Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feb. 25: Hitler has never left us.

What can one say?  Trump is a Hitler. And I don't say that lightly. He appeals to racism. He poses as the man of the people while he really does nothing for them - except to satisfy their prejudices. While he speaks of his concern for 'the people', he announces he'll be cutting taxes for the very rich. And he talks of destroying obamacare - while not showing he has any alternative in mind.

Like Hitler, he poses as the friend of the common people. (Hitler even called himself a socialist though his policies, like those of Trump, had no trace of socialism in them. And, like Trump, his major policies are designed to benefit the wealthy.)

Trump is a Hitler. That's not name calling. That's a reality. But there's nothing unusual about that. Like Hitler, he's the product of an economic system that has always used the poor and the middle class to fight their wars to make the rich richer. And the device to pull in votes has been to focus on creating fears and hatreds of 'evil' people.

In general, the policies of Trump are essentially the same as those of almost every U.S. president of the last century and more. (General Eisenhower was an honorable exception.) In particular, Trump is a natural follower of the policies of Bush (father and son), Clinton and  even Obama.

How will Canada react to this? It will do as it always has - what Trudeau is doing now - as little as possible.

So, of course, I turned for guidance to our Christian churches. And I found the answer in my local paper with its Saturday sermonette, "Only God determines when you die."

The sermonette is aimed at those who believe in permitting suicide with medical assistance. No, no, no, says the writer. Only God is the giver of life, and only He can end it.

I won't argue that point. Let's just follow it to its logical conclusion. We have been ending human lives with our wars for uncounted millenia. Just since 1945, we have killed men, women, children, babies with bombs, poison gas, napalm, starvation, death in the wilderness and death on the seas of those fleeing our wars. Perhaps the good reverend will write a column about that.

But, no, he won't.

Yes, Trump is a Hitler who exploits racism to murder vast numbers of people. You will find many, many such Hitlers in this world. And, commonly, our religious leaders have supported such people.
I guess the next story had to happen. Significantly, one of the newspapers barred at a Trump press conference is The Guardian which, despite some recent flaws, is still the most honest of the world's major news media.
And, in a pleasant contrast....
And here is a  story you will never, ever find in the irving press.

Take note of the sums of money involved. Does that give a hint of why poverty is rising all over the world?
The next item has a heavy bias. I admit to having the same bias.
Here's a similar account - with the addition of the meaning of this for aboriginal rights in both Canada and the U.S.  The reality is that neither Canada nor the U.S. has taken significant steps to undo the damage they have done to aboriginal peoples. There have been lots of speeches - but no substance. This is all made worse by a steady shrinkage of the income and land ownership of almost all people in North America.

That is going to cause trouble. And, instead of trying to head off the crisis, our political leaders are putting their efforts into feeding the greedy. Our society won't survive that.
Climate change is with us in a big way. The purpose of government should be to serve the needs of the whole society. We have never achieved that. What has grown instead is the idea that if we make the rich richer, they will create jobs, and the prosperity will trickle down to us. But if that were true, we would have been rolling in luxury for the last fifty years. Instead, the reverse has been true.
Democracy went off track when it became government by the very wealthy who pay the bills for election campaigns. That's why measures that benefit most people - like medicare - are under constant attack. And that's why the irving press features commentaries that support the attacks.

The very wealthy have huge investments in fossil fuels. That's why we get stories that climate change is
 a hoax. So the Antarctic ice is melting? Well, we just won't talk about that.

Capitalism is based on competition. Survival is based on cooperation. Survival and capitalism just don't go together.
When I was in my teens, Russia was evil because it was communist. Funny thing, though. Russia is  no longer communist, not by any definition of that word. It's capitalist, just like us. And it's largely Christian, just like us. But it's still evil.

Go figure.

China was evil because it was said to be communist too.  Now China is capitalist - but it's still evil. What's going on here?

What's going on is that these opinions have nothing to do with good and/or evil. They have everything to do with the struggle for economic dominance. And there are no good guys in that one, not on their side, and not on our side.
While Trump campaigned by appealing to the average American, his government has been busy serving the interests of the wealthy. For one thing, he's cutting back on those nasty regulations which get in the way of even bigger profits.
Canada, at least, would never  have anything to do with torture.....well,  not much.....well nothing that it will talk about.
But Canada is alway such a good country....
Here's a British report on the Canada/EU trade deal. I have to use a  British report because our Canadian news media prefer to keep it a secret.
Proud Canadians now have their very own tax haven right at home. Interesting. And that couldn't happen without the help of the Canadian government.

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