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April 10: The Return of Naziism

April 8, front page of Canada&World news - big story - "Man gets jail for sunglasses smash and grab at vision clinic." Wow! That changes my day.
Today, almost half of all Canada&World News is stories about Vimy Ridge. This follows at least 5, earlier stories on Vimy Ridge, almost all of them having nothing to say but empty blather. ' For the first time', we are told,' Canadians stood together'. The Brunswick News never heard of the War of 1812 or the Fenian raids or the Boer War. It never heard that half of the Canadian troops at Vimy Ridge were, in fact,  British-born. It never heard of a Canadian army so disillusioned with Canada by the end of the war that there was serious disorder in Britain and Canada. It never heard of the thousands of Canadians not permitted to join the war because of their skin colour or other 'racial' marks.

And how could they churn out these stories without even noticing the Canadian who commanded our troops?  Arthur Currie was one of the outstanding military commanders of that war. But he was ignored in almost every report I have seen.
The Canadian troops most certainly did brilliantly at Vimy Ridge. But the News Media actually ignored that to babble about patriotic results of the battle that, in fact,  never happened.
The big story of the day is the  crisis in Syria. Brunwick News has it at the bottom of Canada& World with the headline "Trump Advisers: U.S. Seekign to fight ISIS in Syria..." Apparently, Trump is 'feelign' that necessary. The story itself is simply White House propaganda. And the editor who wrote that headline really should go back to school - about grade 2.
There's a paper out of Fredericton that is just one page, once a month. But it has more real information than Brunswick news has in a whole month of newspapers. It's called The Brief ( It has an excellent story on how groups in Fredericton are fighting against Islamophobia, and against Trudeau's shameful refusal to help Muslims who flee across the U.S. border to come to Canada. ( So much for Canada's welcoming arms. After all, we don't want to offend Mr. Trump.)

Then there's the story about how the private health care business is working to destroy our public health care system - one step at a time. We've been there before. Health care was more expensive, by far, that way. A great many people died. a small number of rich got richer.

In heallth care, New Brunswick governments, both Liberal and Conservative, have been inching their way, as always, to kiss the feet of the rich.
And there's a heart-warming story  about Irving oil and its large, natural gas property in St. John. It seems that Irving has always been allowed to pay greatly reduced city taxes on that property. It was scheduled to pay full tax this year, but a big-hearted city cut the cost by $202 million. It's the biggest single-year reduction of a tax in New Brunswick history. But have a heart. There's a lot of hungry Irvings to feed.

Take this very seriously. A society dominated by the wishes of the rich and greedy will crash. That is what is happening in the U.S. And it's not just Trump. This has been happening in runaway style  in the U.S. for many decades. And Canada is on the same track.
I was goinig to talk about Hitler's use of racial hatred.  In fact, that use of racial hatred to satisfy personal greed has been standard practice throughout history. The British empire was built on the conceit that the British were superior to other peoples. So is the American empire. Donald Trump IS Hitler. So is Hillary Clinton.
But I've alreay used too much time on what I have to say - so I'll try that on another day.
Don't read the next story. It's about tremendous damage being done by climate change. But we have the word of our oil industry leaders that climate change isin't happening. And they'd know. And, anyway, the Brunswick News would certainly tell us. It has real smart editors - like the one who wrote the headline U.S. 'seekign' to fight ISIS.
The sharp eyes at Brunswick News have not yet noticed that we are supporting Trump in an action that is one of things we said we were fighting AGAINST in World War Two. He has invaded a country without having a legal reason to do so.

Under international law, you can invade ONLY if 1. the other country threatens you. or 2. if that country invites you.

Syria does not threaten the U.S. It has certainly never asked the U.S. to intervene.
Russia is there legally because it was invited by the Syrian government.
Funny how none of our news media have noticed that. It is not funny that Canadians have little idea of what we claimed we were fighting for.

And if the U.S. really wants to attack countries that do evil, it should attack Saudi Arabia - or itself.
Here's a realistic look at what the U.S. achieved - and failed to achieve - in its attack on a Syrian airfield.

U.S. foreign policy has been a disaster since 2001. As a result, much of the world has been destabilized. One result of that is the spread of starvation - and Trump intends to make big cuts in food aid. (In fact, much of that the U.S. calls food aid goes into the pockets of 'contractors'. And it stays there.)
Thanks to a reader, I have this post on what the war in Syria is about. Hint - it ain't about saving babies.
Here's the official story. The U.S. bombed Syria because it killed babies. A leading member of the U.S. government can say that with a straight face. And Americans and many Canadians will believe it, even as we all know - or should know - of the millions of babies killed by the US, often with chemical weapons like Agent Orange - and should know about the millions the U.S. is deliberately starving to death in Yemen.

That gives you a hint about our news media as propaganda. In most of our news media, Assad is evil. in fact, he's a saint compared to any American president  (with the exception of Jimmy Carter).

We, including Canada, are a monstrously corrupt and immoral society.  And we are gong to pay one hell of a price for it.

Trump, incidentally, has said on over 40 occasions that a war with Syria would be a terrible idea, and could lead to a world war. Funny how our press hasn't mentioned that. (Watch now for Canada to volunteer to send troops.)
We just love to romanticize war. That romanticizing is what Vimy Ridge has been about. "Canada was born at Vimy Ridge". What B.S. The soldiers who died from bullets, explosive shells poison gas, didn't die thinking, "How glorious to die for my country!" In fact, they had no idea what the war was about. (Nor do most Canadians to this day know what it was about.)

 Two of the veterans I met didn't think it was glorious. Once, gassed in action, spent the rest of his life with a metal tube for a throat. Another had spent his days since 1918 in a hospital outside Montreal. He had no arms or legs. Most of his time was spent in a hot tub because his savaged skin required it. Oh, and there was the victim of battle fatigue who could never again remember or recognize his wife and children.

The Newfoundland Regiment was wiped out in one day, and in not much more than a half hour. In villages all over Newfoundland, none of the fathers and sons who went to war would return. Did wives and children and parents say this was glorious? They made Newfoundland a nation?

Will our news media ever tell us why that war was fought? It's not at all what most people think.
I have not seen anything in our mainstream media that suggests there might be some game-playing going on in Syria. Though there had been no time for investigation, our news media immediaely reported there had been a poison gas attack, that it had been dropped by a Syrian aircraft. it is not possible that any government or news medium had to time to check the accuracy of that. And the only source our media have used are two organizations that are propaganda fronts for the "Syrian" rebels - most of whom are not Syrians.

Trudeau is going to asked to send troops. If he had any integrity, he would demand evidence for the claims made.

But he has no integrity.
Further attacks by the U.S. on any part of the world will not, as we're so fond of saying of Vimy Ridge, create a nation. They are far more likely to end a world.
The western press routinely, as in the Syria crisis, relies heavily on the so-called "White Helmets" for information. They don't tell us that the White Helmets are a jihadist propaganda outfit. Somebody even made a film documentary about what a grand bunch they are. And somebody made sure it got a special, Oscar Award.
And here's a seasonal item. Actually, it's been known for a long time that the story of the Jewish nation in slavery in Egypt was not true. Many "Christians' will insist it is true. Oddly enough, these are the same Christians who pay little attention to the moral teaching of both Judaism and Christianity
And this one is to annoy the true believers.

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