Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14: Time to wake up.

I have been having some very disturbing  thoughts about Naziism, mass murder - and us. All of us. I'm confident of - if terribly disturbed at -  what I have to say. But I'll save it for a day I have free - perhaps Saturday or Sunday.
Meanwhile, Norbert Cunningham, who writes a daily column for the Irvng press has written a very disturbing column. It  doesn't mention corruption are harm to people. If offers no evidence on anything and, on the basis of having nothing to say, he leaves with the impression that a certain situation is just fine. And, Norbert, I have never distrusted you or your newspaper more.

It's many weeks now since we heard of dangerous pollution at some of our beaches.  So far, the government has done nothing that we have been told of.
Recently, some university students volunteered to check the water. Nothing wrong with that.They learned in more detail what the nature of the pollution  was. That's useful. But Norbert writes in high glee that this solves the problem.

 Like hell it does.

 It gives us a little more detail on the nature of the pollution. But that's all it gives us. I have never been more distrustful of Norbert Cunningham and his newspaper and the Liberal and Conservative parties. That column has the stench of rat about it.

Our government has known about that pollution for years and through two or three governments . Both parties must have known. Why didn't they do anything?

Why did government workers fail to put up signs when the beaches were very dangerous?

Whey didn't government inspectors for septic lines and such know it? Or did they know it? Did money pass throught hands? Or did the governments simply ignore them?

Is there a possibility that campground and trailer park owners had friends or contacts of other sorts in government? Were any politicians involved in creating this situation?

Is there any record of disease among swimmers? Some of that pollution can cause very wide outbreaks.

I don't know the truth or falsity of any of the above. That's because the Brunswick News has treated this issue with kid gloves from the start. It seems to have made no investigation whatever. And it has, as Norbert did, downplayed the whole thing.

The government says it will do a better job in future, I see no reason to believe that.

I smell a lot of rats.
The bomb dicussed below is designed, of course, not to harm babies.
Canadian senators have announced that we will annoy Trump unless we spend more on the military. Well, that's the kind of senators you get when you're a colony. I long ago learned that Canadian senators are not the shiniest apples in the barrel.

But not to worry. Trudeau is probably the weakest prime minister this country has ever had. I'm sure he'll do his best to make Trump happy.

Companies having a problem should ship all their  products to New Brunswick. This province just loves glysophates.
Today, Norbert Cunningham writes a colum on a subject of which he knows nothing. His main point is that universities are struggling financially, partly because governments are so deep in debt they can't afford to support the universities. But he doesn't tell why governments are so deep in debt.

They're in debt because so many of the wealthy don't pay taxes. And that's a crisis that is going to get much, much worse. Just recently the city of St. John gave a property tax rebate of over 200 million dollars to Irving oil. Yes, it's just terrible how Irving oil has no money at all to pay its property taxes. So that 200 million (plus other goodies) have to come from us. That's one reason why universities are in trouble. That's why social services are in trouble.

Yesterday, Moncton put a street panhandler in jail. But nobody touches the panhandlers of big business.

Norbert also babble about how universities are well-versed in the skills of teaching. Norbert, I taught forty years in universities. I was a dapartment chair for many of those years. Before that, I taught in public schools - whose teachers were trained.

Universities don't have a clue about teaching. Many professors, in fact, have contempt for it. Norbert's suggestion?  Make our universities institutions for the elite (rich kids.) Norbert, that's what they were75 years ago. And what they graduated then were rich bozos.
The item below is too kind. Trump certainly is murderous and irresponsible. But so was Bush. So was Obama.

Since 1945, almost all American wars have been failures. The exception, perhaps is the invasion of Grenada. Men, women, chldren have been murdered in their millions. Tens of millions have been made refugees and simply abandoned - very young children on their own. It has been unspeakably cruel. And in almost every case it has destroyed any trace of  national existence or purpose. We now have dozens of highly unstable, chaotic nations.

Afghanistan is a classic example. After World War Two, Afghanistan was moving on its own to democracy. That was wrecked by the interference of Russia. The U.S. intervened to help Afghanistan - then took over exactly what Russia had been doing.

Now, after 15 years of fighting the U.S. still cannot win in Afghanistan. And we have never been told what that war is about. Every nation the U.S. has touched has been reduced to chaos and horrible suffering. The U.S. has become a victim of its own, unspeakably corrupt arms industry. Expect that in Canada, too.

The only possible future in this is the destruction of all of us. And Trudeau seems eager to drag us into this in order to make nice with Mr. Trump.

Much of the world is been driven into chaos, made ungovernable, and useful only for the greed of big business. It is quite possible we wil soon be looking at chaos in the U.S. I know it would be very, very difficult to detach Canada from its role as a colony in the American empire. But the fact is that continuing in that role is fatal.
Success in school is often determined - not by your school. It's determined by your social background. In the first day of kindergarten, the children of  the  rich are really entering their first year of university. The children of the poor are entering, maybe, grade 9. Norbert should read this before he writes again about our "elite".
The U.S. government is closely attached to the savage dictators of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. That's why Trump is so busy starving babies to death in Yemen. He even gives medals to the dictators for for their contributions to democracy.

 Here's why.
Canada makes the news! (except in Canada).
The good news is that the United Nations wants to help the starving millions in Yemen. The bad news is that the U.S. probably won't allow it.
Well, it seems ISIS has sarin, the poison gas Trump claims Syria dropped on its own people. In fact, the U.S. has been supporting ISIS from the start in Syria. Gee. I wonder where ISIS got that sarin?

Trump has also refused to give his evidence that Syria dropped that gas on the civilians.
Canada's Trudeau is weak. And its Conservative party is worse than weak.
Alistair Cooke is a pretty outstanding authority on world news. (But Brunswick News has probably never heard of him.)
A bad day. Under our "elite". we began with greed, which soon moved to stupidity, and now has reached psychopathy.


  1. Alastair CROOKE, not (Alistair) Cooke. The latter's dead already,and was getting pretty doddery two decades or more ago when introducing PBS Mystery TV shows. He was a WW2 BBC type who died in 2004 at age 95.

    Crooke is just a retired MI6 spook who claims to be a diplomat, not of any country but just his own outfit Conflicts Forum, and is the author of the article in consortium news. Why he should be regarded as an expert on world news, I have no idea. He wrote a book. The Wikipedia entry is short as befits him.


  2. Thank your comment. You were right. I have my Cooke confused with a Crooke. I read several of his articles. He is prejudiced. In my life, I have known at least hundreds of journalists. They all had prejudices, some quite wild. I am prejudiced. we all are prejudiced in some respects. Even you are almost certainly prejudiced. That does not and should not bar the whole world from reporting. I see nothing wrong in being prejudiced in favour or Iran. That is a country which has received brutal treatment at the hands governments controlled by British and American steel companies.
    He was a former spy? So what? And, in fact, he did do some diplomatic work.
    He is a journalist you have to careful about believing? Could you give me a short list of journalists we don't have to be careful about believing? I've never met one.
    And, of course, you have to be careful about believing me because I am not a robot, either. I have views based on moral values, for example. And I sometimes don't make the connections I should.
    By the way, you refer to him as a former CIA "spook". That choice of words suggests a prejudice.
    I read a half dozen of his articles. I found them pretty good.
    But then, I'm prejudiced.
    Nor do I see the need to dump on Cooke. We all, as i have learned, get old and doddery.

  3. Sorry. It was British and American oil companies that brutalized Iran. But you won't find much about that in our commercial news media, the one you seem to think isn't prejudiced.