Friday, March 31, 2017

March 31: Okay. I'm discouraged.

There's a story in the Montreal Gazette that never made the Brunswick News. And never will.

Bombardier is an aircraft maker in Montreal - you know - free enterprise, ambition, hates government interferrence except .......

Below is a similar story about free enterprise billionaires with the courage to risk their own money  - as little as possible. So Brunswick News hasn't carried this one, either.

We are very,  very close to an economic crisis. Throughout recent centuries, big business has been financing itself with public money. Governments use our tax system to  funnel money to the wealthy, to put us in debt forever to finance the wars of the wealthy, to help the wealthy avoid paying taxes like the rest of us.

The result is a diversion of   all the world's wealth into the pockets of the already wealthy. That's the income gap we (don't) hear about in our commercial news media.

For this to work, we have to concentrate our attention on evil people - muslims, labour unions.... so that we don't think of what our wealthy are doing to the world - and to us.

Yep. The U.S., with the most expensive military machine in the world, has to be kept in fear of countries like Aghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria that might at any time launch their crazed forces on American shores.

What we are living through is the greatest rip-off in history. And it's very close to the final crisis. Common sense should tell the superwealthy that impoverishing all of us will impoverish them, too. But common sense isn't their strong point.
It has become increasingly depressing to write these commentaries on world news. The greed of a very few people has killed millions with many,  many more millions to come. Much of the world, especially Africa, the middle east,  and South America is a political and economic shambles. It's not because those people are incapable of handling affairs. It's because we murder and loot  in their countries  ( at the expense of us taxpayers) so that billionaires can make even bigger profits.

Why do the very wealthy act as they do? It's partly because they regard themselves as being superior to other people. That's a common phenomenon. We'be seen it over and over again as knights and lords and kings and emperors saw themselves as being superior to all people below them on the social ladder. (They continued to think so even as successive generations showed increasing signs of mental retardation. )That's why the very wealthy get very angry if they're expected to pay taxes. After all, it's their money. They earned it. Unlike us common slobs. So we pay taxes. They don't. Because they are superior.

And, as we accept their thinking, we are heading for an increasingly unstable world - and for a severe financial crash.

Since 1945, millions have died, societies have been impoverished, starvation is spreading. We have not created the kind of world were were told we were fighting for in World War Two.

Do the deep thinkers of the Moncton Chamber of Commerce lead the way to a better world when they honour the wealthy who, though light on tax payments, make an occasional philanthropic gift (cheaper than taxes would be.)

What a darling collection of twits the Moncton Chamber of Commerce must be!
The good news is we might not last that long. For some years now, the U.S. has been very, very provocative in moving troops, missiles and patrols up to the borders of Russia and China. (Nobody, of course, is allowed to do that to the U.S.) Many leaders have suggested the U.S. could fight a conventional war against either or both of them.

Forget it.

The U.S. can't defeat Afghanistan. The last time the U.S. defeated an enemy of some size (Germany, Italy, Japan), it did so as part of an alliance Japan, half the population of the U.S., was defeated - largely because most of its military was tied up in China and other parts of Asia. It was the same in Europe in which 90% of the German army was tied up in fighting the Soviets.

And today there is another problem. Vietnam proved that the U.S. public will not accept high casualty rates.  (That's why today's U.S army depends on mercenaries.) But any war against China and/or Russia would be doomed - either by the heavy cost of it or by the temptation on both sides to go nuclear.

And anyone who could think that would not destroy us all knows nothing whatever about the destructive power of modern nuclear bombs.

The very wealthy are superior to us all when it comes avoiding taxes. But, beyond that, brains are not their strong point.
The great issue facing the world is not Russia or China. The great issue is climate change. But don't expect leadership from billionaires on this one.

Any thoughts from the Chamber of Commerce on this? No. I didn't think so.
The Brunswick News hasn't noticed any war anywhere in the world this week. But there are some. Why is this happening? What has all this human misery been created? And why are we blaming the refugees for the horror we have created?
The refugees didn't spark a war in Syria. The U.S. did. And it didn't do it  to bring the love of Jesus to a suffering people.
There's nothing radical about this next one. It's just common sense in a world run by people who don't have any common sense.
What Israel needs in the middle east is friends. But one could see that going wrong from the start. I can remember the enthusiasm and excitement among Montreal Jews when Israel was created in 1948. And I rejoiced with them. These were my closest friends, and the shock of the death camps was still sinking in.
I was, therefore, quite shocked when I came to know Israeli Jews - the contempt for Muslims, their constant theft of Palestinian land, the abuse, much of it pointless, of Palestinians.

These attittudes of the Israelis I knew was understandable. A people who had been targets of the holocaust, a people who knew that Canada and Britain and the U.S. has done nothing to  help them, naturally developed a  hatred and distrust of the world in general. And the Palestinians have been the easiest ones to take it out on by stealing their land, killing the people, maintaining Palestine in poverty . The Jews of Canada I knew to be the kindest people I had ever met. But, for reasons based in the horror of the death camps and from the realization they could no longer depend on the rest of world, Israeli Jews became a quite different breed. And that is not to their advantage.

Israel needs friends in the arab world. There's no good reason why they can't have them. Jews and Palistinian Muslims lived in peace and harmony for centuries. And U.S. protection will not last forever.
The Brunswick Press didn't have room for this opinion. That's because it has a big, big commentary about The Fraser Institute proving that we make the wealthy pay too much in taxes. Evidently The Fraser Instiute didn't read the story in Canada&World that Ottawa and Ontario are giving Ford (those daring entrepreneurs) $200 million dollars.

Wonderful. That will make us all richer.
What's fake news? That's the stuff  you can buy at just about any newsstand in the world.

Privately  -owned news media have been a disaster for over a century.
The United States is well down the road to Orwell's '1984"
Trump continues to starve the people of Yemen to death.

But we have to keep the world safe to show our love for Jesus.
People who read the commercial press still believe that Ukraine rose against Russian rule, and that the U.S. established a democracy. That's quite untrue on a number of points.
The following item refers to the dishonesty of American news media. Hey! That's unfair. Canada's news media can be as dishonest as anybody's. Just read Brunswick News.
When did the U.S. start on this madness to conquer the world? This article puts it a the time of the Vietnam war. I would date it earlier. From the attack on Pearl Harbour, the aim of the U.S. was displace Britain, France and The Netherlands - and others - replacing them with a massive American empire. That explains why the U.S.  helped the British to overthrow the elected government of Iran, and install a dictator. It explains the Korean war. It explains the chaos of holding down Africa. But Vietnam was a major turning point because that was when the U.S. (should have) learned that America was not going to rule the world.
Sometimes, t he news is good.
You have confidence in U.S. leadership? For seventy years it has produced nothing but chaos. And here's an opening for more of it.
Here's an intriguing story. Don't waste time watching for it in Brunswick News.
Hidden in all this is the crash of Christianity after 2,000 years of trial. It is impossible to find any trace of Christian thought in the economic, social  and military behaviour of the western world. We'll undoubtedly get a reminder of that if we read the Faith Page in the Saturday edition of Brunswick News.

Capitalism is is now the economic system of all major countries. But it is incompatible with the principles of any religion I have ever heard of. It is based on competition. It is encouraged by greed. It is the major cause of war. Governments base themselves on pleasing the very rich

 The result of that is mass murder and social chaos all over the world.
In consequence, capitalism is self-destructive. What we are living through is as good as it gets.

What we need is government based on human needs, not on the greed of the already overstuffed. But we don't have much time. In 1945, this was a world of optimism and hope for the future. But it has become a world of constant war and suffering. And who is it that permits with constant war and suffering?

Look in a mirror.



  2. Hey. That was the old days. We live in a modern world, now. BEsides, if you want a president with experience, there aren't many candidates - just people like Bush, Bill Clinton......

  3. I live with discouragement about the way humanity function for several years now. I do not want to go see the doctor because he can only gives pills. I do not want pills because it is then difficult to stop them. So, I back off.
    I have learned recently that everything is an illusion: It is created in our collective mind. The only things for sure are life and pleasure. Life is the survival of the person and it include procreation. And pleasure is not happiness.
    Looking at the world this way makes hopelessness for the futur.

  4. O goody, now the US can bomb Mosul indiscriminately and to hell with civilians. Not that anyone believes they cared anyway.
    Islamic State group using human shields in Mosul
    The BBC has gained exclusive access to the Iraqi army's helicopter missions against IS militants in Mosul.
    BBC Persian reporter Nafiseh Kouhnavard witnessed IS militants using human shields to deter the military from firing at them.