Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan. 23: I couldn't escape Trump today.

The Guardian had much of little to say about Trump. This difficulty may continue for a time because Trump has no  political philosophy. EVen before he got elected, he was backing off from some of this promises.  Will he move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? Don't bet on it. He's already changing his mind. What does he think the average American needs? Well, it could be whatever the average American wants at the time Trump is speaking.

He'll give people a reality TV show - because that's what he knows how to do.  The only human need he understands is getting a job. The U.S. has had a long series of presidents with no sense whatever of what human needs had to be met. Trump takes it a step further with, in effect, throwing candy to the mob.

There is no other theme to Trump's victory, no objective to his presidency - except to make most people notice him and like  him. And the only way he knows how to do is to entertain them.
Meanwhile, half a million Syrians are dead - to benefit whom? Eleven million are refugees with little or no access to housing, jobs, food or schooling. This was caused by U.S. interference in a local uprising, and U.S. supplies of money and weapons to terrorists (who the U.S. refers to as 'rebels'.)
The U.S. started and encouraged that civil war. The best news now is that it is closed out of the peace negotiations.
I include the following only because it is so naive. The U.S. has given no sign of moving to the left - or even understanding of what 'the left' means. If anything, it understands that the left is 'unamerican' - whatever that means. Unamerican is anything the wealthy who control the country dislike. Taxing the rich is unamerican. Murdering, refugeeing, starving  people by the millions is not.
Here's a story about Trump's inauguration that did not appear in most news media. And I doubt whether it was so accidental as this story suggests.
The following item is long - but worth every minute of the time it takes to read it. And it may sound overdone. But it's not overdone. Trump says that Americans defend other countries, but don't defend their own borders. That is stunningly silly.

Far from defending other countries,  the U.S. has done nothing but invade them for the last seventy years. And in that time, nobody has attacked American borders.

Trump's statement might sound good on reality TV. It has no connection with reality life.

And calling on God to bless the United States? What possible reason would God have to bless the United States over other countries? Trump is the sort who might believe that God is white, male, and has a wig.
But the worst part is that for millions of Americans, Trump was talking common sense.
I was not impressed by the various women's marches. They really added nothing to the debate over political purpose in the U.S. - and they argued on much the same level that Trump did.

I also agree that the women's support for Hillary Clinton was absurd. She has done nothinig for anyone's rights.
This next one is a book review. It's important because it's a dose of reality about war, and emprires, and  racism, and cruelty - and Winston Churchill. And the U.S. is, of course,  simply the last of centuries of western empires to inflict dreadful suffering on billions of people. And Winston Churchill, who first made me fascinated with history with his "History of the English-Speaking Peoples", was a prime example of racism, brutality, and indifference even to the suffering of the British people.
And if you think it's only British and American empires that are destructive, take this look at the Canadian empire.
What I have not found so far is any analysis of why Trump wants good relations with Russia. Like most of his promises, this comes as barely a tweet with no explanation. But the explanation is surely obvious.

American corporations want a war with China. Within a generation, China could be the world's dominant economy. American corporations don't want that to happen. China is now on good terms with Russia - and the U.S., even with allies, probably cannot beat both China and Russia. Remember, it was Russia that won world war 2 in Europe. Germany could not beat back Britain, the U.S., Canada, the Free French because 90% of its military was tied up by Russia. And Germany had lots of European help in fighting Russia. Germany lost at least 5 million dead, and killed over 20 millions Soviet soldiers and civilians. No American government could possibly survive losses on that scale.

And to fight China at the same time? Out of the question. The China/Russia alliance has to be broken. That, I'm quite sure, is why Trump wants good relations with Russia - though I'm not at all sure it's a sane choice.
The U.S. would suffer prohibitive losses in a war with China. And the war would almost certainly  go nuclear - with results that would be nothing like the relatively mild one of Hiroshima.

We're playing, here, with the most severe insanity of greed.
The following item is about propaganda that is dished out by the BBC. It's true enough. But tame stuff compared  to the propaganda and outright lies of almost all North American news media.
Relax, patriots. Torture is coming back into style.  When Naziis and Japanese did it, they were hanged as criminals. When Americans do it, they're patriots and heroes, just like those air crews that kill civilians by the millions.
Oh, a small story, largely unkown in this part of the woods because the irving press has not reported it. In Israel, the police have been questioning Netanyahu for weeks on suspicion of high corruption. And now, it's more than a suspicion. But the irving press still hasn't mentioned it.  In fairness, they needed the space for some really big story - llke how a fast food oulet in Moncton has moved, And big headline story on how the leader of the provincial opposition is learning French.

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  1. Good stuff as usual. Unfortunately CBC Radio's The Current this morning had a put-down of Russia with particular attention to how bad Russia Today and Sputnik are. The propaganda, dontcha know. They also trotted out the Hillary/CIA approved anti-Putin lines, and how Russia is a nihilist state but one that wants to grab territory everywhere, with no end in sight. Who knew?

    Couldn't believe my ears. It didn't help that the two women were Canadian academics with toffee-nosed plummy voices, obviously used to lecturing the great unwashed from the lofty heights of the dais in tones reminiscent of how sorry they felt for us for being so badly mis-and-under informed. The man was obviously along as an adjunct from some outfit think tank or another. The usual pre-bought neoliberal group, I felt, given the radio spot by the powers-that-be.

    The Obama/Clinton heritage is merely popping up in myriad ways elsewhere to continue the usual battering of sane thought. Our new foreign minister Freeland is persona non grata, literally, in Russia because of her anti-Russian rhetoric in the Ukraine fiasco, since her mother is from there is her reason. She'll be productive, ha, ha.

    She's also an ardent Trudeau free-trader, changing from an anti-neoliberal book writer of a mere 5 years ago, to a full-on ISDS supporter and apologist and damn those Walloons who made her cry over CETA. She'll go down well with the Trumpites now that The Great White Hope has taken the US out of the TPP and is renegotiating NAFTA. She'll be productive, ha ha. In fact, she'll be disregarded by both the US and Russia as a lightweight.

    Apparently JT has decided to thumb his nose at both Russia and the US. Now we'll cosy up to China, that human rights dreadnought and well-known democracy, and get on board with their Pacific Rim free trade pact proposal. Count on it. And the pipelines carrying dilbit from Alberta to the West Coast will multiply in step as we gas ourselves on even more carbon dioxide, while pretending we covet the climate and earning billions of remnibi.