Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb. 20: Not a good day.

I often begin my blog with something about the irving press (the newspapers of New Brunswick - all owned by the Irving family and dedicated to a mix of trivia and propaganda).

Today, Canada and World News is all of four pages. Almost all of one page is dedicated to stories about people who play hockey outdoors on frozen ponds in New Brunswick. So much for news of Canada and the World. And the rest is just as good - except....

An important story sneaked in. It seems that up to a year ago, Canadian planes were bombing Syria. Odd. I don't recall reading about that a year ago. Odder still, Canadian pilots are now spotting targets for American bombers. And that's kind of important.

I am a professor of Canadian history. For most of Canada's history, Canada was automatically at war when its imperial master, Britain, as at war. It might not actually participate; but it was, legally, at war.

The great moment of deliverance came in 1939. Britain went to war with Germany.  Canada delayed, quite deliberately, for a week to declare war. It did that to demonstrate that Canada was no longer a colony, but an independent nation. In future, it would go to war only with a vote in parliament.

But there was no vote to send our air force to Syria.  (or to Libya.) Funny how our news media missed that story. Our governments have violated a fundamental principal of our constitution. Sending aircraft to bomb or to spot targets for bombers is an act of war. We proud Canadians have illegally gone to war. It's illegal by Canadian law. It's illegal by international law because Syria is no possible threat to us. These are, in fact, war crimes, the very things we hanged Naziis for.

And it's a clear sign that Canada is not an independent nation. Despite what our history books tell us, Canada is now a colony of the American empire. We are now serving our imperial masters in Syria, Iraq, Eastern Europe, and at sea.  And watch for Trudeau to bring us even lower.

The irving press specializes in trivia. So how could it let such a story slip through? Well, the editors are loyal to their master. But they aren't intellectually swift. And I doubt whether they know or understand anything about Canadian history. One of my professors wrote a book about it, "Colony to Nation". But a new book to bring us up to date would have to be called "Colony to Nation to Colony".

Oh! What's the big, lead World News story? New Brunswick will have to import road salt for next winter. Be still, my heart.

No wonder the people of this province vote for the hack lawyers of the Liberal and Conservative parties. No wonder the province's NDP produced a Dominic Cardy.
The new Canada European trade deal is heavily opposed in Europe. What do Europeans know that we don't? Canadians have been told next to nothing about this.

The truth is it's a typical trade deal designed by billionaires for billionaires. It will enable them to sue us if we do terrible things like protecting the environment. It is designed to destroy social programmes available to all of us, and to privatize them for the benefit only of the wealthy.

Expect to see commentaries in the irving press kissing up to this.
And here's a story about life - and death - for Palestinians at the hands of Israelis. I guarantee you will never see it in the irving press.
Nor are you likely to see this anywhere in the western press.
And this is a story that we will see repeated in a Canada under Trudeau or under a New Brunswick under Gallant or any other turkey likely to become premier.
The whole world is deep into the world crisis created by news media owned by the very wealthy, and used for their propaganda. It's true in Canada and the U.S. And it seems it's true in India.
The truth in the following item should be clear. But we aren't ever likely to find it in our usual, daily news media.

In the tangle, an uncountable number of wars are being fought. Some wars are against terrorists.  In some, we supply the terrorists with weapons. Some are fought simply for profit. Trump has one set of objectives. The CIA has another set. The military, in general, have another set. None of those objectives is clear.
The likely result? There will be a coup in the U.S. by one or more of the groups looking for power. The coup will be followed by some form of dictatorship. Whether the U.S., as a whole, will survive that I don''t know. But be assured. Even the pretence of democracy is over. And even the survival of the U.S. is open to question.
You will find a similar note in the next item.
Watch for the appearance of the American army at Standing Rock and other sites. And where that will take us is anybody's guess.
I don't like Donald Trump. I also think he's far, far beyond his depth. But he's a sweetheart compaired to his political and journalistic enemies. He actually wants peace with Russia - ooooh - isn't that evil?  He beat the corrupt and murderous and lying people in politics and business and journalism by speaking directly to the people. He knew he wasn't going to win hearts and minds among the thugs who have been running the U.S.. So he took his message to the people. That's why he won.

The  Wall Street crowd and the Washington insiders saw him as a threat. That's why the press made him a target from the start. He knew he could never win their support. So his response has been to continue speaking directly to the people.
Some of his ideas make a lot of sense. Peace with Russia makes sense. Reorganization of international economics makes sense. But they don't make sense to insiders who have run the U.S. for over a century, with a lying press to provide coverage for them.

They have left Trump alone in areas in which he is clearly dangerous on a world scale - his attitude to climate change is one of those. That's because the insanely greedy can see only what they want - and what they want is the profits to be made in destroying this planet.

Where does this take us? My guess is this takes us to the crash of America and its empire - with what damage to all of us is beyond the reach of guessing.
Trudeau, despite kind words in the Canadian press, is pretty much a twit on the world stage.
Here's a British view of the Canada/Europe trade deal. I can't' find a Canadian view. (Canada is a lot like the U.S. on this 'truth' thing.)
It has not been a happy day. What's obvious now is that there are only two sides of any importance in the U.S. There are the deluded who support Trump. And there is an even larger  group of the deluded who think the Washington establishment has to be defended.

The only sign of a third possibility is those who demand environmental action. But they do not constitute a general addressing of the swamp of corruption that distinguishes American political life.

Whatever happens now is almost certain to be destructive of the U.S. And probably of more than the U.S.

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  1. Canada to send troops to Latvia for new NATO brigade
    Dar Lynn Goodine How can I find the link on the website for the Canadian Parliament to see how each MP voted on this?
    Charlie Angus This didn't come to the House for a vote. Mr. Trudeau simply ordered it to be and it was.