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March 9: Not a good blog today.....

....something wrong with me, I guess.

There are many sites like the above on the web. It's not a secret. And it's not possible that Trudeau never knew about this. Indeed, he and other Canadian pms have signed agreements that made tax havens possible.

Ths sums ae enormous. And it is your money and mine that is being taken. It's the reason why New Brunswick is at the 'edge of a fiscal cliff'. It's the reason we can't provide adequate social services. It's the reason the rest of us have to pay higher taxes.

But, somehow, it has escaped the attention of editors at the irving press. After all, they are too busy stuffing trivia into their papers to listen the CBC or read the Toronto Star. (Maybe our chamber of commerce should have a special dinner to discuss this. Maybe the Saturday sermonette on our faith page should discuss it. Nah. It's about immorality and greed. Their Jesus never discussed those.)

US heroes defend their country against the Yemen hordes..
What we are watching in Africa and the middle east is repetition of the imperialist wars that have been going on there for several centuries. The difference now is that the leading imperialist power is the United States. And it works, as the old imperialist powers did, through its killing power.

And if you read the old books, (like those by Christopher Wren), the imperialist armies who invaded the region to kidnap slaves and to loot resources were valiant and heroic - just like the current crop. And the other side, the ones getting attacked, are evil and warped in our news media.

The reasons for the invasions and killing remain the same - the eternal  hunger of capitalism for more.

As a child, I adored films and stories about the French Foreign Legion. The Arabs were, of course, evil. It never occurred to me to wonder what a gang of thugs hired by France was doing in a foreign country, killing people. It never occurred to me why it was evil for those arabs to shoot at people who were invading their countries.
The refugee crisis is just beginning. It's going to get much, much bigger as another human stupdity linked to capitalism kicks in. Those same people who tell us that Muslims have to be killed because they're evil also tell us that climate change isn't happening.

So we'll just go one being happy, happy, happy as the world collapses around us.
We don't get much honest news about Israel in our news media. You have to go to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, for that.
I skipped The Guardian  today becaue they're wasn't much in it - excecpt for an article about how Russia is destabilizing The Balkans. Actually, it's the U.S. that has been destabilizing that whole region. And Canada has been helping out by committing troops that are too few to be of any use - but just enough to involve Canada as the U.S. looks for war with Russia.
And here are some shockers about just one of the problems raised by climate change.
Ever notice  how few stories the irving press carries about oil and gas companies?
I well remember the news video. Men in white helmets brought a child injured in the bombing in Aleppo, Syria, to an ambulance which just happened to have a brightly lit interior with a chairr - and with a camera  aimed at it. We were told he had been injured in the bombing of Aleppo by those terrible Russians. And the men in white helmets were those valiant Syrian rebels who braved the dangers to bring help to a ravaged people.

This was obviously a fake.

For a start, the men wearing white helmets were almost certainly not Syrians. Most of those "Syrian" rebels are, in fact, Jihadists financed by the U.S. And - it was obviously just too cute with just the right lighting and the seat and the camera angle.

And there was lots of emphasis on how cruel those Russians were. Well, okay. But Americans have been bombing civilians, millions of them, for over seventy years. How come we never saw any TV videos of those?

It was propaganda. And it was obvious propaganda. But people bought it. And that led to the making of a documentary called White Helmets . And, gee, golly, whiz, it won an Oscar.

The whole thing was a lie - and an obvious lie. So how did it fool all of Hollywood? I doubt very much that it did. Hollywood is a factory for manufacturing lies.

And, offhand, I can't think of any of our commercial news media that told the obvious truth about this. The White Helmets were a propaganda gimmick from the start. And what's really bizarre is that they are Jihadist Muslims we have been taught to hate - but who have been largely created, financed and trained by the U.S.

There's a sucker born every minute.
The US is sending a thousand troops to fight ISIS in Syria. That should be interesting. ISIS is one of the Jihadist groups that the U.S. has been financing from the start of the Syria war.  (though our commercial news media haven't said much about that.)

Why the U.S. change of heart? That's probably because the past 16 years of wars have done nothing to strengthen the U.S. position in the middle east - and it now faces jockeying with Russia and Turkey to maintain some influence in the peace talks.

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