Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17:Bow, Bow, ye lower middle classes!...

Bow, bow, ye tradesmen, bow, ye masses,
Blow the trumpets, bang the brasses,
Tantantara! Tzing, boom!

The words are from Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera Iolanthe. But they aren't comic any more.

In six months, Trump will visit Britain. He demands (not asks, demands) that he be taken to visit Buckingham Palace in a triumphant procession with him riding in the Queen's golden carriage, the one used for only the highest purposes - like a coronation. (I've never even heard of such a demand before.)

Yes, it's childish but,  unfortunately, it's much more than that. Yes, it's a sign of dreadful ego. But it's much more than that, too.

Trump is insisting he be welcomed to Britain as a conquering hero. The day of the British Empire is over (true enough). The day of the American empire has arrived. And Donald Trump is the ruler of the American Empire. it's deliberately insulting to the British people, to the queen. (And that's okay.)

But it's also a terrifying insight into the profoundly disordered ego of Donald Trump. It's a childish, kicking cry of "I wannit. I wannit. I wannit." from the man whose word can destory us all.

(The story hasn't made Brunswick News. Of course not. Nobody there ever heard of Gilbert and Sullivan.)
Read this carefully, Israeli troops  routinely enter Palestine to carry out assassinations. That's what's called an act of war. And it's not at all different from assassinations that the U.S. routinely carries out in South America, and in its drone raids in various countries.

And it's illegal (except when our side does it.)
And don't read this if you are a Baptist.

Okay, if you're a Baptist and  you read this, go immediately to Exodus to restore  your faith. By the way, the faithful rejoice that Joshua led the Israelites in the annihilation of Canaanites. Tell me how that is different from Hitler's annihilation of European Jews.
It's been a tense weeked with the U.S. and North Korea sticking out their tongues at each other. As well, China has moved 160,000 troops to its border with North Korea. What's that all about?

Forget the story about North Korea as a nuclear threat. Bigger ones, far, far bigger ones are China, Russia, Britain, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the U.S. So why does the the U.S. spend so much time getting excited  about a very minor nuclear power like North Korea and an nonexistant one like Iran?   (And why is China moving troops to its border?)

It all really has  little to do with the government of North Korea.

Over a  hundred and fifteen years ago, the U.S. invaded The Phillipines. Why? The Philliipines were no military threat to anybody. A little earlier, the U.S. had illegally annexed the Hawaiian Islands. Why did it want it's major naval base to be in the middle of the Pacific? After World War Two, it convinced the UN to go to war against North Korea. Did it do that to protect the South? Uh -no. After all, if the U.S. were in the protection business, it would not have invaded some 70 countries in the last seventy years.

And why is China moving its troops to the North Korean border?

Because China knows what the U.S. has been up to all these years. American capitalists have a passion to get control of China and its economy. The British triumph in plundering China was perhaps the greatest economic coup in history. For a century, Chinese were murdered and beggared and brutalized. It was easy. It was cheap. And the profits were immense. (The common British people got nothing from it. But British capitalists became the world's wealthiest.) And, oh, American capitalists wanted a piece of that action.

That's why the U.S. supported Chiang Kai-shek as dictator of China. That's why Roosevelt ordered the British NOT to retake Hong Kong from the Japanese. (Churchill defied Roosevelt.)

For the U.S., Hawaii and The Phillipines were to open the gate to Asia. The Korean War and the Vietnam war were to put the U.S. on the border of China. There they would assemble an invasion army. There they would put missiles along the Chinese border as they have along parts of the Russian border.

And that's why China has moved 160,000 troops to its border with North Korea. (It's not an invasion by North Korea that worries China.)

The world's capitalists recognize no borders, no nations, no peoples, no obligations. (That's why they don't pay taxes.) They recognize only their own greed. Forget Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, Canadians........ The big capitalists have no homelands, just greed.
The following story is typical from Syria - sixty eight children killed in an attack. It sounds like the one of a week ago that our news media went ballistic over - the one obout Sarin gas. But the treatement of this one is very different. Where are the photos of 'White Helmets" caring for the children? Where is the hyper-excited language denouncing the attack and its cruelty. When will Donald Trump announce his disgust at the mass killing of children"

No. This time it ain't going to happen. That's because there seems no doubt this time that the killers were from our side.
Here's another story about climate change - you know, the change that isn't happening.
And this one is much too kind to Justin Trudeau.
Here's a 'Round-Up' of  glyphosates and other chemicals that the government of New Brunswick says are good for us.
Trump and Trudeau make the news again together.  (It makes me so proud to be a Canadian!)

Moncton city council has decided we should all think about what kind of city we want for the future. Nice, but...  Has anybody given the slightest thought to what the future, itself, will be like?
This story is American. But most of it applies to Canada as well. And that way lies disaster for all of us. If the wealthy don't pay taxes - and it seems likely most of them don't - we lose billions of dollars every year. Governments can and do make some of that up by taxing the rest of us more heavily. (That helps to explain your tax bill, and it helps to explain why provincial governments can't afford the services they should provide.) Eventually, that leads to a complete social breakdown. But that's in the future. And the wealthy are not good at thinking about the future. After all, if you have enough money to live anywhere in the world, who gives a damn what happens  to Canada?

Think of the recent scandale which Brunswick news only half-reported. The province wildly overcharged home-owners for taxes. At the same time, It gave the largest property tax break in New Brunswick history to the starving Irvings.
The followiing story is obviously false. As we all know, Trump would never allow American bombs to kill children.

At a time like this, we might pause to ask why there is a war in Syria, and why the U.S. cares enough to bomb it. There is a war and the U.S. cares because the war is about oil, and U.S. companies want to control it.

Okay. So you gotta kill some kids. It's worth it. American leaders are almost all Christians. Trump is popular in the 'Bible Belt'. Get them to tell you some stories about Jesus on this Easter Monday.
I don't know how true this next story might be. But It's as credible as anything we've heard from Washington. So why didn't it make our commercial news?
This is an alarming report. And The Nation is a pretty good source.
This next is a very important article, partly because the American war industry wants Canada to step up its spending on war - a lot. It's a path that has led the U.S. to disaster - quite possibly to collapse of the whole nation.

(Watch for an editorial in Brunswick News telling us that cutting back on education and health and other frills, and spending on arms, will make the rich even richer so it will trickle down to us. Actually, the rich have NEVER been very good at letting wealth trickle down, If they were good at it, they'd pay taxes.
I expect that most readers admired obama. I didn't. So here's somebody on my side.
Credit where credit is due. Today's copy of Brunswick News carried the story of U.S. rallies demaning that Trump make his tax returns public. (I thought it possible that Brunswick News might feel a certain delicacy about the issue.)
On the other hand, columnist Norbert Cunningham has a drooling editorial about how the $4.3 million dollar concrete plaza, combined with the new "entertainment centre', will give downtown a new look, and will attract people.

Yep. Yep. Yep. I can see it all now - a cold and windy winter day or a raining summer day and people from all around the world will come to Moncton to stand on a 4 million dollar piece on concrete and say, "This is some good, eh?"

Oh, another commentary says we should not give money to panhandlers. Right. Let's save it for deserving billionaires.


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