Canadians nor Americans would have accepted Jews under any circumstances. We were every bit as criminal as the Naziis were.)
If you want to see cruelty and hypocrisy, there is no need to travel to distant countries. Just read our news media. Just talk to the millions of Canadians and Americans propagandized by them. Who are the evil killers of this world? Well, for start, there's us.
The following report can't be true. I mean, if it were true, we would have read it in Brunswick News. I mean, if you can't trust Brunswick News, who can you trust?
Remember how Canada sent 'peacekeepers' to Haiti? Weren't we good? Ever notice any stories about exactly what this was all about? Here's a chance to catch up.

Haiti has now been under U.S. control for a total of some 90 years. And Isn't it just wonderful what that has done for the people of Haiti?
This article about U.S. senator Bernie Sanders should be required reading  for the wimp wing of Canadan's NDP.
Sadly, there's a lot of truth to this one.

Canadians elected a prime minister whose work experience consisted of a very few years of teaching in a private school - and a slightly longer period teaching snowboarding at a resort. I know nothing of anything in his history that suggests any set of values except on how to wear a casual suit well.
This may help to explain the astonishing changes that Trump makes in foreign policy almost from day to day.
Erdogan of Turkey just made himself, effectively, a dictator. Trump thought that was wonderful.
Governments of Israel have killed, starved, deprived of medical care, robbed, ground into poverty the people of Palestine for over 70 years. No American government has ever done anything useful to end that. Obviously, Trump won't, either.
In other Haaretz news (which my computer refuses to download), Netanyahu has refused to give shelter to 100 Syrian children who have fled their country. I guess he's forgotten all about how the world ignored Jews in the holocaust.
Or maybe Muslims don't count - just like them there Palestinians.

And Ivanka Trump is learning that her political status is useful in opening up the China market for her clothing line.  I'm so happy for her!


  1. The US doesn't have to invade NK. They can just bomb it back to the Stone Age (with conventionals) and destabilize the government. (After Bush and Obomba tearing up the Middle East, they would finally be doing it to a country that deserves it.) This could be an opportunity, perhaps, for China to install a puppet dictator that would serve its interests ala US geopolitical corruption.

    NK is like David Koresh's compound. It won't end well. When they get to the point where they can put a nuke on a long-range missile or ICBM, the world is in big trouble. Then they will have to turn the country into a nuclear wasteland after they inevitably launch some kind of attack. Better to get the job done now.

    It's a law of Nature implicitly understood. When two lions square off over a pride, they know they can't use their claws or they will both die. Allowing a crazy lion to develop claws is begging for some kind of fresh hell to be unleashed upon the world.

    Like Hitler. Imagine if the US didn't get in the war? After conquering Europe, Germany would've developed nukes. Then American isolationists would've found out the hard way ideology doesn't work out so well in the real world, however well-intentioned.

    -MAGA (Bernie Orbust)

  2. The U.S. HAS bombed North Korea into the stone age. It did it over sixty years ago - and that is what has created the currents situation. (It would also, by the way, mean murdering, starving, crippling millions of innocent people - just like last time.
    As to the dangers of it getting nuclear weapons,must of the world already has them. Can you seriously think American nuclear weapons are good for us? North Korea will inevitably launch an attack? How about the U.S., Russia, China,Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Israel? Shouldn't we kill them all? Now?

    North Korea is a crazy lion? What do you think the U.S. is? In the last seventy years, it has killed uncounted millions; it is deliberately starving whole nations to death (Yemen, much of Africa...) It has created tens of millions of refugees... But God bless America?
    As to Hitler and World War 2, you have the usual propaganda knowledge.
    In fact, Hitler DID win world war two. He won it in 1940. Churchill know it. He was desperate to find a way out. And Britain lost because the U.S. wouldn't lift a finger to help. American big business couldn't wait to snap up the British Empire for itself.
    The most important nation in winning World War 2, by far, was the Soviet Union. it tied up some 95% of the German army. In consequence, Britain, U.S., Canada, ANZAC never faced more than a fraction of the German forces.
    In any case, the U.S. entered World War 2 only for itself. It was attacked by Japan - and only by a small part of it. Most of Japan was tied up fighting China and fighting the British in India.
    Despite what movies say, the U.S. did not win the war all by itself.
    The U.S. has a long history of aggressive war against weaker opponents.
    We Canadians were three times among those weaker opponents.
    Lest we forget.

  3. Do you think that Trump is or can deal with NK in a different way than previous administrations?

    That is, if he survives this assassination attempt hes going through