Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan. 25: Thank Justin for tax havens for the rich.

This could not have been done without the connivance of Canadian governments.

Guess what this tells us about who really controls our governments.
A recent CBC broadcast featured a panei which discussed how Russia was an aggressive nation with a long history of invading other countries. I didn't know that. The only aggression I know of came in the Stalin regime, and then in the invasion of Afghanistan.  (The Russian intervention in Crimea was in reponse to the American overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine. That's hardly 'Russian aggression'.) The tone of the discussion was that Russia was danger to the world because of its aggressions. The panelists avoided the topic of American aggression.

The official list of American invasions since 1945 is 70. Almost all of these were illegal under international law. Uncounted millions have been killed. Tens of millions are refugees, and more are starving.  (The term invasion, apparently unknown to the panelists, includes drone bombings, assassination squads.... When the U.S. 'freed' Haiti, it was actually invading it to depose and elected leader that U.S. business didn't like.)

In fact, Canada has more aggressions since 1945 than Russia has. Canada has troops taking part in the war against the Syrian government. Theoretically, they are just training Syrian rebels. That's not quite true - but it doesn't matter. Canada has no legal right to have troops in Syria. And, anyway, they have been exchanging fire. Canada, illegally, had fighter bombers in Libya.  Canada's 'peacekeepers' in Cuba were a fraud. In reality, they were there to make the American overthrow of the elected president look like peacekeeping. Canada had troops in Afghanistan.  Canada sold armoured cars to Saudi Arabia even though that was against Canadian law. And we're going to see much more of this.
Why do we do this? Because the U.S. tells us to. And Canada is a colony of the American empire just as, in the Boer War, Canada was a colony of the British Empire. We fought in the Boer War to make British wealthy wealthier. Now we fight to make the American wealthy wealthier.

Prime Minister Lester Pearson saw this coming back in the 1950s. He saw Canada would be fighting wars, and dying, for an aggressive U.S. That's why he tried to rebuild the Canadian military as a peacekeeping force. But the prime ministers since him have been increasingly weak. And the weakest is Justin Trudeau. Note how he is now clapping hands for Trump's dumping of the environment to build a pipeline. He's Trump's parrot. Squawk - ' a pipeline will create jobs.'

Canada has allowed itself to become tied to the most aggressive nation in history. O Canada, we shall not be standing on guard for thee. The last time we did that was when the U.S. sponsored attacks on Canada (the Fenian raids) just after the American civil war.
Trump is also going to crack down on the fake news that appears in places like Facebook and Youtube. Good idea - except that most of the fake news appears in government handouts and in our private news media. We're in trouble when governments decide what news is real and what news fake.
Democracy is broken - and not just in the U.S. It's broken almost  everywhere.
Trump is the man who was going to serve the American working class. Remember?
Seymour Hersh is an oustanding journalist with a long record of honesty and courage - in a field that commonly has neither. And he knows where the real fake news comes from.
Where is Trump leading the U.S.? Almost certainly to violence.
Here's an idea that sounds far-fetched. But it may be essential to our survival.
In New Brunswick, as in most of the world, a forest is just something to be destroyed for quick profit. And there is a quick profit. But that is not the only consequence.
Almost all the news I found today is about Trump. There's no doubt that Trump is a living symbol of the horrors George Orwell forecast would come. But it's not just Trump. Much the same sort of thing was happening under Bush and Obama and even earlier - and it would have happened under Clinton. Much the same sort of thing is happening all over the western world - including Canada.

Replacing Trump would not be any great improvement. He is just the latest, diseased face of a decaying society. We need to learn that making money is not the highest aim of human life. And making it so will destroy human life.
The U.S. and Canada have been sending troops to Eastern Europe - a move that makes no sense to me,  It is highly provocative, and has no use whatever for any defence of anything. Here's an article about it.
Here's an intelligent look at what 'fake' news is - and who uses it.
Oh, the singer, Madonna, has been banned from a Texas radio station because she's 'unAmerican'. (She was publicly critical of Trump.) The station manager said it was a 'matter of patriotism' to ban her.  (That's not unusual. Managers of private radio stations are not among the great thinkers of this world.)


  1. Hey Professor,

    That's a misleading headline. The Star article points out that the tax haven problem dates back decades. How does the guy who's been in office a year get all the blame? Or did you read the article? What year did Canada enter into an agreement with Barbados? How many countries does Canada have a tax treaty with? Et cetera.

    I expect more of you, especially when you also cite an article about fake news.


    1. I didn't give Trudeau all the blame. These tax havens have existed since Trudeau was a child. But he has made not the slightest reference to doing anything about them. And he won't.
      We are getting no investigation,not even any statement of what it is our laws allow.
      I'm flattered that you think I, in my little apartment and working on a blog all alone, can get all that information for you. But the reality is that such research would call for a large and expert staff. We need a government to do that. And we're not getting it.
      I'm sorry. It's all my fault. And Trudeau? His day is taken up with getting his hair done, and his shirt just right.

    2. Thank you for your timely response. I really don't like to go after you like this but the answers are in the article. That's my point.

      Hold Trudeau, and for that matter the other politicians and public figures accountable for that which they are responsible. You're right the country has been moving in this direction since Trudeau was 9 years old. The answers: Barbados 1980 (paragraph 4) and Canada has tax treaties with 115 countries, (paragraph 21) more than any other country in the world.

      I get that you don't like Trudeau. Fine. Be fair.

      Finally, like you I work alone and we cannot do what a newsroom with resources can do. WE can offer an alternative point of view, and we should call out the media when they don't do their jobs.


    3. Well, it's true. I am not one of Justin's admirers. I knew his father. And there is no resemblance. Justin is the pm we don't need at this time.

  2. I always agree with the general thrust of what you have to say, but you really must come clean and tell us where these Canadian soldiers are fighting in Syria. Otherwise it's just another example not of fake news, but incorrigible cussedness on your part, since you've been pursuing this meme for months, while not providing a jot of proof.

    Canadian soldiers are certainly in Northern Iraq, but last time I checked Northern Iraq is not Syria. Perhaps I should be checking an older atlas. Or something.


      Canadian aircraft have bombed Syria. Canadian troops have selected targets for the 'rebels'. They have trained Syrian rebels. They have, on 0ccasion, exchanged fire with government troops. They have also been in Lebanon and Jordan as well as Iraq. The fact that you haven't read about something in your local fake news doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

      For Canada to send troops, for any reason, was an act of war. Bombing, selecting targets, training rebels are acts of war.

      Syria in no way is a threat to Canada. That makes our presence there a war crime.
      I'm glad you can read a map. Now, do some research about what is happening on that map. Start with google - Canadian military Syria. (it's not hard.)